Chapter Eleven – Convincing Mr Darcy – by Caitlin Williams and L.L. Diamond — 30 Comments

  1. This is so good! Both Elizabeth and Ellie are at Pemberley in 2017, just need to get her back in time to her Fitzwilliam. Hopefully, by the time Tom Darcy realizes she is his ancestor’s Elizabeth, they’ll get her back to 1813 where she belongs. Maybe there will be two Darcys’ HEA. Tom Darcy sounds like her married a Caroline Bingley – stiletto scar on his shoulder.

  2. Elizabeth completely cracks me on…. I love very bit of this chapter, and – Oh My ! – two Mr Darcy!!! I’m all anticipation of next week’s chapter. I don’t know what I want to happen, I just wish to be taken by the hand while your imagination runs wild 🙂

  3. Oh Caitlin, I’m so sorry you are leaving and hope things are ok. And Leslie, you can do it 😊 and thank you so much for continuing on your own.
    Poor Darcy will be wondering where Elizabeth has gone unless (hopefully Ellie is slightly out of time and is still also there but not quite arrived at Pemberley????? (well I know what I mean!)
    Now what we need is for Tom to read that letter and the three of them need to come up with a way to stop Lydia running off with Wickham, or at least her not having to marry him then that will be Elizabeth’s regret sorted and she can stop haunting Pemberley and relax in heaven with Darcy? The only problem with that is how on earth they can do that??? Over to you then Leslie😃😃

      • Thank the lord you have a plan Leslie! 😊 although goodness knows what it is! But Elizabeth needs to get back to Darcy (and Ellie needs to let her know that she allowed him to be in her room and hold her hand in case Elizabeth gets upset if it happens again!)
        Ellie, you must work with Tom now you know he is available ❤❤😍. Hopefully you and Elizabeth will both have a very happy ending 😄.
        Good luck Leslie both with the plan and with getting things done with fingers and toes crossed 😂😂

    • Thanks Glynis. I am dealing with a sad situation at home, which means I need to devote more time to my husband and little uns. I am sorry to let all of you, and Leslie down, and will miss writing this story very much – and interacting with you all on a weekly basis, but I’m confident Leslie will do a great job and you won’t even notice I’m gone.

      • I’m sure we will miss you Caitlin but I do understand and please know that I will be thinking of you and hoping you and your family get through it ok. Take care 😘

      • Caitlin, I’m sorry to hear of the sad situation you find yourself in, I’ll add you to my prayers! We are sad to lose you but it is understandable that you want more time with your family. Thank you so much for the time and laughter you have given us all on a weekly basis!

        • Adding my prayers as well, Caitlin. Take care, m’dear. You shall be missed, but I’m sure that Leslie will do a lovely job going forward.

          Such a delightful story!! Thank you, ladies, so much for writing and sharing it with us!! You are too good!!

          Susanne 🙂

  4. I thought when Ellie went back to the present that Elizabeth would have been back to 1813! But now we have Tom Darcy back! Good for Ellie! And Elizabeth has the letter with her and she doesn’t know Darcy asked her to burn it because she is still a Bennet! This story is great, the only problem is waiting for the next Wednesday. I am sorry to hear Caitlin will no longer be writing it with you, Leslie, but I am glad you are not giving up on this story! Thank you!

    • I’ll definitely miss Caitlin, but I do understand her situation. She’s needed by her family more right now. I’ll definitely be thrilled to see you back each Wednesday. 🙂 Thanks, Daniela!

  5. First, my heart feels for you, Caitlin…a sad situation? None of our business but I will add you to my prayers and hope God supports you and yours through whatever it is that has happened. I truly am downhearted to hear this. We will miss you.

    Secondly: wait for it, wait for it…Tom and Elizabeth realize they are blood relatives; she being his Great, great, great, great, great grandmother! Wow, can you imagine?

    Then, we now know that Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy did get married and have children and the estate was cared for and remains a beautiful home and lands.

    Don’t know how you are going to get Elizabeth Bennet back to her Darcy but I am sure we are in for a creative treat. Thank you for this chapter.

  6. I can only say: OMG! Leslie & Caitlin, you are really good at leaving all of us poor readers hanging by the edges of our fingertips! Seriously I wanted to punch Tom Darcy quite a bit when he yelled at Ellie! But I can sort of understand him now, but I do wonder if he will throw them out the door? Or if he will believe them! It’s an incredible story… a little hard to believe.
    I would suggest that you make him read THE letter, the infamous letter Darcy wrote Elizabeth at Hunsford! And maybe let Ellie and Elizabeth explain their side of the story…
    Kind off I was thinking that Tom deserved the wounds from his ex – he was kind of arrogant, something he has definitely inherited from his great whatever great grandfather Fitzwilliam Darcy! Now I am anxious to see if he will believe our heroines Ellie and Elizabeth! Can’t wait for the next chapter!! 😊😱👍🏻

  7. As others have said, our thoughts and prayers are with you Caitlin. Leslie, we know you are up for the challenge! I can well imagine Elizabeth enjoying a flavorful cup of tea! Now that Ellie and Tom have cleared the air and sorted out this ‘second’ misunderstanding, I can only imagine what their future ones will be about! I think the shock of all that is going on has Tom reeling but once Ellie and Elizabeth tell him everything, he has to get on board! He may have some clue of Elizabeth Darcy’s future that she doesn’t know that could help. Looking forward to next week!

  8. Loving this story! Best of luck, Caitlin, and we will all be thinking of you. Can’t wait for next week…

    Oh, I loved this phrase “groomed, moisturised, buffed-nail, two-hundred-pound shoe-wearing city she-men”. Ha, ha!

  9. So sorry to hear about the situation, Caitlin. Best wishes and prayers for you and your family.

    Leslie, you’ve got this. I do look forward to each week’s chapter.

    Wow, Ellie not with F. Darcy, so is there still a body there? Poor Tom hopefully he will listen to Ellie and Elizabeth. At least he now knows why “Ellie” did not know him, since it was really not her.

    Poor Elizabeth, they are calling her a Darcy, and she is still in the dark about much. I agree Ellie does need to share about the missing pieces while Ellie is her body. Does the memories still remain with the body when spirits are swapped?

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