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  1. Oh my! What a beginning! These Dreams is going to be filled with angst; therefore, nightmares. Maybe Lizzy will get asked by Georgiana to come to Pemberley for support. Gut wrenching start. Cannot wait for the publication of this book.

  2. Oh wow! This one is going on my “to be read” list right now! Already I can tell this one will be angst riddled reading! Can’t wait to dive into it though! So you have an estimated release date yet? Thanks for sharing!

    • Megan, I have this fantasy that it will be released by the end of this month, but I purposely have not set a fixed date yet because I am still wrapping up final details. I would hate to have to disappoint anyone, but I can promise that it is coming soon!

  3. Nicole,

    What a fantastic excerpt! The angstometer is set quite high in this story,with Lizzy grieving for a man she so erroneously misjudged,a man who lost his life righting a wrong committed by her loved one.

    Faced with a sad and lonely Darcy-less existence,I hope she befriends Geirgiana,visits her and is there,at Pemberleg,when Darcy returns!

    He is going to return,Niciole!! I’m not even going to ask the question as I know you couldn’t inflict that cruelty on your avid readers!!!

    Love the fact that Lizzy is connected to Darcy,she doesn’t realise it yet but I’m presuming her dreams mirror his present reality. Oh,to think that they have such a telepathic connection!!! So sweet! Sigh!!

    Thank you for such a lovely post! Great way to start a morning. Can’t wait to read this one! ☺️

  4. OM Goodness, what an intriguing beginning… do publish sooner! So look forward to finding out how this seeming angsty story goes. I do hope there’s a HEA for all our main characters!

  5. I read your vignette at the time Nicole and now I am even more worried about Elizabeth and the Colonel. I am a big angst weenie and even this excerpt has me devastated for Elizabeth. I really really hope she doesn’t give in and marry someone else!
    I look forward to reading more of this book and fortunately I do have a stock of tissues 😢😢😱

  6. OH…I’m in tears already! Please thank your ‘Mr. Bingley’ for whisking you away to a writer’s retreat where you can surely focus on finishing up the final details of this amazing book! Thank goodness for in-laws too! This certainly has ‘EPIC’ written all over it! I will go check out your website for more ‘torture’ and gladly stop in and visit Janet! I can only imagine what she has produced for the cover of this ‘dream’. I just know it will be fabulous!

    • OH…Again! I went back to your vignette to refresh my tired memory (I just returned the grandchildren after a week with us)and the pieces are all starting to come together! I will have to print that out and insert into the paperback when it becomes available!!!

  7. This looks great. And the bigger the turkey, the more days it takes to devour, All the better. Good luck with the process details cause I can hardly wait.

  8. Oh my! That opening hook is dramatic. How will Lizzy find the strength to enjoy life until Darcy comes back? And what is Darcy going through? A must read but hopefully not one huge problem after another. We need for our Lizzy and Darcy to come together sooner than later!! Perhaps Elizabeth can help Darcy overcome some of the demons he internalized snd visa versa?

  9. Wow, Nicole!! What an amazing excerpt!! I am bowled over with Elizabeth’s repressed emotions. WOW.

    I cannot wait for this book to be available; I’m sooooo pre-ordering as soon as it’s up on Amazon!!!

    Yay for you!! 😀 (And what a delight to have a writing “retreat” on the Oregon coast!!)

    Susanne 🙂

  10. I sure hope we do not have to wait long for this intriguing book. It stands out from this wonderfully written blurb, and there’s been a great many really talented authors releasing well-written books lately. I read and enjoyed the last book. Now I look forward to this one.

  11. Oh dear, what an emotional and angsty beginning. At least we know that Darcy is alive, but there is some serious angst ahead of them, before they have their HEA. They will have it? Promise Nicole. 🙂
    Looking forward to reading this book, so well written and with an intriguing premise. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Loved this excerpt! Thanks for sharing and best wishes with your release. I cannot wait to have it, in all its glory, to savor, turkey and all the trimmings! lol Well-written and unique premise!

  13. Well, dash it all. You hooked me.
    A most excellent start to your book and I concur with Carole, you already have me in tears.
    Can’t wait to read this ‘monstrosity’ 😜

  14. Goodness, I teared up!
    Definitely in my TBR list and soon pile!
    Already saw the cover and I believe this will be a top 5 in my book!
    Great work and much success!

  15. Hi Nicole can you please check your book on Amazon because I bought it and loved it but it ended very abruptly at the seen of the Cornell meeting with his lady the Gardener’s house there was no list of contents either so I was wondering if they have up loaded an incomplete version. But up till then it was fabulous tears a plenty for me.

    • Hi, Terri! Yes, I have been fighting with Amazon all week. The platform I used to produce the book uploaded the wrong version to them. The correct version is now available and you can have Amazon update it for you if you contact customer service. I am still waiting for them to automatically update everyone’s copy, but there seem to be too many levels of bureaucracy for this to happen quickly! You may also send me a private message with your email address and I will update your copy personally if you prefer not to contact Amazon. I am so sorry for the inconvenience! You can write me at

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