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  1. I can just imagine Darcy thinking all this. I enjoy reading about his deep love for Elizabeth and your little story shows that really well. Thank you 😊

  2. Thanks Mary for this wonderful story. Do you believe that soon it would be possible to buy this book behind the scenes??? Kiss. Barbara

    • Hi Barbara. About the book for Behind the Scenes, it’s going to be awhile b/c our members are still adding chapters. When that comes to an end, it will be a HUGE commitment to pull that all together. I know b/c I worked with Abigail on the first incarnation. But believe me, you will know as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for asking.

  3. What a lovely story and great start to a Friday morning. Found it very romantic. I love your stories so thank you X

  4. Reading about Darcy’s thoughts on marriage to Elizabeth is always enjoyable. The fact that they both are willing to forgo Recency strict structures says a lot about their love and devotion. Excellent Behind-the-scenes story. 💕

  5. Wonderful! I know that Darcy feels this way, but it will be interesting to witness how he proposes it to Elizabeth, who is quite clueless about this. They will be forging their own relationship according to their own desires.

    • Marriage is an interesting journey, esp. for 2 people from such different backgrounds. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  6. I certainly hope Darcy is different from his father. I cannot imagine him in a sky blue jacket, matching satin breeches, and shoes with jeweled buckles. Too funny!

    • I’m not a fan of late 18th-century men’s clothes, but that’s what a rich man would have worn. To me, Darcy is always dressed in the fashion of Beau Brummel. Thanks for commenting.

  7. I love stories from a Darcy point of view. Jane Austen was a great writer because she only wrote from prospective she knew so she wrote very little of the male point of view. It makes sense that Darcy would be thinking about his parent’s wedding before his own. I think Darcy might want to rethink the idea that Elizabeth will not be accompanying him when he meets with his steward. 🙂 Mary has written a very nice story taking us into the mind of Mr. Darcy on the day before his wedding to his love, Elizabeth. Many things have changed in society in just the nearly 30 years since Darcy’s parent were married. So, Darcy wants to show Elizabeth how much he loves her even if it goes against societal norms. Good job Mary!!!!!

  8. You have expressed Darcy’s deep love and commitment to Elizabeth beautifully. He wants so much more than what ‘Society’ deems a good marriage. Thank you!

  9. a great scene mary i always enjoy your added scenes it is hard to imagine it wasnt jane austen writing it herself,you hae such lovely insights about darcy my very character spot on sharon

  10. Loved the final chapter. To learn from the past and look forward to the future. I think Lizzy would approve.

    • Thank you, Gianna. I have to admit that of all my short stories, Answered Prayers is my favorite. So glad you enjoyed it, too.

  11. Aw, this is the Darcy we know and love, wanting to be by Elizabeth’s side in all things. I didn’t get to read this yesterday as I have several appointments but lovely way to start my Saturday. It brought tears to my eyes. Thinking of children running to jump on their parents’ bed reminds me of times with my own who would also tunnel under the covers. Thanks for this excerpt behind the scenes.

    • Thanks, Sheila. I agree. I loved when my kids came into our room on a Saturday morning and burrowed under the covers. At the time, we lived in MD, and in the winter, it made for a really cozy scene.

  12. Very nice! Good to hear Darcy’s thoughts about his non-society wife and his non-society marriage!
    I can’t help but think of what Es mother is telling her what marriage is like!
    Thank you!

    • Thanks, Roxey. I don’t think it was all smooth sailing for our D&E in London society, but they had each other. That’s what counts.

  13. Lovely story! I always love hearing more of D’s point of view, and you do it so well. I am sure D is glad he doesn’t have to dress as his father did!! Thank you and Happy New Year, too!!

    • I think part of P&P’s charm is that we can picture our beloved characters in their beautiful Regency-era clothes! I can’t see Darcy wearing shoes with jeweled buckles! Thanks for commenting.

  14. Sorry I’m late to add my praise – really enjoyed reading this! I think we all imagine that both Darcy and Elizabeth have greater expectations for their marriage than what they saw in their own parents’ relationships, which is really more clear from Elizabeth’s perspective, and everything we see in P&P about the Bennets. It’s so touching that Darcy is not only willing to change himself for her, but that he recognizes that his and Elizabeth’s marriage could be so much more fulfilling than what he saw from his parents. Thank you!

    • At the time, there were so many “sad” arranged marriages. Money is not the cure-all for everything (although I would rather have it than not). 🙂 Thanks for commenting. Happy New Year, Kathy.

    • Is there a corresponding behind the scenes…? I looked at the schedule, and I see that in one scene, Charlotte talks to Elizabeth, but, honestly, I’m not sure. If you mean, is there one written by ME, no, but it is an interesting thought.

  15. I like this story very much, in particular because it is true to history. Such is good fanfiction!

    David and Anne Darcy are still members of the “ancient regime” when the nobles had first to take their place in society, correspondending to the status they had. Lady Anne did so and she and Mr David Darcy went their own ways even it seems they loved each other. The upbringing of the children was mainly the task of nurses and governesses.
    After the French Revolution values more burgeois arose. Elizabeth shares this new values (marrying only a men she could love). Darcy himself has more problems in overcoming the old attitudes and therefore he was struggeling so hard to make his proposal.
    Your little story with his rememberance of his parents makes this more understandable. On the eve of his wedding we see that Darcy has overcome the old opinions and will become a modern husband we all would like to have.
    (Excuse my mistakes, I am no native speaker but I trying hard to improve my english by reading AustenFF 🙂 )
    Sabine (Germany)

    • Hi Sabine. First, your English is excellent! Your comment perfectly captures the transition I was trying to highlight between the early Georgian-era arranged marriages and what we hope for Darcy and Elizabeth. If you read “The Duchess”–about the Duchess of Devonshire and her loveless marriage to the Duke–it will break your heart to learn about a woman who had everything and nothing b/c her husband didn’t love her.

  16. Of all the names I’ve seen in these pastiches for the elder Mr. Darcy, I think David would be one of my last choices. I’ve always imagined him as William, with Fitzwilliam of course meaning “son of William.” Fitzwilliam as a family name is, if I understand correctly , from his wife’s family. How did you happen to choose David?

    I greatly enjoy these stories from Darcy’s perspective, As much as I love JA, she did not always flesh out her male characters, therefore leaving it to the reader’s — and the writers’ — imagination . This pastiche is particularly charming, altho’ I’ve long thought that Darcy was way too good for Elizabeth. Re-reading the book, watching the film versions, and reading pastiches from various authors has only solidified that opinion. (I am definitely not a fan of Elizabeth Bennet!)

    • Hi Opisica. Writers often call Darcy’s father “George,” a name I don’t like. I don’t want William, b/c I often abbreviate Fitzwilliam to William. I happen to like the name David.

      I think JA didn’t want us to like Darcy in the beginning. As he changes, our opinion of him changes.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • I really like Elizabeth Bennet, especially when she DOES realize when she has misjudged someone (for bad OR good). I would love if she could see through Wickham from the first.

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