Chapter Ten – In Elizabeth Bennet’s House Slippers? by Caitlin Williams and L.L. Diamond — 23 Comments

  1. Oh what a hero he is! Poor Mr Darcy must have been so distraught but thank goodness Ellis managed to ask for his help as at least Elizabeth stands a chance of surviving (unless Caroline gets anywhere near her 😱)
    I am hoping Ellie’s need to sleep means she and Elizabeth are going to swap again, leaving Elizabeth to receive Darcy’s care. Although I wonder where that will leave Ellie as I don’t know where Elizabeth is at this moment.
    Elizabeth, if you do indeed swap back you must be really kind to Darcy and give him a chance to prove how kind and loving he is.
    What has Wickham done now? I am assuming someone is aware that he is going to run off with Lydia and because Ellie insisted Darcy should deal with it hopefully he is able to prevent it?
    Oh dear this is getting more and more complicated, I hope you are able to sort it all out ladies?
    I thought you hadn’t posted this week’s chapter as for some reason I didn’t get the e-mail 😱😱😱 goodness knows what I have done now to prevent it. Luckily I went on Facebook and there it was 😁. Can’t wait for more. Happy writing and thank you for this exciting and fascinating story (and for more of Mr Darcy 💖💖💖)

    • I didn’t get the e-mail either and had to look up this chapter using last week’s post. I thought something was wrong with my e-mail system.

      • How weird was that Sheila? I went on Facebook to find it. Like you I can only imagine it’s something to do with the error last week when I got the Chapter 10 email and thought it was a surprise treat. Hopefully the email will be back next week as I am so loving this story 😍

          • Will do! Don’t worry I will get it somehow if I have to bombard you with messages as I have to know what happens next 😱😊😱😘. By the way I’m not expecting miracles but how is the sequel to Particular Intentions coming along? I just ‘re read it and was just wondering????? 😁😁😁🙏

            • I’ve had a lot lately to distract me, but I managed 800 words on Chapter 19 yesterday. I know it’s not much, but when you haven’t been able to look at it in almost two weeks, it feels like a major accomplishment. It’s close to winding up I think. Nathaniel is a pesky bugger! You just never know what he’s going to do 😉 I will definitely keep y’all updated when I know more. I might need to post another excerpt soon.

  2. OMG!!!! Yes!!! Darcy heard her cry out! Ohh I’m relieved!! Ellie does quite well as to regency speak, it’s not that bad … sort off 😱😁
    Thank goodness no more lead or any other evil medicine for Elizabeth! Thank god! Willow bark will do just fine!
    I do wonder what happened to Elizabeth in 2017! Has she met a tall, dark stranger?
    Cant wait for more Caitlin and Leslie!

  3. It gets better and better and better! So clever in showing how she is trying hard to act as Elizabeth would act and not mess up anything more for them. And he thinks her formal way of speaking is too much laudanum! Ha!

  4. I have just read the two last chapters in a row and can’t wait to read more! This story is great! Last chapter was just too sad, knowing about how Elizabeth died and then how Darcy couldn’t cope with everything and died in the fire. I wonder what the token was… and now Ellie is back as Elizabeth. I want Elizabeth back as Elizabeth, ladies!!! lol. She needs to be there to see how caring, thoughtful and perfect Mr Darcy is. And this news about Wickham…is it Lydia? It must be! Oh my!
    And I just loved Ellie trying to speak as a Regency lady, lol. But I am just worried about Elizabeth. Where is she? Is she okay? When will we have ODC together in the same year again?

    • The token was probably a lock of her hair or her cross. There’s not much he could’ve taken that wouldn’t be too obvious. Hopefully, we’ll get Elizabeth back soon. I do know she’s getting very homesick. Thanks, Daniela!

  5. Where’s Elizabeth during all of this togetherness with Ellie and Darcy? She was with Ellie when Mildred crashed so is she left in 2017 at the crash site? I hope not. Laudanum must be helping Ellie sound more convincing as a Regency young lady, but because her “unique” speech patterns of profanity and 2017 slang she definitely would not make her a candidate for Elizabeth and unable to pull this fiasco off for long. Maybe with Ellie’s insistence that Darcy deal with Wickham, a whole lot of disaster is stopped. Maybe Ellie’s sudden need to sleep and dizziness means Elizabeth is returning to the correct time period, and Ellie returns to hers. Caroline Bingley is not a good person so hopefully she doesn’t interfere with the exchange process. Gentleman or not, Darcy needs to stop allowing Caroline Bingley to be around him. Loving this story. Keep writing and posting quickly, please.

  6. As I said above, I didn’t receive this e-mailed blog yesterday but last week there was a post for it and when I clicked on it the message was that this was an error so maybe that has something to do with it.

    At first I thought the word “indeedy” was a misspelling but when it appeared a second time I realized Ellie is using the slang for “indeed”.

    So glad Mr. Darcy intervened but amused as she misspeaks and takes his hand…oops! She will have them marrying due to an impropriety yet.

    Hope Elizabeth is able to coop in modern times just a little better than Ellie in Regency times…or is she injured and in the hospital due to the car accident?

    Thanks for this chapter. Happy Easter or Blessed Passover to those who celebrate those holidays.

  7. I absolutely **LOVED** this chapter. Ellie’s attempts to sound more “Regency” were hilarious!! And Mr. Darcy’s concern was so sweet!

    I think we know what’s going on with Wickham….

    Now what is Elizabeth up to in 2017?? Inquiring minds want to know!!

    Thank you, ladies, for writing and sharing this gem with us!!

    Susanne 🙂

  8. Darcy is so awkward and wonderful. I agree with Ellie that it is too bad Elizabeth isn’t around to see this side of him. This doctor seems so much better than the quack. I hope a Darcy listens to Ellie about this a Wickham business.

    I think Elizabeth (in 2017) is found after the car accident by Thomas Darcy (who maybe is alive now that Ellie didn’t really die and is on her way to making things right with Darcy?).

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