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  1. Love the cover. Beautiful with a hint of mystery. It coincides with part one’s cover very well.

    Glad Georgina is being more assertive and taking a stance on trying to figure what is happening to her brother & Elizabeth.

  2. Beautiful cover, Monica – I loved the first one, and now it looks as if she’s meeting our gaze full on-a little more assertive, perhaps? A fabulous excerpt-looking forward to reading the whole thing!

  3. Great excerpt Monica. It brings back just how obnoxious Miss Marshall was in book one! I really enjoy the humour in your writing, the little touches, like Georgiana being gleeful with her questioning, etc. I really enjoyed Georgiana’s character development in book one, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.

    The cover is great too! There was nothing wrong with the interim cover you had but this one matches with book one so much better. If I had to choose a favourite book one would just sneak it though, I think it’s one of the prettiest JAFF covers out there, it made me sad to be reading it on kindle!

    • How lovely of you to say so about the cover of Mr. Darcy’s Pledge!! Thank you, Ceri.

      Well, I do like to have a little chuckle! If you liked Georgiana in Book 1 I think you’ll be pleased with her in Book 2.

  4. As already stated, I so live Georgiana’s new assertiveness in this chapter, questioning the imposing butler. I love the cover. It compliments the cover of the first book and I like that she is making eye contact with the reader. Both covers are beautiful and mysterious. I agree, with Ceri, that if I were to choose my favorite cover Darcy’s Pledge would just squeak by this one. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. The cover is gorgeous and matches book 1 perfectly. I’m not sure which one I like better. When I first saw book 1, I thought Lizzy seemed wistful, like she was thinking of someone. Book 2 seems like Darcy’s thinking of her; his vision of her. Maybe one of his saddle daydreams from the excerpt the other day 😉 It seems significant that she’s looking at us (or him) now.

    I like that Georgiana is practicing her assertiveness & feeling out her relationships with Darcy, Mrs A, the servants, etc. I thought it was interesting that “It pained her that he disregarded her presence so completely, quite as if she was no more than a child and not the current mistress of Pemberley at all.” Followed by, “She did not feel secure in her position as mistress of the household …”

    Also kind of funny that Mrs A criticized her for speaking ill of her ‘betters’, but then did the same thing to stinky Miss Marshall. lol

    • Is Georgiana insecure because Darcy never gives her mistress’s responsibilities or does her never give her the responsibilities because he knows she’s insecure with it?

    • Monica P — very perceptive to have picked out the contradictions! 😀 And I love that you see the cover as Darcy’s “saddle daydream”. The question is — is he hoping she would look at him, or is she really looking? 😉

    • Monica P — I think the cover’s open to interpretation. People reading Chapter One will probably think of Georgiana first, but if you saw the cover when reading the Prologue, you would think of Lizzy. I like the different perspectives.

  6. I find the colours calming, and I like that not all of the face is exposed, is that hinting at secrets or being mysterious

  7. The cover is absolutely perfect. It goes so well with the first one. Also, the ethereal image of, I think Lizzy, implies the fact that she may just be out of reach. Poor Georgiana, it is hard to be the younger sister of an important man. I am hooked with the prologue and know 2 weeks isn’t long. But I am anxious to start reading!

  8. Thank you Maggie — ethereal is a great word. I like the idea of Lizzy being inaccessible.

    Two weeks isn’t long at all! It is tough for Georgiana all round. Without any other family around her it can’t be easy having a powerful brother. I do think it must have been quite lonely for her.

  9. Love the cover, but drat it Monica! Just as I was getting my book addiction under control, I skipped over to Amazon and surfed your page. This is like being on a diet in a candy store – it didn’t end well! I bought book one of this series, and two others. I would not however have changed that for the world. Can’t wait to dig in. I think you already know that book two will be preordered as soon as it’s available. Thank you for so many tempting delights, none of which will affect my other bottom line! Thank goodness books aren’t fattening, and I can read them on my treadmill. Also these covers have such a dreamy otherworldly quality. They reel one in immediately.

    • Oh, Mari, so sorry to spoil your diet!! However, books are low in calories and heavy so they’re good for workouts. You’ll need to balance two books on each arm to get the best workout, though 😉
      You’ll have to face it, Mari, some addictions aren’t meant to be cured. Delighted to hear you were tempted by my page! Have fun with Mr. Darcy’s Pledge!

  10. Beautiful cover! Very mysterious and romantic at the same time. It could be a picture taken directly from one of Darcy’s dreams…one where his Elizabeth is finally gracing the halls of Pemberley. 🙂

    Loved the first chapter!


    • Thank you for saying so, Pam. I’m glad you enjoyed Chapter One. I hope you had the chance to read the Prologue as well because it provides the setup for Chapter 3. I, too, think there’s a dreamy quality to the cover.

  11. Beautiful new cover, Monica! What I especially love is the way it’s paired so perfectly with the first. They showcase different sides of a character (the eyes wide open/seeing clearly look of book 2 vs. the glancing down/introspective/pensive look of book 1, which matches perfectly a theme of self-discovery and growing awareness!), the different aspects of the estate, and the different flowers & colors — but the two covers coordinate so well together that the viewer/reader never doubts that they’re a set. And another wonderful excerpt, too!!

    • Lots of wonderful insights, there, Marilyn. I’m impressed! The things that you’re mentioning could apply to Darcy, too. :0 so it definitely fits the themes of the two books very well. Thanks for that.

  12. Mayme — I’m thrilled that you like this cover even better than the first! I do like to read regular books, too. I read both, but there’s still nothing like actually holding the book in your hand, especially as a writer. Hopefully, the book should come out as an actual book on November 25th as well. I’ll keep everyone posted.

    • Thank you, Julie! It’s nice to know that you liked the cover.
      Georgiana doesn’t get as much attention in Pride & Prejudice as she deserves, so I’m really enjoyed getting to know her as I write.

  13. The 25th being my daughters birthday I now have 2 reasons to look forward to that day! Considering how old she will be I think the book wins out as more exciting. The covers of both are so lovely. Am I selfish to give myself a gift on my daughters birthday? No, she understands my addiction! Can’t wait!!

  14. I’m going to write this post then immediately go to Amazon and order/download Mr. Darcy’s Pledge on my tablet! I can’t comment on it’s cover as I haven’t seen it yet but the cover for this installment (will there be a #3 and more?) is as most everyone has said….mysterious and etherial. Elizabeth looks like she’s just out of reach. I like the artwork you have chosen. Now that I’ve been reading the prologue I feel I must go back and read what came before – which I presume is what Mr. Darcy’s Pledge is all about. Yes! Please let us know when we can preorder the e-book for Mr. Darcy’s Challenge. Your books are like potato chips – can’t possibly make do with only one. 🙂

    • I love the chips analogy!!! Nobody’s ever called my books chips before so you get full marks for originality!! I know what you mean exactly. That’s how I feel when I discover an author I like.

  15. OMG! I really am out of it, aren’t I? Well the deed has been done, one book purchased and downloaded and waiting for me to sit down and read it….. and Vol. 2 preordered! I hadn’t realized that it was already available. My Bad!

  16. Monica, this is a hard one. The cover for your first book was so well done that I had your designed re-do mine. This cover? I want to look like her!!! She is beautiful, and as one commenter already said, ethereal. The colors are soothing and the garden is gorgeous. So, book 1 or book 2 cover? As gorgeous as book 2 is, I’m going to have to go with #1.

    I loved the Prologue and chapter one and am excited to read the rest. You are such a spinner of tales, Miss Monica, that I can’t imagine what you will come up with. (Did Lizzy return the list to Darcy without reading it first? My inquiring mind wants to know.)

    • I know — I saw your new covers on Jane’s facebook page. They look wonderful. She’s so talented!

      Joy — the vote so far seems to be in favor of cover #1, but the tide may still turn…

      Thank you for the compliment. Coming from an accomplished spinner of tales like yourself, it’s very much appreciated!

  17. Well, I read and enjoyed this chapter about 9 hours ago and intended to comment much sooner than this…but life tends to get in the way (and this was supposed to be my “easy” day) 🙂 I loved your last post and this one. I am excited to get to read the rest of the story. Of course, I still have to read Mr. Darcy’s Pledge first. It is sitting on my Kindle bookshelf and has been for a while just waiting for it’s friend to join it. I haven’t even peeked at it yet, which for someone with as much curiosity as I have–that’s an accomplishment. 🙂 And it will probably have to wait until Christmas break so I can read them one after the other.

    Both covers are beautiful. I like this one better simply for the emotion it portrays. It feels hopeful and promising. In the first cover she is standing with her back to the house as if turning away and leaving it behind. In this one, there is only garden behind her–could she be facing the house and accepting? 🙂

    • Oh, good, Eileen, another vote for #2!! *And* I see that you have come up with a very clever interpretation indeed!! That’s brilliant!

      Well — I know you have been waiting for a while for the book to come and determined to read the end first. Please don’t read the last five pages first, though… promise me you’ll wait until you’ve seen all the convolutions that happen before they reach that point?

  18. I love the cover! Even though we know the eventual outcome of the Darcy/Elizabeth story, I can’t wait to see how they get there in this version.

  19. The cover is beautiful and haunting. I think this is the image Darcy holds in his mind of Elizabeth and the scent of lavender evokes that. It also brings to mind the fact that his list is useless and he must face Elizabeth. This first chapter is wonderful showing how Georgiana is coming into her own…slowly but starting to feel she must assert herself. Especially if she wants to make sure Miss Marshall does not become the next Mrs. Darcy! Go Georgiana! As to which cover is my favourite, I am leaning towards Book #1. Looking forward to the release of Book #2 and thank you for the giveaway!

  20. I love the merge of the two graphics and the coloring has pop. I like that it has similar features to Pledge so one can see they go together, but it is unique too.

    • “Pop” is good. I had to read it twice, though, because today’s Remembrance Day here in the UK and poppies are everywhere.

      The similar/different idea was something Jane, my cover artist, was quite particular about so I’m happy you think it works, Sophia!

  21. Love this cover. Coincides with book one. Colors are beautiful seem to relate to Lizzy very well. Purple for her lavender scent that Darcy relates to her. I agree with Georgiana – no to Miss Marshall. Pemberley is not musty, she is. She’s as bad as Caroline, wanting to redecorate everything. Hope Darcy is smarter than this.

  22. Yes — absolutely. I did want to have a lavender field, Carol, so you’re clearly thinking along the same lines, but we needed the 19th century look and the images we tried didn’t work well at all, so we decided on a formal garden instead. But hopefully the purple suggests lavender.

    I’m with Georgiana, too — we can’t have Miss Marshall barging in and changing Pemberley!

  23. Though it’s enjoyable to read, I prefer the original cover. This second one is too busy for my taste. If I were to judge to book by the cover alone, if go right by this one. Sometimes simpler & understated is more elegant.

  24. I’ve been away from my computer (and home) for over a week so I am just reading this. I did read the first book and will have to re-read it now that the second one is to be released on the 25th. Both covers are just gorgeous. I love how clean and crisp they look. The second cover’s eyes seems to look right at one. She/Lizzy is about to relate something she knows and will surprise us. I also love lavender and as I have aged wear purple more and more so loved that color popping out. However with kindle we don’t get that property. I also find it harder to go to the end of a book to read the conclusion as I do with some books (not all).

    Georgiana seems to be coming into her own. I like how her mind has analyzed the personalities of each person so she knows how to question them or how to respond to them. And she is ready to take action to prevent her brother from making a mistake.

    The best thing about coming to this late is that I get to read everyone’s comments and your responses at one sitting. And I can then use their information to process and firm up my own thoughts. Thank you for this chapter. Looking forward to the “roller coaster” now.

    • Thank you for your analysis of Georgiana, Sheila. I didn’t think of her development that way but it’s true that she is a bit of an observer — she tends to watch people and reach conclusions about them, a result, no doubt, of spending a lot of time alone.

      Glad you liked the purple and the covers. Hope you enjoy the book, too.

  25. Sorry for the very late reply to the post. I only just found the time to catch up with the blog posts here. I love both the covers for Book 1 and 2. It looks like there is a running theme in the Darcy novel series featuring a woman, a flower and a scene from a country estate. If there is a Book 3, I hope the colour chosen will be blue.

    This excerpt is very enticing. And I like your portrayal of Georgiana, Monica. She is growing up to be a mature young lady who is quite observant of the people surrounding her.

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