Mr. Darcy’s Pledge: Cover Reveal & Giveaway — 174 Comments

    • I am so sorry. I forgot to commend you for a fabulous cover. It is stunningly beautiful and makes me desperately want to peek inside.

      Realizing that this book has yet to be released, I’m curious. Is it a two book series? When might we expect the next volume? Inquiring minds want to know, Monica.

      • Joy — thank you, and thank you for asking about the continuation.

        Yes, it’s a series, so the story does continue in the next book.

        I’m hoping to have the next one out by September, fingers crossed!

  1. No there can be no one else. Who could match Mr.Darcy with intelligence and wit? He would be hard pressed to find someone like Elizabeth in high society. I am afraid that with the hurt he feels at rejection and wanting to punish himself for weakness and the faults that Elizabeth made so clear that he would seek someone who was her complete opposite. He would not want to be reminded of what he could have had. This must not be Mr. Darcy’s fate. I look forward to reading your story and I love the romace and longing caught in your cover.

    • schilds, a lovely description of the cover, and of Elizabeth. I agree, it would be hard to find a match for Mr. Darcy, but needs must…

  2. The cover is even more beautiful than the one revealed earlier, Monica. The lady remind me of the English actress who played Susan in The Chronicles of Narnia films but I cannot recall her actual name.

    I would like to think that Darcy will choose a wife who is completely opposite to Elizabeth Bennet. She will be just like his sister Georgiana – shy, docile, naive and obedient.

    • Luthien, I just looked it up. Her name is Anna Popplewell. You’re right, the lady on the cover does look a lot like her.

      Monica, is the house Belton House in Lincolnshire, used for Rosings Park in the 1995 dramatisation?

      More comments below.

      • Thank you for answering Luthien’s question, Anji. She does look like Anna Popplewell, you’re right. I found a picture of her looking down and there’s definitely a resemblance.

        Belton House, yes. You’ve got an eagle eye!!

        • I’m in the process of re-watching the 1995 version of P & P and have just got past the Rosings scenes, so it’s very fresh in my mind.

    • Thank you, Luthien, I know you saw my earlier cover(s). This one is just right, I think. I agree about the resemblance — Anji looked up the name below. I like the idea that there is a touch of Narnia in the cover. 🙂

  3. What a lovely cover! It sort of has a dreamlike quality to it, in my mind. Although I can’t decide if it’s Elizabeth thinking about Pemberley, or Darcy’s Pemberley being influenced by Elizabeth’s presence.

    I would guess that if Darcy would want to marry to forget Elizabeth, he would probably in general be disinterested in the marriage in general, so as not to be reminded of what he wished his married life would be. So I think he would probably choose a respectable wife who he would be comfortable ignoring as much as possible – she would have to have her own interests and acquaintances so he could spend plenty of time away from her and also not have to worry that she’d demand his attention.

    • Thanks, Kathy. I like that uncertainty about the cover as well. As for Darcy, it does make sense for him to marry someone he doesn’t have to pay any attention to, but is that who he chooses?

  4. That is a gorgeous cover!!! I love it.

    It’s quite ethereal and has an elusive quality – just like Mr Darcy’s search for the right wife (whom we all know must be Elizabeth Bennet!!!!) 😉

    The books sounds fab, Monica; good luck with the upcoming release!

    • Hmmm, Cassandra, you never know! But finding the right person is never easy… Thank you for your kind words.

  5. Lovely cover.

    I think he will seek the total opposite personality of Elizabeth.
    Nondescript in appearance and manner.

    Someone easy to forget, to manage .

    Best of luck with the books. Blurb reads like a sure winner!!

  6. A beautiful cover. I’d described it as Romantic Dreaming. Who would be Darcy think his ideal partner is? Thinking with his head, with no thought to Love, I’d say it would have to be a neighboring estates eldest daughter or a daughter of his fathers closest friend. some one we haven’t met yet. But of course, HE WILL, end up with Elizabeth. Look forward to reading the rest.

    • Like that discription of the cover, Lisa! And yes, someone from the neighboring estate would be a strong possibility.

  7. Sorry, got slightly distracted by Luthien’s comment above and then the house in the cover picture.

    It’s a beautiful cover, Monica. Like several have already said, it has an ethereal, dreamlike quality. Could it be Elizabeth dreaming of what might have been, should she have accepted Darcy’s proposal?

    As to whom he would choose based on logic, she would have to be someone he could at least get along with on a day-to-day basis. Therefore NOT Caroline Bingley! I think we know enough of his opinion about her to discount that option. Maybe someone from his own or close to his own level in society but not one of the ladies of the Ton who all seem to be completely lacking in character and personality, except when it comes to grabbing a husband. Possibly a younger daughter of an impoverished titled family? Such a girl would probably have been raised to know how to help run an estate such as Pemberley? She would also have to look nothing like Elizabeth but not necessarily dull or plain looking.

    Will look forward to reading it, as it will be going on the ever-increasing TBR list if I’m not the lucky winner.

    • I’m very happy you’re enjoying speculating about the cover, Anji. That was one of the things I liked about it as soon as I saw it — having it be open to interpretation.

  8. The cover is Amazing!!! If Mr Darcy can not marry Elizabeth is difficult to think of one who can to substitute her. I hope he do not marry somebody like the odious Caroline Bingley or a fortune hunter because he do not deserve this. He must marry Elizabeth, in a way or another!! He must conquest her!!
    I am italian and I do not know if the giveaway is open worldwide and if I can participate.

    • As it’s an e-copy at this point, it’s open to anyone, Chiara. Thank you for the compliment. As for Darcy, he’s not in a good situation. What can he do if Elizabeth doesn’t want him?

      • Then, never marry. Unless he finds somebody who really captured his attention because I think it is not good thing marry and do not have feelings for your wife/husband and then to think to another.

  9. Oh, this is very scary, to think of Darcy looking for a non-Lizzy bride. She would have to have ordinary eyes, no ability to sing or play piano, no interest in walking, and while she likes to read, she is very stand-offish and will leave Darcy his space. Unlike Miss Bingley, this woman does not come with a drunken brother…..

    And she should run off with the milkman, so that Darcy can marry Lizzy!

    • June — as ever, you’re full of all kind of complicated ideas. The milkman!! Poor Darcy, to be first rejected by Lizzy, then to have his bride run off. You really want him to suffer. Though of course it’s all for a good cause, I’m sure… 😉

      I don’t know which variation has Miss Bingley with a drunken brother, but it sounds like something I’d like to read! Or write 😀

  10. I love the cover. As others have said, & I agree it is dreamlike & ethereal. I feel like it is Elizabeth haunting every thought. If Darcy feels that he cannot have Elizabeth then he would choose someone very unlike her in both looks and personality. I believe she would be malleable and have very little opinion on things. She would be someone he could ignore.

    Divorce isn’t an option so I too hope he doesn’t marry someone else…..It comes down to the wire, but doesn’t quite happen. We all know there will be an HEA.

    Looking forward to the release and the sequel. Can’t wait to see how you envision it.

    • Divorce isn’t an option, Deborah, but it’s not unusual for young ladies to die of childbirth, so there’s hope yet, even if he does get married. Thank you for the compliment, Deborah!

  11. Oh Darcy, why does he even try to forget Elizabeth?! We all know he can’t forget her and her bewitching eyes and quick wit! I do wonder precisely what kind if lady he would marry if not Elizabeth?! And if his choice were to be rational!? Heaven and earth Darcy who is a passionate man to marry without his heart in it? That is just a plain bad idea, – he would be a man without a soul very fast! And Elizabeth who later hopefully will realise just what kind of man she has refused! Heartbreak, loveless marriage, and love that sounds like a wonderful book!
    The cover just shows that dreamlike and how much Elizabeth is in his mind, – and it is truly beautiful! If he were to marry, she would be opposite to Elizabeth, therefore blond, malleable, have no opinion on anything but fashion, someone he could easily live without and be without, – but please don’t let him marry! Divorce isn’t an option and death is high but we all crave a HEA with Elizabeth as Darcy’s wife!

    • Well, if she won’t have him, he has to move on with his life, surely?

      Thank you for all the nice comments, Sophia.

  12. What a beautiful cover….and Darcy cannot marry anyone but Elizabeth…..but if he can’t have her…maybe he would marry Anne…oh the horror

    • Stephanie, that makes perfect sense. Anne is a pretty good choice, if you think of it. He’d add Rosings to the list of his possessions. If he can’t have Elizabeth, might as well secure his property, after all.

      • But Anne cannot give him an heir. And can she manage to work with Mrs. Reynolds? Although Mrs. Reynolds has been going it alone for years, but wouldn’t Darcy look to have someone who can fulfill all the roles needed: wife, mother, hostess, chatelaine, gets along with the rest of his family, etc.

  13. It’s a beautiful cover. Quite suggestive…it makes me want to wait around, wishing she would open her eyes.

    As to the new girl, perhaps he could go find an Elinor Dashwood?

    • Leslie — you’re right, I didn’t think of that, but I really do want her to open her eyes.

      An Elinor — practical, commonsensical and kind. That would be a good wife for Darcy, definitely, but is that what he will choose?

  14. I like the ideas expressed above! My feeling is that he will choose a woman physically different from Elizabeth so that simply looking at her does not give him an instant jolt of regret. Her eyes will also attract him, but in a different way. She would need to be well bred and well educated, articulate and an excellent horsewoman – a perfect candidate for mistress of Pemberley. She and Georgiana would get along famously from their first meeting. But she does not deeply touch Darcy’s heart.

    When she finds out Elizabeth will always hold Darcy’s love, she and Georgiana matchmake the troublesome pair for the HEA.

    • Dave, you’ve summed up everything so neatly, except you’re going down a different track — with a great deal of wishful thinking thrown in 😉 I like your scenario, though. It could work.

      • Awww! you hit on Georgiana’s matchmaking technique – a double kidnapping! Not to worry about Darcy’s almost-bride – Col Fitz is intrigued by her being an only-child heiress with a decent sized estate and dowry. A double wedding will happen once the compromised couple agree in writing!

        I know, I know – way off track! My brain just will not accept ANY ending without Lizzy and William happily together at Pemberley.

        • Maybe I’ll just have to throw in a kidnapping for Volume II, just to finally give Dave the satisfaction. We do like to please our readers… 🙂

          • Even a little ‘nap might add a twist to the story. 🙂 Am hoping Darcy stays far from Town in his search for a replacement for Elizabeth – being a Ton toady for any woman would destroy him.

  15. As everyone has said the cover is beautiful! I think he will look for someone more like Elizabeth than we all think. Maybe not in looks but in wit and intelligence. He would never be happy with some nit wit. An Anne Elliot or Eleanor Dashwood type. I don’t think he really cares immediately after leaving Hunsford. Someone that doesn’t set his teeth on edge like Caroline Bingley or Lucy Steele would!. I love all your books and look forward to a new one!

    • Maggie — I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed my other books. I hope this one appeals to you as well.

      That’s a good insight — as you say, Darcy’s on the rebound and people on the rebound often don’t care.

  16. Very lovely cover, Monica! I think he would find someone who is accomplished and suitable for the role of Mistress of Pemberley, but one he has no emotional attraction to. (How could he?) 🙂

    • Kara — thank you!! And he does need someone suitable, of course, but it wouldn’t hurt if she was attractive, now, would it?

      I love all these winks and grins…

  17. Lovely cover – it transcends time periods. The story could take place in a modern setting, in the Regency period, etc. because of it very simply and beautifully captures the hope of love. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  18. I love the cover. I think it expresses the haunting quality that Elizabeth has on Mr. Darcy. Always in the background of his consciousness. As for another woman–who could replace Lizzie? No one. But if he has to choose, I think he might pick someone he is familiar with who has a good influence on Gerogianna. She would have to have some personality and intelligence, but not too Elizabeth like. That would be too much of an insult for the poor woman to always have Elizabeth in his mind. No one can substitute for her! Anne? Never want to see Mr. D give in to Aunt Catherine! Horrors!

    • Hehe — yes, he’ll certainly have a few (justified) mother-in-law stories to tell, Mary!

      I enjoyed your description of the cover, with Elizabeth haunting him and “always in the background of his consciousness.” Nice one.

  19. There is no other original Austen character I can see Darcy with. No Caroline Bingleys for sure! She would need to be accomplished yet witty and definitely engage his mind. Good luck, Darcy.
    The cover has many things going on without the feeling of being too busy. I love it. Congratulations, Monica.

  20. Monica, your cover is breathtaking… The thought that first came to me was “profound reverence”… and whether it is Darcy’s for Elizabeth, of Elizabeth for Pemberley and it’s master, I couldn’t decide. I too want Darcy to only marry Elizabeth… but who would he would choose to replace her??… Perhaps a respectable, kind, intelligent, and attractive lady if he were really determined to marry… as someone said, an Anne Elliot or Elinor Dashwood, or even a Fanny Price! (Though I wouldn’t wish a husband that couldn’t love them on any of those!!!)… Actually, I really like David’s suggestions! 🙂

    • Carol — I like Dave’s suggestions, too. I can see exactly how that would work. Perhaps my next novel. Or maybe I can incorporate something into the second volume (??)

      Thank you for that description, Carol. “Profound reverence” has such a wonderful ring to it.

  21. Darcy without Elizabeth? That is like night without day, winter without the hope of spring, Oreo’s without the frosting filling…..endurable, but bleak, dark, cold and not as sweet. (My brain is revolting at the thought.)

    What sort of girl would he marry if not Elizabeth? I feel a bit like I am betraying my best friend if I give any suggestions, but I suppose she would be the opposite of Elizabeth so that he would not be constantly reminded of what he had lost. She would have to be someone who could accept that her husband will never really be able to give her his heart.

    The cover is beautiful. I thought of the progressing darkness across the front as how Darcy’s life would feel without Elizabeth in it.

    Now, you mentioned that this is to be a series of two books and that the story continues into the next book? So, if I am to peek at the ending before beginning the book (bad habit, but with a disturbing premise, a necessity) should I wait to peek at the second book to check for a HEA or will the end of the first be soothing to me? 🙂

    • Oh, dear, is the premise disturbing?
      “Progressing darkness” without Elizabeth sounds perfect. I would agree with that one.
      Eileen *wagging my finger* you mustn’t read the ending first. Just go with the flow and see where it takes you 😉

      • Anytime there is the chance of Darcy and Elizabeth living in misery (aka without each other), I find it disturbing. 🙂 I am an angst whomp and not afraid to say so.

        Now, Monica, how loud and long are the lectures we give kids about not following the crowd? Surely you don’t expect me to practice the opposite of what I teach! LOL 😉

        • Eileen, I think it is disturbing, too. But I like to play a little bit.

          As for peeking, it’s the same dilemma as peeking at a present. Some people just have to do it, and others practically perish with anticipation. Who’s the wiser person? Hard to tell. You could argue both ways.

          Anyway, I should point out that I’m primarily a comic writer so too much angst would not be good for me either.

          • Funny, I never peeked at presents–didn’t want to ruin the surprise, but books….now I have made it to the halfway point before looking to see if I have guessed the ending correctly or assuring myself of the HEA, but the books are few and far between where I have not peeked (and usually because they were not the most interesting of books–so peeking is a compliment 🙂 )

            I like it when authors play as long as I know there will be a HEA. 🙂

    • For that reason this will go on my Wish List and remain there until the second volume is published and released. I can’t stand to wait for HEA, although I must with certain stories, i.e., the ones published as chapters on this site. I, too, will look at the ending and it does NOT spoil the story for me. Of course, with variations – D&E MUST get together!

      • If you don’t like to read a novel unless you take a peek at the end before starting, Sheila and Eileen, it must be disconcerting when there’s a sequel. I can understand it perfectly, in fact, since I always write the ending of my novel before I start, I suppose I do the same thing as a writer.

        I’m glad you’re putting the book on your wish list, Sheila!

      • I agree with both Eileen and Sheila L. M. I will also purchase the book and I like Eileen’s suggested title “Progressing Darkness”. I think it is apropos to how Darcy is feeling and how we will be feeling while reading this book. But even though I will purchase it when it comes out I will wait to read it until the second is out so I don’t have to wait in angst for months even though I know there will be an HEA.

        I also agree with Sheila that it is hard enough waiting for the continuing posts on AV for continuations of stories. I can be impatiently patient for a week or so, but when it takes too long……well…..So many times when I start I bok I don’t put it down until finished (as an insomniac that’s not too difficult) or I am too bleary eyed to focus. You love keeping us in suspense…but, then, if you didn’t, we wouldn’t be coming back for more.

        • True, Deborah, but you ladies are forgetting that it takes us time to write a novel. Some people prefer to read a really long novel, but writing a six hundred word novel takes something like a year and a half, and then by the time it comes out it may take several more months. That was what happened with my last novel. It took me two years to bring out (it was over 400 pages). It’s much harder to edit a long book because by the time you reach the end, you’ve forgetten how you started because of how long it took to write.

          A two hundred page book, on the other hand, can be written in a shorter time and isn’t such a huge project. As a reader, you read it in a few hours, and it makes sense to read two or three volumes at once, but a long book is a real labor of love taking many more hours than just simply double the time.

            • I know you do. Eileen. Your enthusiasm and eagerness is wonderful. I just wanted to explain that for me at least, really long books are much harder to work with, not just because they’re longer, but also because they can be very frustrating when you know you have readers who are waiting impatiently for you to publish something and you feel you’re plodding along at the pace of a snail!

              But I can see that the reverse is frustrating, too, when as a reader you need to find out what the ending is.

          • Yes. I can only imagine how long it takes and since I don’t write…well….it is just sometimes so hard to patient because I always put my whole self into a srory as I read. I try to be impatiently patient. It is a sweet torture…but torture it is. Bit without you writing there would be (in my case at least) a world devoid of color.

            • And without you readers, we wouldn’t be writing, so our world would also be devoid of color. Aww. That’s a lovely thing to say, Deborah.

      • Even though you already have he title as Darcy’s Pledge maybe “progressing Darkness” can be the subtitle. 😉

  22. I think whimsical captures the feel of the cover. Romantic and whimsical. Achingly beautiful.

    I think he would choose someone quiet, peaceful, and compassionate. Someone very unlike Elizabeth, but someone who would be helpful with Georgiana. Maybe even someone he could rescue, so he would feel like he was at least doing something for them, despite never being able to care for them as he would like to care for a wife. Probably someone of good standing and with a good dowry – since – if he has to marry for duty and not love – he needs to be fulfilling that duty.

    Although the whole concept is simply dreadful and sad and depressing and hopeless and is just so very wrong.

    • Whimsical happens to be one of my favorite words, Tresha, so I’m glad you see whimsy in the cover, though I admit I didn’t think of it that way. My last novel was very whimsical. This one has a comic aspect but it’s serious, too. Hopefully you won’t find the book depressing 🙂

      • Actually, I think poignant and haunting and ethereal are more apropos than whimsical. I think they capture the feel a bit better. I knew I was looking for a bit of a different word, but settled for what I could remember instead of what I couldn’t. Argh! Forgetting words is so frustrating.

  23. The cover is absolutely beautiful!! I don’t think Mr. Darcy could or should ever marry anyone else. It would especially be way to soon after the failed proposal to find anyone that he should marry. He is not the type of man to marry just to marry.

    • Tresha — many thanks! You’ll discover that he does have reasons to marry — but of course he can’t forget Lizzy very fast!! It’s just that he’s at a bad point at the time the story starts.

  24. Ditto to all the lovely remarks about the cover…just beautiful and achingly sweet, poignant: whether Elizabeth coming to realization of what she turned down or Darcy reminiscing about Elizabeth walking the halls at Pemberley…stirring soothing thoughts of love in my mind.

    If Fitzwilliam Darcy is going to look for someone with his brain and not with his heart a candidate would have to be able to bring all the education, lineage, manners and sensibility as well as some looks to even be a possibility of filling the role “everyone” says is due as his wife. She could not be a snob and clingy as is Caroline and she would have to be in good health to bear him a son, which Anne cannot do. I would think that although he may determine he should not search for someone with Elizabeth’s looks, (her sparkling eyes) or her wit and laughter, he may find himself unconsciously doing just that. And when he finally….on the verge of proposing realizes what he has done….pause, “no, this is a shadow, an imitation, a reflection of the real thing!” OMG what am I doing??? Not fair to any other woman, to marry when one’s heart is not free?

  25. I think he should try to find his equal, or as close to Lizzy as he can <3

    Also, I love your books, I can't wait to add this one to my shelf with all your others!! 🙂

    • Thank you for saying so, Liz. It’s nice to hear that you’ve read my other books. You probably know, then, that I enjoy a bit of comedy.

  26. Thank you for giveaway opportunity

    I am so intrigued by this, also the cover is gorgeous!

    The kind of person I can see him marrying if it’s not Elizabeth is someone who has more his personality and a little bit of Elizabeth personality

    • Thank you, Patricia! I’m really glad you like the cover and that you’re intrigued by the description. That’s a good sign!

  27. Monica, the cover is stunning…haunting innocence comes to mind to me. As for Mr. Darcy choosing to marry someone other than Elizabeth, just shoots up the angst for me! In his shattered state, I see him looking for a wife who he thinks will not remind him of Elizabeth…blonde, willowy and gentle. She will be a kind person who will be a good companion for Georgiana. He will like her as I can’t see him being intentionally detached and wanting to hurt her feelings. His problem will be comparing her to what it would be like if it was Elizabeth (in his mind). Oh I’m having a brain freeze as I just can’t get my head around it and having difficulty coming up with how this may progress…

    Needless to say, I am so looking forward to it angst ridden as I am! I too loved your other books so I know there will be an HEA…

  28. I believe that he would still want someone who was as near an intellectual equal but with better connections. Caroline Bingley really has no chance because her connections are worse than the Bennets, she is a daughter of a tradesman and the Bennet’s are at least daughters of a gentleman.

    • Vesper, that’s a very good point. People often forget about that. Caroline comes from a trade background, which is problematic for Darcy if he wants an arranged type of marriage.

  29. Lovely cover, both front and back! He would look for someone like but never find her. If he couldn’t have her and had to settle, he would be a very unhappy gentleman! Hopefully, he would realize the huge mistake that would be!

    • Desiree B — he does say he likes a woman who reads, so I would imagine he’d stick to that part at least!

  30. The cover is very wistful and beautiful. When I think of where Darcy would go in opposition to Elizabeth I think of someone like Eleanor Parker as Baroness Elsa von Schraeder in Sound of Music. Cool, very blonde, sophisticated. She would be the antithesis of Elizabeth that Darcy needs and he wouldn’t have to pretend to love her. Of course if she had the brains that God have a fly she would realize he very much loved someone else and might be willing to hand him off. However, in the Regency times, she is more likely to not care because she would be secure with a wealthy husband, who cares if he loves someone else. So I think an engagement to the nameless blonde that is broken off when she scandalously does something and he realizes there is no option BUT Elizabeth…LOL

    • Stephanie, thank you for that description. A Baroness von Schraeder would be a good choice. Now that you mention it, Captain Von Trap does have some similar characteristics to Darcy. You have a good plot line here!
      Except for all the children, of course!

  31. What a gorgeous cover! I can’t wait to read your book! 🙂

    Elizabeth Bennet is Darcy’s soulmate. No one else “fits” him as she does. If he DID give up on marriage to her and decided to marry for convenience, I’d hope he’d marry a kind woman…someone he could like and respect.

    NOT Caroline Bingley, please! 🙂

    • Pam, thank you very much for your kind words.

      Elizabeth is absolutely Darcy’s soulmate. No question of it.

      So many of you are assuming it’s Caroline Bingley he’s going to marry. Very interesting. Probably because I wrote about her in The Other Mr. Darcy. Mind you, I’m not discarding the idea completely…

      However, you’ll find out that things are not as bad as they seem.

  32. Ohhhh, Monica! The cover of your upcoming novel is JUST GORGEOUS!! I love the flow of the image from the front to the back — beautiful colors and design 🙂 . And the premise sounds wonderful, too!!

    • Marilyn — I’m delighted you like it. Your covers are always so lovely, too. Yes, the designer did a great job doing the whole cover for the paperback. I’m glad you like the premise, too.

    • Thank you, Joana. How nice of you to say so. It is heart-wrenching for poor Darcy, but it has its funny side, too..

      • OK. You’ve got me convinced. Since you’re saying there’s a funny side I guess I won’t be waiting for the second to come out. You’ve convinced me hook, line & sinker to read it when it’s released. 🙂

        • Me, too, Deborah. Humour and limited angst. I should be able to survive. 🙂 Besides, I wouldn’t be able to not read it…..I am far to curious as to how this tale is going to unfold.

            • I love the idea of some humour mixed in with the angst (Mr Darcy Came To Dinner by Jack Caldwell is a recent favourite and that has quite a lot of humour). So, if this is the first volume, do we have to wait till volume 2 for the HEA? And are you going to be a real tease and leave volume 1 on a cliff-hanger?

            • Yes Anji . I too enjoyed Jack Caldwell’s Mr. Darcy to Dinner. So, even though we have to wait for part 2…I will succumb to all who are wiser and read this book shortly after it is released. All this back and forth commenting and the hints being given have convinced me to dive in & devour the first course and then wait in impatient anticipation fot the second course. 🙂

  33. The cover is absolutely beautiful! But, what I have to know is, who is hearties to at the end of book 1, because I don’t think I could wait for a sequel if there was no hope for D & E at the end of book 1. I would have to wait until 2 comes out before I even start #1! I, too, think he will have to marry someone like Georgianna, and unlike E. let me know when #2 comes out and then I will get them 🙂

    • Kari — yes, I think there are two or three people here who don’t want to deal with the angst and would prefer to wait. I can see why, though I tend to love the wait. One of my favorite authors has kept me going over ten books by keeping up the suspense, but the book wasn’t about Darcy, so I can’t say how I’d feel if the fate of Darcy was being determined.

      I should say, though, that my books are not usually too angst-filled, if that’s any help.

  34. Gorgeous cover–so evocative!
    My guess is he would try to find a suitable heiress who would add to his family’s prestige. Nevertheless, I cannot believe he would go through with the marriage, as he would constantly be beleagured by the image of the unforgettable Elizabeth Bennet!

    Best of luck with the new release!

    • Thank you, Regina. Evocative is yet another great word to describe the cover. I do feel that — it does bring out a lot of different sensations in me when I look at it. Where is the wonderful JD Smith? I really must congratulate her.

  35. First off I LOVE this cover, it is gorgeous 🙂 As for who he would marry – I think Darcy would probably marry either Bingleys sister or Lady Catherine’s daughter – of course it would be a bad marriage either way but I think Darcy would have been so upset by Elizabeths utter rejection that he would have turned back to his Pride and done what he considered to be his “duty” even if it meant his unhappiness 🙁 To him I think that would be his way of his own self-deprecation for being a man that Elizabeth did not want to marry. Awesome cover, can’t wait to read this book!!!

    • Thank you, Erika. I’m glad you brought up the “duty” issue, which I think is important for Darcy. And the issue of self-deprecation, too. Nice insight.

  36. Now that he has learned that a non-ton girl is best, he can pick any small town and look for a girl. Of course, she won’t be Elizabeth so he will be disappointed and remain unmarried. Georgiana’s son will inherit.

    I enjoyed your book about Mr.Darcy’s cousin. I haven’t read the one about the cousins, but I will after I read this one. My favoirites are the what-if books.

    the cover is pretty. Once I have read the book, I will know if it reflects the story.


    • Ruth, I’d call that wrapping the story up very nicely! Let’s hope there’s no entail involved.

      I’m very happy to hear you enjoyed The Other Mr. Darcy.

  37. The cover is very striking. For me it oozes nostalgia – the yearning for Elizabeth creates an idolised memory that he struggles against, desperate to be free of it, but not willing to let it fade. Hauntingly beautiful.

    I think, if his heart is still with Elizabeth, then he will search for a wife like doing a business transaction – it would be someone who would be best for Pemberley – have all the prestige expected, be an excellent hostess, be quiet, un-imposing but independent and not needy. It will be someone he is physically attracted to, given part of the business transaction would to beget an heir.

    I don’t have any problem envisaging this “what-if” – to me it’s a fairly plausible variation and I look forward to reading the journey you take the characters on.

    • I do love the “idolized memory”! What a turn of phrase!

      What you’re saying makes perfect sense to me, too — the part about marriage as a business transaction. Marriages in the upper classes during the Regency period were often thought of that way, so Darcy would just be going back to where he was before Elizabeth was in the picture (or should I say the cover?).

  38. Drat! I wrote a long reply and it didn’t take. Let’s see if I can remember what I said.

    First – it’s a beautiful cover. Good job to whoever did the design work. It’s lovely.

    Who should Darcy marry?

    I really want to read your book so you cannot have him marry Caroline Bingley or I would be too upset to read it. It would really irritate me to see her get what she wanted and spend all him money and drive him crazy. God – that would be a nightmare scenario for me. I couldn’t take it.

    I suppose he could marry Anne who could then conveniently die in childbirth leaving him Rosings for his male “spare” heir. That would be tolerable.

    I think my preference would be for him to marry a young, titled widow whose husband, a second son, died in battle in either the army or navy. She is still very much in love with her dead husband but has a young child or two who need a father. She could make him a kind and comfortable wife of convenience. They would both be ok. But then….drum roll if you please………………her dead husband appears and wasn’t dead after all but was seriously wounded and recovering in France or somewhere and now has come home, thus annulling her marriage to Darcy which would leave him free to marry Lizzy. The only children I want Darcy having are his and Lizzy’s children. Period. So that’s how I would like to see you write this.

  39. Hi Everyone *waves*. Nice to hear so many lovely comments on the cover design. I’m a huge fan of historical fiction, and have a massive soft spot for all things Austen (I have wallpaper that I designed myself which has the whole of Pride and Prejudice printed on it), so it was lovely to be asked to work on Monica’s cover. Happy reading, all, and good luck with the book Monica. x

    • Jane — I’m so glad you decided to come in and take a look at all the wonderful comments about her book cover. I hope you’re glowing with pride, Jane (no pun intended).

      Did you hear that, everyone? Jane designed wallpaper with the whole of Pride and Prejudice on it!!!

      Thank you for your good wishes, Jane.

    • Jane, are you meaning the complete text is incorporated in the design of this wallpaper in your home? Or is this wallpaper on your PC? Or is this photos taken from one film or another? If you don’t mind me asking?

      • It’s actual wallpaper, on my physical wall. The entire text, over a 2m square area, in 9pt! I have some pictures of it somewhere.

        • OMG, what an undertaking that was! Good for you. I would love, LOVE, love to see some photos. I will be telling people about this, as it is amazing just to even think about. Odes to P&P!

  40. This sounds really intriguing, yet ‘Mr Darcy needs some sense knocking into him!’ (preferably a whack on the head from the colonel) sounds like a more appropriate title 🙂 look forward to reading it.

    • I do apologise I failed to notice the part that said this is after Elizabeth rejects him. So I will rephrase ‘Elizabeth needs some sense knocking into her!’

    • Tamara — you’re a woman after my own heart. I love the idea of the colonel giving him a blow on the head to get him thinking straight! He needs it in Mr. Darcy’s Pledge.

    • That’s an intriguing concept, Susan. I’ll have to ponder this and work out what Darcy’s mother was like. Fun idea.

  41. This book sounds so exciting!! The cover is beautiful 🙂 Thank you, Monica for the chance to win a copy. I think Darcy should not search for a rational love if he cannot win Elizabeth’s heart. You cannot follow your mind to marry, the voice of one’s heart is the only possible answer and if he marries without love, his chances for a happy life are not many. This counts for anybody, however 😉

    • I agree, Maria, I don’t think Darcy will be happy if he married anyone else, but he can’t wait for Elizabeth forever, surely? Thank you for your kind comments.

      • You’re right, Monica. Nobody should wait for somebody forever, but isn’t true love worth the wait? 🙂 I like to think that Darcy would always choose Elizabeth 🙂

  42. Poor Mr. Darcy and his broken and shattered heart. He may be determined to marry rationally, but July is coming and Elizabeth will be visiting Pemberley (won’t she?). I believe he will initially look for Elizabeth’s opposite, but not an insipid, vain woman. I believe he will still look for a woman with some wit and substance, but also highly connected and wealthy…perhaps someone from his home county.

    I adore the cover; it is quite beautiful.

    • Thank you, Rosanna. Lovely of you to say so. Good question, too. Will Elizabeth be visiting Pemberley in this variation?

  43. I love this cover. I read Gothic undertones in it and I love it.

    Hmmm, I can’t imagine Mr. Darcy with anyone but Elizabeth. He clearly needs someone who is intelligent, to be able to converse with him, and someone with some sparkle and wit to lighten his seriousness.

    • Lori — oooh! You make it sound so mysterious…

      Yes, Darcy does need someone intelligent and sparkling. *We* know that, because we know better, but does he?

  44. The cover is exquisitely romantic. I love the way that the geometric lines and shapes of the structure are softened and fade into the simple beauty of the face and the rose. It definitely invites you to come and discover what’s inside. Congratulations on your impending release!

    As for who Darcy would marry if he couldn’t have Elizabeth, I think he might shy away from anyone similar to her – it would be too painful – so perhaps someone similar to his mother, the only previous Mistress of Pemberley he knew.

    • You clearly have a visual arts background, Diana O — I really enjoyed your description. I do think the way you describe it sounds like what Darcy hoped for. The rigid lines of Pemberley are dissolved by his love for her — and certainly in the very first chapter that is what he wishes for.

  45. That’s a stunning cover—it hints at so many possibilities and I would describe it as ephemeral. I don’t think Mr. Darcy could ever conceive of neglecting his wife. If he can’t marry someone he loves passionately, I think he would have to form a strong bond of friendship, with a lady he could care for more over time.

  46. The cover conveys to me the first line of your description of the book: “Mr. Darcy is torn between his heart (Elizabeth) and his mind (what he thinks is his duty to Pemberley)…”

    • I agree, Sheila. Very much so. Don’t forget to drop by and enter the Book Release giveaway for a chance to win a copy.

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