Chapter Twenty-seven: What Happened (Part 1) — 36 Comments

  1. Awe! Messages through the journals? So sweet. I am a bit sad Tom has no memory, but it makes sense. I really loved her emotional response to hearing of Lydia’s passing – she really connected with Lydia after all. I have really enjoyed this story – thanks for sharing your talent with all of us! Many happy hours have been spent enjoying your tale.

    I believe a slight edit is needed in the following: “She couldn’t argue with that, but did she want to be dependent on him so early in their relationship.”

    I believe you meant “She couldn’t argue with that, but SHE DID NOT want to be dependent on him so early in their relationship.”

    • Crud! I have an aversion to question marks for some weird reason. I leave them out all the time and my betas and editors put them in. In this case, she was asking herself.
      Thanks so much, Debra! I’m chuffed you enjoyed it so much!

  2. Thank goodness for the journals. Ellie was beginning to wonder about herself and her mental state. Her dreams had to be more than dreams. She knew she had met Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy and helped save foolish Lydia. Hopefully, the more Tom reads in those journals might help Tom remember what he seems to have forgotten. Love this story. So well written enough if the cliffhangers have been many!

  3. AND I hope Lizzy and Darcy somehow get to Ellie and tell her to stop being so damned stubborn and independent. Get with the program and snag TOM asap. Time is too precious to waste!

    • I tend to understand her not wanting to be so dependent right away. She might now he’s the one, but she needs to let him come to that realisation on his own. I hope that makes sense. Thanks, Kathy!

  4. Oh my. It looks like there will be two happy endings 😊. Like Ellie, I’m a little sad that Tom doesn’t remember what happened as that means Ellie can’t talk about it. But at least she can give her heart to him without him hurting her from what I have read.
    I really really am going to miss reading this on a Wednesday 😞 but I look forward to seeing how it finishes and to getting a copy (which I might just read a chapter at a time on a Wednesday 😂 – but as I have no will power that will never happen 😂)
    I really really hope there is an epilogue??? Hint! Hint!
    Thanks again and again for this wonderful story Leslie 😘

  5. Leslie… argh omg wth!?!?! How could you let Tom forget EVERYTHING?!?!?!? 🤦‍♂️😱😡 Seriously 😒
    But so good that Darcy and Elizabeth mentioned Ellie in their journals! Actually I think Kathyn has the right idea 💡 make Elizabeth’s portrait fall down and hit Tom on the head so he’ll remember!
    Omg I can’t handle that we are nearly at the end! What am I going to do without my Wednesday chapter?! Well that means I’ll just have to hurry and buy the book 📚 and start reading it again 😍😊 can’t wait to see how you are going to finish this and please no more cliff hangers please dear author!

    • I felt like I had to Sophia! Things were so altered that it would seem strange for Ellie to return after the fall and have everything like it was. No more cliffies! We have one more chapter next week and hopefully that ties up any loose ends. Thanks, Sophia!

  6. First off, time suspensions are hell. My computer was broken and I had to channel what you might have written! Fortunately you have a good channeling muse who took pity on me! This said, I knew I was correct in my prediction in the prior week’s installment when I commented that Ellie would go to the wedding but wouldn’t hang around for the breakfast! Dang, I’m good! Next week’s prediction? Tom jumps in front of a runaway wheelchair and ….

    • LMAO! We’ll have to see on next week’s prediction. Nice job on the one about the wedding. I remember giggling that you had that when I read the comment. She was there for a bit of the breakfast though. 😉 I channel what people might have written all the time… that or I re-write it in my head. thanks, Katherine!

  7. Ellie is back! yay! I wonder if she will tell Tom the truth someday. And how lovely that Elizabeth and Darcy mentioned Ellie is their journals. I can’t wait to read more. Will we go back to Regency time again or it’s just 2017 now?

  8. I can’t believe that this delightful adventure is almost over. 🙁

    And I’m sad that Tom doesn’t remember Elizabeth or any of the other back-and-forthness through time. But the spark between him and Ellie is definitely still there!! 😉

    And at least Ellie is credited in Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s journals for helping them. And Lydia seems to have had a rather ordinary life…which in her case is quite a good thing even if she died “young” of consumption. (But she was older than Jane Austen herself at least….)

    Thank you, Leslie, for this wonderful romp through time, and the beguiling characters and oh, just everything!! 😀

    BTW, I’m currently reading Rain and Retribution,and I can’t put it down!! I”m at 78% right now, and I only started it yesterday. It’s brilliant!!

    Have a lovely week, and I’m definitely looking forward to next Wednesday to see how it all ties up in the end.

    Susanne 🙂

    • Lydia didn’t die quite so young by the standards of those days, but a little younger than the norm. I’m thrilled you are enjoying Rain and Retribution so much! Thanks, Susanne!

  9. I don’t want this to end!!! I’m glad Ellie is back with Tom and Lydia ‘grew up’ and eventually married. Let’s hope all the loose ends are wrapped up but Greg needs a clunk on the head or at least know that Ellie is doing great without him!!!!

  10. Maybe Tom is playing it cool while he figures out what Ellie remembers. He seems to be living at her hospital bedside though they had just met so he’s obviously smitten. A How about we have a wedding (Tom and Ellie) and its regency themed and Darcy and Elizabeth attend?

  11. I can’t believe it’s almost finished… Come on, there’s must be a way Tom will discover the truth, or perhaps he’s already on to something, after all he is being so protective of Ellie. If it not asking to much please tell us about Mary and Kitty. Thank you!

    • I keep getting requests! I hadn’t even considered what happened with Mary and Kitty. LOL! I’ll give it a thought and perhaps I’ll give you a little afterwards with that. This last chapter is getting longer and longer. LOL! Thanks for commenting, Carla!

      • Oh yes, longer is good! 😁😁. I also would like Greg to get what he deserves and what happens to Theresa? And Marion? Will we find out why she didn’t appreciate the question about Mrs Darcy? And ………and………and……! I think you might manage to answer all my questions by Christmas???? Sorry Leslie but it’s payback for all the cliff hangers 😂😂😂😘😘(seriously I suppose I will forgive you when I have a complete copy of my own 😊)

  12. I HATE reading stories one bit at a time!!! GRRRR BUT, I somehow noticed a link to an early chapter that caught my eye and kept going and going and going….and read all that not wanting to put it down. At first I kept asking myself how I missed it in the beginning, and then went ‘duh’ realizing I was smack in the middle of preparing to move to a different state, sell our house, live in temp quarters while new house is being built, etc. Finding that link was last week and THEN I was waiting obsessively for this Weds.

    What a neat story. But, oh come on, Leslie! Are you possibly going to let all that be a dream Ellie had? I just want to cry, or something. 🙁 Well, take that all as a compliment, L.L., because I love your books. I’ve read and reread R&R a few times and whenever I see it in my JAFF collection I’m drawn to read it again. I can’t wait to put this finished work in my library and read it from beginning to end. Best of luck

    • You’re definitely good for my ego, Michelle! Thanks so much for the lovely comment. We’ll definitely find out one way or another if it’s a dream next week. I’m so glad you joined us for the adventure. 🙂

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