Chapter Four – Elizabeth Bennet’s Untimely Demise by Caitlin Williams and L.L. Diamond — 28 Comments

  1. Oh my god! Ellie has done in Elizabeth Bennet soon to be Darcy! Oh oh god save the prince regent!
    I wonder if Ellie somehow can go back and correct her error? And save Elizabeth’s life? Maybe a time door or another visit to Pemberley might do the magic trick?

    Ohh that last line… now how to explain that Ellie?! *evil laughter* 😏😂😅😳

    • Yeah, that’s definitely going to be an interesting one to explain to Elizabeth, isn’t it? It’s going to be so much fun! I can’t wait for you to read it! Thanks, Sophia!

  2. Oh no….. what a mess… What happened to Darcy and Pemberley if he could not marry Elizabeth… Oh dear…. And now I have to wait a week complete for the next chapter….

    Lovely interactions between Lizzy and Ellie, and I do love this portrait of Elizabeth, it is just as I see her in my imagination.

    • Yay! I’m so thrilled you love the portrait. It’s so hard to find something that does the imagination justice and that was the closest thing I could find and use 🙂 Thanks, Nathalie!

      • This portrait reminds me of Elizabeth Gaskell (not sure I have it right) in the 1980 BBC miniseries. She was so delightful and exquisitely impertinent, which made is so natural for Darcy to fall helplessly in love with her.

        • I think you mean Elizabeth Garvie–who I agree made the best Elizabeth Bennet in any of the series/movies. Wasn’t it Elizabeth Gaskell that wrote North and South?

          • Yes, she wrote North & South, Cranford and Wives and Daughters (the latter one unfinished – although an ending was given the story for the movie).

  3. Oh lord! Get out of that Ellie! Obviously with my powers of imagination I have no idea how to solve this one. The only suggestion I can make is to both go to Pemberley (or Lambton) and go to sleep (perchance to dream – oops wrong book I think!) maybe there is a secret time tunnel in the bathroom as in Lost in Austen? Oh I really haven’t a clue and as for a title………! If I do think of anything I will of course let you know but please don’t depend on it. Now I have another week to wait 😞. Thank you for making Wednesdays worth waking up for.

    • Oh another thought! Ellie lives in a Georgian building so maybe it does have a time tunnel? Or maybe it was once Darcy House or Mr and Mrs Gardiner’s house and – well that’s where I am stuck again but maybe….

      • Hmmm…interesting theories! I can guarantee no time tunnel in the loo, though. You know we’re not going to make this quite so simple 😉

        We love that you’re here every Wednesday and leaving us comments. They make our day. Thanks, Glynis!

        • Yes I suppose a time tunnel would be too easy?? Re title how about Trouble with Dreams or Dreaming Disaster? I will keep thinking (I think I must have dreamt these as I woke in the middle of the night and knew I would have forgotten by morning!

  4. First of all, this appeared in my box just after midnight yesterday morning…as I was about to turn off my computer and go to bed. Yet when I attempted to open it up upon arising and having breakfast the message I got was that the page could not be found. Then this morning there was no new e-mail with the newest chapter. Soooooooooooooo I went into deleted items, found the original page and, lo and behold!…it opened with the new chapter.

    I do think you gave us a clue when you described Lambton as a ghost town when Ellie was leaving. If she killed off Elizabeth then Darcy never married her, lived a sad and lonely life and neglected his estate and the welfare to the surrounding communities so Lambton does not continue to prosper…especially if Darcy has no descendants. Of course, that does not account for Georgiana. But maybe she married someone with an estate at a distance and thus was not there to prompt her brother to live a better, if lonely, life. In Outlander Claire and Jamie do attempt not to mess with killing off certain people as it can change so many things in the future, i.e., 1742: Captain Randall deserves death but then Frank Randall would not be there for Claire to love and marry in modern days.

    D*** Greg, for taking the coffee pot. I would so be after him. Don’t mess with my morning coffee.

    I have to congratulate you ladies on your wild imaginations and creativity. This seems to be a rather wild & bumpy ride. I cannot imagine how this is going to work out. Especially with the two young ladies coming face-to-face. It’s one thing to body swap and another to time travel.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    • Sheila. Obviously, the spookiness of the story is rubbing off on the email systems at Austen Variations – a ghost in the machine!

      Yes, Ellie’s interference has changed things at Lambton, and in lots of other ways too, and I hope you’ll keep reading to find out how.

      Will Ellie get her coffee machine back? What was Mr Darcy’s life like without Elizabeth, and what has happened to Pemberley?

      Wonderful insights from you

  5. OMG! What a mess!! ellie must fix everything now! ODG must go back in time and marry Darcy! I wonder how Darcy felt, when he found out about Elizabeth’s death. From the looks of today’s Lambton things didn’t go so well. Maybe Darcy never married and Pemberley was left to an unworthy relative? Oh my! I can’t wait to read more! Great story! Too bad it is only once a week. 😉

    • Thanks Daniela
      Thanks for your comments. Yes everything has changed. We will learn what has happened to Mr Darcy soon. So glad you’re enjoying the story.

  6. Oh no! If Elizabeth never marries Darcy than there will be no Tom Darcy for Ellie. She has put the kibosh on her own HEA. The only thing I can think of is a trip to the Lambton library to research Elizabeth’s accident, or to Hertfordshire to research the Bennets. Maybe a return to the scene of the crime is needed. Agh! How long til Wednesday?

    Oh, and that ghost did the same thing to my e-mail when I tried to read this last night.
    Keep up the great work!

    • They definitely need to do some research. And yes, no Elizabeth Darcy for Mr Darcy, means no Tom Darcy for Ellie.
      Hope you’ll come back next week to find out how they’re going to go about fixing things, thanks so much for your comments.

  7. Oh my goodness! Love that they were able to meet. However, the circumstances are not good. Lambton deserted. I look forward to reading what happened to Darcy and Bennet families.

    Hopefully, something will jog Ellie’s memory on how to repair her ghastly mistake.

    • Yes Patty,
      The Darcy’s and the Bennet’s histories have changed.
      Ellie and Elizabeth will have to work together to sort it out.
      Thanks for reading.

  8. How can this possibly work out? Elizabeth dead, Darcy heartbroken, her aunt and uncle having to explain this to her family. Yikes! I think these two ladies have some interesting adventures ahead of them. Though the first might be to retrieve the coffee pot.

  9. It was a delightful chapter and there are so many possibilities. If she doesn’t go back you have the risk of her later choosing not to go back. Ellie is not equipped to return and take Elizabeth’s place even briefly as she I doubt she could overcome her bad language long enough to make anyone believe she is Lizzy. She might even offend Darcy and there would be no future for Lizzy. With Lizzy dead it seems like Darcy never marries, Pemberley fades into nothingness, and Lambton declines drastically. However, maybe Ellie can convince Lizzy of how wonderful Darcy actually is and make their ending go more smoothly. I look forward to next week to see where you go with this. I also hope that Ellie can have a happy ending with the Darcy she met.

    • You just never know with Ellie. She’s certainly rough around the edges–especially when you consider Regency manners! We’ll just have to see how she manages to fix things, or if she even can. Thanks, Linda!

  10. Having a big catchup this morning, so just read this chapter and moving in to the next shortly. Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect? A butterfly flaps it’s wings in, say, China and it leads to a hurricane in the Caribbean, or something similar. It’s all down to Chaos Theory. Sounds as though Ellie’s “accident” in Lambton has had far-reaching effects that no-one could have predicted. – Chaos at work most definitely!

    Loving the interaction between the two ladies and what a cliffie to end on. I’m glad I haven’t got to wait a week to find out. See you there very soon.

    • I’ve heard of the Butterfly Effect. There’s a movie with Ashton Kutcher that goes through time slips where he travels back and forth through his own life trying to fix different things. It’s interesting. Glad to see you back! Thanks, Anji!

  11. What have I done? I discover your blog last week, and now I’m completely hooked by it… I already read “persuasion – missed scenes” and now these Pride and Persuasion chapters… I would not rest until I catch up with the latest, but I have to work, and cook, and feed the cats and dogs…
    If Elisabeth stays to long in 2017, she might take new ideas back… like how to shave her legs… :-). That would make some butterfly effect…

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