Chapter Fifteen – Searching Elizabeth’s Memories — 18 Comments

  1. Wow! They definitely need to sort this out! Fitzwilliam is at least proving his love for Elizabeth by his actions, even if she’s only learning of them through Ellie. And Tom seems to have some little effect on Ellie 😂😍.
    I just wish there was some way they could stop Wickham before he took Lydia at all. Although I’m not sure how they could go about that.
    I’m annoyed with Mrs Bennet for blaming Darcy and Elizabeth re Lydia when it was her and Mr Bennet who let Lydia go to Brighton in the first place!!
    Well Leslie I’m relying on you to find a solution to all this. I have great faith in you. Perhaps you could get in touch with Ellie and Tom with any suggestions?
    I will check in again next week to see what’s happening. Thanks for making my Wednesdays 💐

    • Ellie is surprisingly willful and ignores whatever I tell her–unless it has to do with snogging Tom 😉 Mrs Bennet is Mrs Bennet so she really couldn’t do anything but what she did. I’ll see what I can do with the rest of the story. Pulling this all out of a hat has been a little crazy at times and some chapters are easier to write than others. I just finished 17 yesterday, so I’ve got that much! 🙂 Thanks for your faithful commenting, Glynis!!

  2. Wow Leslie! That was brilliant, funny, amazing! Can I just say FINALLY!!!! Tom kissed Ellie, now I’m a happy reader! 🎉🎉🎉😍😍 Love the effect Tom has on Ellie! More of that please!
    Now what to do about Lydia and Elizabeth…. how to save the past and the future!?
    Do I need to admit to wanting to hit Mrs Bennet across the head for her arrogance and how she blames William for not saving Lydia?! How could let her youngest go to Brighton at the age of sixteen when she should be in the school room?! And mr Bennet is not a bit better in my opinion!
    Now Leslie you have quite a challenge to live up to next week and have to find a solution to these troubles!

    • I know! Next week is a complicated chapter of sorts. You’ll have to see when we get there. It’s a bit of a transition into what’s coming I suppose is what I can tell you without giving anything away. I’m so glad you enjoyed this and especially that you commented!😍 Thanks, Sophia!

  3. Yay, Wednesday! Yay, you didn’t solve the problem yet (therefore ensuring many more Wednesdays…)! Love your story and I enjoy how terrible Ellie is at trying to be Elizabeth. I can’t wait to see after everything is all resolved and Lizzy stays in her own time. Will her journals leave a message for Ellie and Tom? Will she ever tell FD what happened?

    • Yup, we still have more Wednesdays. I have two more chapters written at the moment, so you’re guaranteed two more at least! 😂 I don’t know about the rest. I honestly am going to have to see what Elizabeth does when I get there. Sometimes I don’t know until it’s out on the page. Thanks, Alecia!

  4. Great chapter but still, Elizabeth can’t go back and what Ellie changed wasn’t enough. At least Ellie and Tom have made some progress! Now we need ODC reunited asap. Too bad this story is only updated once a week, Leslie! 😉

  5. Wow. What a lovely ending to this chapter. I am soooo enjoying the slow progression of Ellie and Tom’s romance.

    And those things that Ellie said to Miss Bingley–priceless!! Everything we wish that we could say to that stuck-up witch, Ellie said for us. It was an almost cathartic experience, LOL!!

    Thank you, Leslie, for this delightful chapter and wonderful story! I definitely look forward to Wednesday mornings! 😀

    Susanne 🙂

    • Isn’t it what we’ve always wished to say to Dear Caroline. I enjoyed using her own words against her in a way. It was really fun. I’m glad you enjoyed it too! Thanks for commenting!

  6. Lovely kiss.

    How frustrating for them to know Lydia still died just from different cause this time. It does seem Ellie or Elizabeth may have to go further back in time to correct this. But how?

    I am thankful Tom told Elizabeth about how well Wickham can read Darcy. I was always amazed no one ever said this before in any of the Pride and Prejudice variations.

    Now what info is there that Tom can share with Ellie about Lydia?

    Loving the chapters!

    • It is frustrating, but Wickham is persistent in one way or another, isn’t he. As for Tom, he’s got a lot of information. It’s just a matter of teaching it 🙂 Thanks, Patty!

  7. Maybe Lydia’s destiny cannot be changed, just as in real life. As much as we would like to sometimes, some events seem to be written in the book of life and we cannot alter them. Then the key would be for Elizabeth to accept her sister’s fate.

    As for Wickham guessing Darcy’s attraction to Elizabeth, I don’t think that in cannon they actually meet when they are both in Hertfordshire, except for the very swift encounter in Meryton. I’m not sure how Wickham would have observed Elizabeth and Darcy in the same room. I would say that Lydia is Lydia and that if not with Wickham she would have eloped with another rake at some other time.

    Thank you for another wonderful chapter.

    • As far as meetings where Wickham could observe Darcy and Elizabeth, the one on the street is the main one, but sometimes it only takes a look to identify someone likes someone else. There would’ve also been the gossip around town and what Darcy said. There’s also what Elizabeth says about Darcy later (that he improves on better acquaintance). He knew they spent time together in Kent for her to say that. I think it all depends on how someone reads what JA put out there to begin with.:) Thanks, Nathalie!

  8. Argh! So even in preventing Lydia from marrying Wickedhead she still succumbs due to his seduction of her. Poor, stupid Lydia. I do like the romance between Tom and Ellie. Mrs. Bennet just never improves, does she…stupid woman. The apple not falling far from the tree.

    Thanks for this chapter.

  9. Well Ellie and Tom seem to be getting it on, but Darcy and Elizabeth are between time periods. They need to get together soon. In my own mind, I’ve never decided whether Lydia deserved to live a hellish life with wicked Wickham or the life she eventually succumbed to because she was stupid like her mother. She would have ignored all warnings about her Wicky even if all his past conquests and illegitimate children stood before her. That’s how blind she was concerning Wickham. Lydia was determined regardless, if not Wickham then it would have been some other rake. Her mother’s teachings, or lack thereof, and her own flirtatious tendencies made her skirts lighter than most young gentleman’s daughters especially comparing her to her sisters. In Mrs. Bennet’s eyes, Darcy would have eventually been damned either way: to marry or not to marry. I hope Elizabeth stays close to the house. I know she promised, but when she’s outdoors walking, well miles begin to add up and time/distance gets away from her.

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