Darcy and Wickham: The Duties of Friendship — 10 Comments

  1. Delightful! There’s nothing like George Wickham waxing elegant and making excuses! I wonder if he even notices this brilliant dig: “I cannot help but think that the many days I spent poring over my studies were squandered in comparison to the hours you toiled away at the races.” Thanks for the treat!

    • Each man must toil according to his talents, I would say. For me, the wide open spaces, the freedom of the gallop and the excitement of the track. For my dear friend and brother, the schoolroom, the book and, of course, the abacus.

  2. To think that Lydia’s ‘dear Wickham’ is now a regular correspondent with Mr. Darcy…

    I have been waiting to see if such correspondence would be uncovered and I am thrilled to read it! It certainly seems as if many apples have fallen close to the trees! Yes grandchildren huzzah!

  3. Well, how interesting to see that these two have been reconciled in their later years. Possibly even more unexpected than the correspondence between GW and the young Mrs Thornton. It seems that the sentiment expressed by Miss Austen in her telling of the goings on of their youth; “Darcy could never receive him at Pemberley” has given way, over the years, to more mellow feelings on both sides. Probably more so on the side of GW than FD, but mellow nonetheless.

    I wonder, gentlemen, at what point in your lives did this occur? Did it indeed take the appearance of grandchildren to effect this change? Is there correspondence between the two of you to demonstrate this or was it all due to the bonds of sisterly love and their persuasive powers?

    I’d love to know.

  4. This is a new twist! Darcy and Wickham corresponding is quite the surprise, and rather civilly at that! It seems they are both very much as they were in essence although one has improved some in character, hopefully. I enjoyed Darcy’s sly comment about his squandered hours of study!

    Hmmm, Harry must know his grandfather will let him off easy. I wonder about this young man.

    I’m eager for more correspondence. So glad these letters were found!

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