Darcy and Wickham: The Duties of Friendship Part III — 4 Comments

  1. The apples in Wickham’s orchards have certainly fallen close to the tree! I can well imagine Master Harry thinking back to his uncle’s wise words regarding women and mares when women become more interesting to him:
    “They both like a bit of flattery, a gentle hand on the reins, and a constant flow of communication.” I’m wondering how Mrs. Darcy would feel about these ‘sage’ words of advice to Master Harry.

    It would appear, too, that Mr. Collins hasn’t changed after all these years. He must have transferred his ‘reverence’ to Mr. Darcy now that the estimable Lady Catherine de Bourgh has passed to grander pastures.

    As for the the grand monuments of Egypt and France, it looks like neither of these distinguished gentlemen have lost their touch…

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