Darcy Adheres to His Book by Abigail Reynolds — 18 Comments

  1. You did a wonderful job showing the battle Darcy played within himself to fight his attraction to Elizabeth. I love this scene.

  2. I’ve often wondered what Darcy was thinking about during this scene whenever I’ve read the original. Now, Abigail has done a very good job of getting inside his head to let us know, poor chap! Very enjoyable.

  3. We’ve all read countless JAFF stories about Darcy’s feelings of torment and frustration, but you always seem to choose just the right words and just the right rhythm, Abigail. As many times as I’ve read the original text or other descriptions of this time in the library, this seems so real and authentic that it’s like being Darcy himself. We are in h is head and in his heart. The poor guy – how he suffered. With this going on internally, the energy he must have been giving off should certainly have clued Lizzy in as to his feelings. He must have been ready to burst. Alas, nope! She was clueless. How sad.

  4. “That was the damnable thing about Elizabeth; her hands were so often in motion, seeming enamoured of exploring every tactile sensation in her vicinity, so that a man could think of nothing but how she might touch him with the same sensual curiosity. It was a subtle betrayal of the passionate nature so clearly within her. She might be unaware of it now, but the right man would be able to awaken it, and all that suppressed passion would pour forth onto that fortunate soul. God, but he hated to think of her with any man but himself!” These words make me drool. Abigail, you have such a way with giving us the angst, the sexual tension. I can just imagine what his bed looked like in the morning after the type of dreams he is going to have with these ponderings in his head during the day. I have this book but it was so enjoyable to read this scene again. Thank you.

  5. Beautifully written (as usual) – a wonderful sketch of Darcy’s inner turmoil re: Elizabeth in the “early days” of their acquaintance.

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