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  1. That B & B looks and sounds amazing. Sadly, I live on the wrong side of a very large pond to even consider it!

    Your WIP sounds rather tempting and I’m enjoying reading A Peculiar Engagement. It’s good to see something of our characters as children, even though they’re supposed to be fictionalised versions by Anne.

    In the extract above, I guess Darcy had been spying on Elizabeth at some point. Bad boy!

    • Bad boy, indeed! If Elizabeth was out there, how could he not watch her? 🙂 The B&B was lovely, Anji!

  2. A very nice excerpt. I am eagerly anticipating it’s release. I wonder what else, I mean….who else Darcy has been spying on… couldn’t be Elizabeth…..nah….he’s too much of a gentleman & would never stoop so low.

    The bed and breakfast sounds so nice. Sorry it was up for sale. If it was purchased . Hopefully it will be reused as such.

    Thank you for sharing with us Kara. The excerpts from your book have been quite enjoyable. Makes me want to continue reading.

  3. Kara what a fabulous excerpt. Your books are always such a treat and I look forward to the release of your new novel, it sure will be a lot if fun! Darcy is very cheeky with his secret spying 🙂
    How amazing for you having spent time in Castle Inn Riverside. It is a truly wonderful building.

  4. You are too kind, Vee! Darcy learned all his spying techniques as a boy! 🙂 And we know that he watches Elizabeth a lot when he’s in the same room as her – why would he not watch her from afar?

  5. What fun it must have been peeking into all those rooms! I can just hear the wheels turning in your head as you plotted how to use each room/turret! Looking forward to ‘Mr. Darcy’s Rival’ and the next installment of ‘A Peculiar Engagement’.

    I love how you have Elizabeth defending Mr. Darcy…sounds like Mr. Rickland is jealous of Darcy?

  6. That is a bummer that the castle is up for auction! I live right here in Wichita and was hoping to visit it like you did after reading this post (*waves* Hullo Neighbor!)
    Love your WIP story! Interesting plot! I can imagine what or whom Darcy was spying on earlier! *winks*

    • Grace, we have since moved to St. Louis! Wish she could have connected before! You’ll have to hope someone buys it and keeps it a B&B. It needs at least to be kept open to the public!

  7. I enjoyed the turret reference before in “A Peculiar Engagement” – I can imagine it being so appealing to children, and who of course could resist a telescope! Good for Darcy to make use of it sensibly by looking for Elizabeth at the parsonage — can’t look at the stars in the daytime after all! 🙂

    Also what’s also nice is Elizabeth is not being particularly prickly towards him in your excerpt.

    Thank you!

    • Turrets are both fun and spooky in and of themselves. And I think Darcy was making very good use of the telescope for the daytime! 🙂

  8. Lovely excerpt. I know this will be on my wish list, as I have enjoyed so many of your other books. I have read them over and over in entirety or in part. Darcy is obsessing even when out of Elizabeth’s immediate company…we can’t get enough of his “courting” of Elizabeth – in his own unique style (sometimes all in his mind). Good to read that this story has a rival for her hand. Maybe Darcy is speak up this time before he gets to the proposal.

    The photo is dreamy. And that B&B sounds spooky – Udolpho -ish! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Thanks for your kind words, Sheila! I think a lot of Darcy’s courting is in his mind. One of this problems is that he perceives and interprets her actions (and his) very differently than Elizabeth does!

  10. I loved this, all of it: Darcy with the telescope, having fallen asleep after spying on Lizzie. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product at the end of the summer.

  11. The excerpt is wonderful, Kara. I’m guessing Mr Rickland is related de Bourgh side of the family, unless I am much mistaken and he is related to Fitzwilliams. So Darcy is caught looking at Elizabeth through the telescope and Mr Rickland sense that he has a rival for her affections. Luckily Elizabeth doesn’t realise Darcy’s intentions or else she will be appalled.

    Your new book sounds fabulous and I can’t wait for the release date.

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  13. I really enjoyed this excerpt the first time I read it, but now I appreciate it even more after reading all of the excerpts. I can’t wait for the book to be released!!

    Thank you for sharing your novel with us; it’s simply delightful!

    Susanne 🙂

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