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  1. Welcome, Katie!!

    I may not be a fan of Emma–her foibles are just too much for me, and I continually want to slap her–but I am indeed a fan of both Sense and Sensibility movies. As much as I adore Ang Lee’s with Emma Thompson’s Oscar-winning screenplay (and her acceptance speech was classic!) and half the cast of the Harry Potter movies, I also have a soft spot for Dan Stevens’ agonized portrayal of Edward Ferrars in the 2008 film, and I appreciate that the actresses are more of age with Marianne and Elinor.

    Welcome to Austen Variations! So glad to have you here!!

    Susanne 🙂

    • I’m ashamed to admit I have never seen the 2008 film. How can that be? I love Dan Stevens so it follows I’ll love him as Edward Ferrars. Time to hie me off to Netflux, methinks…

      Thanks for the warm welcome. xx

  2. Welcome, Katie. It’s good to have someone so versatile join AuVar. We kiddingly call ourselves AuVarians.

  3. Nice to meet you Katie Oliver. I too was introduced to Jane Austen later in life by my hubby through the 2005 film around 2010 and haven’t looked back since.

  4. Hi Katie! Welcome and thrilled to have you here at Jane Austen Variations! I did not find Jane until the 1995 production and have been going strong with all things Jane ever since! We all have our favourites and strong opinions on each of the movies. I guess we each have a vision in our head of what each of the characters look and act like. Emma is not a particular a favourite of mine and I found Gwyneth just a bit too whiney! Loved Kate Beckinsale in her portrayal of Emma and Ms. Romolo Garai.

    • Thanks for the welcome, Carole! Kate and Romola were both excellent Emmas, I agree. I didn’t expect to like Gwyneth’s version, but I did. I thought she did an excellent British accent. I’m just happy to see any Austen film, I suppose. I love them all!

  5. The particular “Emma” that you have pictured also has Jeremy Northammmmmmmmm in it, which is a terrific reason to love “Emma”! 🙂

  6. Got a bit behind in my blog reading and just doing a bit of catchup.

    First of all, welcome, Katie. You’ve joined a fantastic group of authors.

    Having seen all of the versions of Emma over the past 20 years, my favourite version is still the Kate Beckinsale/Mark Strong version from1995., although I do admit that Jeremy Northam is rather easy on the eye. Gwyneth Paltrow to me was obviously “acting” the role.

    • Thanks for the welcome, Anji! I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of the group. I’m still pinching myself!

      I too loved the Kate Beckinsale version. I cannot WAIT to see her in Love & Friendship. But I digress…

      I thought Gwyneth did a credible job and I really couldn’t fault her British accent. And yes…Jeremy Northam is, as the Brits might say, rather scrummy. But just between you and me and the lamppost, I think Kate was the superior Emma. 😉

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