Dancing Through the Snow: An excerpt & Giveaway — 21 Comments

  1. As indicated, she needs to be discreet, so I assume she slips back into the ball and manages to get the Duke to go help his brother. Or maybe a trusted servant. Good luck with the box set!

  2. OH, this is reading like a disastrous compromise situation no matter what she does. She has blood on her glove? And she can’t administer to his wounds alone so she will have to go for help…but to whom? His brother? Not her own mother nor the man she was attempting to meet as he would not take kindly to her “being” with another man. So his brother, I am guessing but then does that lead to a situation with the snobby brother? Put me in for a chance at winning this please. Sounds intriguing.

  3. I wonder if the Duke would believe her if she went to him to tell him about his brother, or if he will somehow think her approaching him is just another matchmaking ploy to entrap him. Better she should approach Lord Rusbridge about the situation if she can find him, and have him deal with the Duke. After all, it would more likely to be less suspicious for him to explain what he found in the garden after having stepped out for a breath of fresh air than for her, in a thin gown and no shawl.

  4. So many possibilities. I’d fetch a servant myself. A servant to a duke would have to know all about discretion. I wasn’t expecting a mystery! This is all very exciting.

  5. All six sound delightful, Monica, and thanks for sharing this excerpt from your contribution with us. It sounds like a lot of fun. How on earth is Amelia going to both save the Duke’s brother’s life, whilst keeping her own reputation intact? Could she say she’d stepped out on to the terrace for a breath of air and saw someone lying on the lawn without having to admit she’d been down into the garden? But then how would she explain the blood on one of her gloves? Interesting dilemma and I’d love to find out what happens!

  6. I can imagine two scenarios… The first one, she goes back inside to find the butler to appraise him of the situation, and then, of course, she has to go home because her glove is stained with blood, how will she explain this to her mother… The second one, a dashing stranger, tall, dark and handsome (fair and handsome would do too), and a little impertinent and aloof, walks into the garden and takes the matter in hand, although he is suspicious of her of course…

  7. This collection sounds fantastic! Oh my, what is she to do? I’m with the other commenters in that she must be discreet, but if it were me, I’d probably look for a servant to help. I’d love to find out what happens next!

  8. Thank you Monica, I think Amelia could find a man servant to help her locate the Duke and the two men can help the stricken Lord Percy. Her own maid can help Amelia get the blood off her glove and distract Amelia’s mother from seeing the glove.

  9. What an auspicious beginning! I was immediately drawn into this novella and can’t wait to see what happens next!

    I think that Amelia should go locate her host and report to him as it’s his home, his responsibility to assist injured guests and also to shield her reputation…and his as well since this horrible act of violence occurred on his grounds.

    Thanks, Monica!!

    Susanne 🙂

  10. What a great beginning. I think that Amelia will find a trusty servant to bring the Duke for help. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  11. What is she going to do? Someone has to be notified. Amelia could find the butler who could notify the Duke. Thank you for the exerpt and giveaway. This collection will be a perfect read for the weeks leading up to Christmas.

  12. Looks like another one I will have to add to my list, unless I am lucky enough to get the giveaway. My reading list is getting longer and longer.

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