Chapter Fourteen – An Evening in Dear Company — 18 Comments

  1. Well I’m so glad that Ellie gave up on the regency speak as she wasn’t exactly good at it!
    Don’t you just love Mr Darcy? Who wouldn’t love a man so caring who kneels by your side and gives you flowers? 😍.
    Ellie obviously knows how to get Caroline out of the way also. Great responses – hopefully she will have chance to teach them to Elizabeth before (if) she ever gets to return to her own body.
    Not sure what happened last time Wickham was mentioned or if it is still too late for Lydia but it seems like Ellie has left Elizabeth’s body again and come back to 2017 so now it is down to her, Tom and Elizabeth to work out how to save her before one of them goes back then they can tell Darcy.
    Oh Leslie! I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this. Thank you so much 💐 😘
    Oooh I just had an idea! Maybe if one of them could go back to before the elopement Darcy could send an express to the Colonel and get him to deal with Wickham (preferably by running him through with his sword!) great idea in my humble opinion so please feel free to use it 😂

    • No, she wasn’t very good at Regency speak, was she? Well, she’s just speaking like Ellie at the moment rather than being like Elizabeth, but she’s definitely entertaining sparring against Caroline. I’m so glad you’re still enjoying it. We’ll see what we can work out about going back. Who knows what could happen? We don’t really have a clue how it all started to begin with. Who knows if we’ll ever really know why? Thanks, Glynis!

  2. So fun! However, you are too cruel to leave us hanging every chapter! Now I have to wait another week… I loved Ellie’s set-downs of Caroline. She has always bothered me with her shallowness and rudeness.

    • It’s just how the story is falling! I’m sorry! I couldn’t resist letting Ellie have at Caroline. Goodness knows Elizabeth would be too polite to do it–even if she did think it! Thanks, Alecia!

  3. I loved the way Ellie spoke with Caroline and Mrs Hurst! But I agree with her, it was too bad Elizabeth wasn’t there to see how sweet and thoughtful Mr Darcy was being. Awww…I hope the real Elizabeth can see that soon, Leslie! They must meet! Looking forward to more! Love your story! 😉

  4. Wow! Hopefully, Ellie will still be im Elizabeth’s body long enough to aid in the search. Darcy needs to understand what Ellie meant about Wickham killing Lydia.

    Looking forward to next week. I do hope Elizabeth will see the changes in Darcy and fall in love with him. Or realize that she already loves him.

  5. OMG!!! Leslie, another evil cliffhanger, how can you?! 😁🤗😍😲 that was amazing! I was near a hysterical break down from laughter! *rolling on the floor laughing* 😂😂😂😂 oh the set down of Caroline was beautiful!! I do wonder what will happen next! Will she end up falling into Tom’s arms? “Tom to the rescue”? Might be a very nice title for the next chapter 👍🏻 Oh maybe let Elizabeth return to 1813 for a little time this time?

    • With this story, the cliffhangers are rather easy. I’m not meaning to, they just seem to happen at the end of each chapter. I’m so glad you enjoyed the set down of Caroline. I had a lot of fun writing it. Put in a 21st century girl without the etiquette of the 19th century and you can have some fun 😉 Thanks, Sophia!

  6. Ellie’s set down of Caroline is priceless. Maybe not quite as refined as Elizabeth’s would be in Regency speak, but effective. The stupid twit telling everyone that she didn’t need to be taught manners from a tradesman’s wife when she’s a tradesman’s daughter in need of being taught. The nerve. Can’t wait for your next chapter. These cliff-hanging chapters are getting steeper each week. Elizabeth needs to come home to Darcy.

    • I thought the set-downs were a bit more cutting. They didn’t need to be eloquent, just memorable 😉 We’ll get Elizabeth there. We need to see what has happened as a result of this and what they’re going to do next. Thanks, Carol!

  7. “Well, I never,” cried Caroline.

    “Learned manners?” asked Ellie. “I’m so sorry. I’m sure my aunt would be pleased to help you should you need it.”

    How delicious! I love it! Oh, what Elizabeth will have to deal with when she returns. Yes, anything can be explained away by a bump on the head.

  8. Speaking of footmen: I am reminded of the many footmen and their codpieces in Austenland! So amusing! But that was the point.

    With Elizabeth’s pleas and the matter of the family’s ruin if they don’t marry I wonder how Darcy will patch up this disaster?

    Ellie in Elizabeth’s body can’t seem to hold her tongue. I would be afraid to say anything without knowing the cant of the day.

    Thanks for this chapter.

  9. I just came in the middle of this one, Leslie. Caught my interest immediately with Elizabeth’s set down of Caroline Bingley. I’ll have to go back and read the beginning. Intriguing tale.

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