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  1. Exciting news. Cannot wait for this book. Chapter 6 six left your readers on pins and needles. Wickham’s death was expected, but waiting to hear about Darcy’s arrest and Elizabeth’s escape with the Princess is excruciating. April seems so far away! Title and cover are wonderful. Now we need the pages between the covers!😀

  2. Oh Abigail, what a tease! On one hand I am relieved to have a title and release date to go with the six chapters that have been driving me mad. But on the other hand, what on earth is the new story going to be about???? I hope you will eventually post a couple of chapters to whet my appetite. In the meantime I can’t wait to see how Elizabeth manages to protect ‘Georgiana’ and how Darcy escapes the French and gets them out of England? (well I hope he does anyway!) So just over 4weeks to wait 😊

  3. Well done to Sarah for thinking of such a brilliant title! I’m so looking forward to your forthcoming release Abigail. Chapter 6 left us all on tenterhooks or scrabbling at the cliff’s edge or any other similar expression. At least we’ve “only” got a month to wait now. The cover looks pretty good and the little inset of Boney at the bottom left is very neat.

    Another group writing project? Bring it on! I first discovered the online JAFF community a little over over three years ago, just as The Darcy Brothers was getting into it’s stride and this site had launched only a couple of days previously. Are you and the other writers planning on having reader involvment again as with The Darcy Brothers or will it simply a group project? Whatever happens, it’s bound to be wonderful.

  4. Happy news! I’ll be able to read it over Easter weekend!
    The cover and the title are both lovely. I hope the ending will be not only a HEA for Darcy and Elizabeth but also freedom for the invaded England.

    What, something even stranger than those examples? I’m on tenterhooks already!

  5. What an excellent title, well done Sarah. I read the first six chapters when they came out and am super excited to read the whole book. Roll on April!

  6. Have read the first six chapters and can’t wait to see what happens next!!

    Love the name-very apt!!

    Best of luck with this book Abagail!!

  7. Love love the cover! And the title!
    Can’t wait to read it in its entirety!
    As for the new group activity, your description as strange has me scratching my head. I’ve read ( and reading ) Maria s dragons (so great), read them all with magical powers from several authors ( hard to choose a favorite) , as a ghost, vampires, and the list continue s.
    I am looking forward to see and read this new “strange”!

  8. Hooray! I loved the first 6 chapters and like others have said – you definitely left us on a cliff hanger at the end of them. Even better we only have about a month to wait for it! Please keep us posted as to when ordering is available – I know I’m not the only one who will be pre-ordering this. Can’t wait!!

    Also definitely intrigued by what “strange” twist you’ll add to the next group project. Mystic powers like in Doctor Strange? Super powers? Zombies has already been done. Vampires by a few authors as well. Werewolves? Magic? (I’m also a big Harry Potter fan if ever there was someone proud of their pure blood status and sure to be in Slytherin Darcy at the beginning of P&P and definitely Lady Catherine. Side bar a friend sent me a link to an post where the author had sorted JA characters into Hogwarts houses:
    Excited to see what twist is added now!

    • Thanks! I really enjoyed the article about JA characters in Hogwarts houses. I really wanted to fight about a certain handsome Slytherin, but when I read her reasoning, she’s absolutely right!

  9. Congratulations, Abigail!! I can’t wait to read it all!! Yay!! 🙂

    Of course, right now I’m bleary-eyed from grading research papers all weekend and Monday. I’m nearly done with my last one at nearly 5:00 AM, and then I’m gonna SLEEEEEEEEEP!!

    But I couldn’t be happier for you…well, yes, if I were actually awake, I’d be even more ecstatic!

    Susanne 🙂

  10. Congratulations Abigail, such an exciting moment when you get to reveal your cover. Can’t wait to read it.

  11. Wonderful! Mr. Darcy’s valet let him out of the house with a stubble?? I am so looking forward to having this book in my hands.!

  12. Loved the chapters we got to read, love the cover. CAN NOT wait for the book! It is going to come out right in time for my much need getaway after a very long tax season!

  13. Congratulations Sarah on the title! So excited for this to be coming out next month! Congratulations Abigail!

    As for the new group writing project, I’m looking forward to another wonderful collaboration!!!!!

  14. Beautiful Cover! I’m so waiting to read this one and … I’m wondering if dear little Snowdrop will make a cameo appearance. Just saying. Jen Red ♫

  15. Yay! I’m so excited to have contributed the selected title and am extra delighted to receive my own copy! 🙂

    I can’t wait to find out what happens, I have no objections to my copy arriving before April 14th….

  16. So exciting! I love the title, great suggestion from Sarah. I’ll look forward to reading this one. In my mind Mr Darcy is an honourable character and disguise of every sort is his abhorrence so I’ll look forward to seeing your take on twisting these characteristics 🙂

  17. This is going to be the first JAFF book I’ve ever bought, but I’m not sure I can be seen reading a book with a cover like that. It might hurt my street cred and bring my otherwise unquestioned manliness into, uh, question.

    Seriously, does it ship in a brown paper wrapper? 😉

  18. The cover is beautiful and I love the title. Have to wait, but waiting creates anticipatuon, but you already did that…chomping at the bit to read the book.

  19. First, congratulations to Abigail on the new book and a great cover. Second, congratulations to Sarah for the suggestion on the title. The first six chapter were great and left us in most likely with the first cliffhanger. I cannot wait to read this book.

  20. I am so excited about this book coming out! The premise is so interesting and the chapters you’ve revealed have been excellent! I have even been telling my husband about the concept on some of our walks, which is a first for me as he’s not usually interested in my reading material. Love the cover and the title, looking forward eagerly to the release!

  21. Stranger than Dragons, Napoleon or a second Darcy Brother? Well, the strangest thing I could imagine is Darcy not loving Elizabeth…will we get a clue soon?

  22. Love the cover and always happy to hear that you are writing another story. Will be looking to read this as soon as I can get it in my hands. congratulations, Sarah, on your success in coming up with a title. Best wishes on the new release, Abigail.

  23. I’m very sorry to say the release has had to be delayed. As many of you have heard of Facebook, my cat Snowdrop became very ill and passed, and I got nothing done on the book prep for a month. I’m hoping it’ll still be ready within a few weeks of the original date. My apologies.

    • I saw the news on FB, Abigail. It was so sad to read your recent posts about her. She’s been such a miracle right from when you first adopted her. Even though you knew she wouldn’t have a long life, it doesn’t make her passing any easier, I’m sure.

      Don’t you worry about us – we understand and will still be here when the book comes out. Take your time to grieve. Sending virtual hugs across the Altantic.

      • Abigail, I am not on FB so this is the first I am reading of this loss. So very sorry to hear of it. Having lost many pet members of our own family, I can relate to the loss and sadness which dwell with you. Still looking forward to your book whenever it is released.

    • I was so sorry to hear about Snowdrop. I loved her story, and it always warmed my heart to hear how she was getting on and see.the pictures of her looking gorgeous and luxuriant. She defied all initial expectations on how long she’d be around because you gave her the chance of a loving home. It was such a wonderful thing you did, especially knowing you’d have the pain of having to say goodbye too soon. Big hugs to you and yours, and make sure you don’t rush yourself too much, we will all still be here when you’re ready.

  24. Oh Abigail, I am so sorry! I am not surprised that you couldn’t think of anything else. I had been checking Amazon but now will wait until I hear more. Take care.

  25. I’m sorry for the loss of your cat. Take your time, don’t worry about expectant readers. It will be published when it will be, some waiting is no big deal (and there’s no doubt it will be worth the wait). My virtual hugs to you!

  26. Great cover!! My first thought was, Darcy with ruffles?? Oh yeah, he’s supposed to be a traitor. Congratulations Sarah for adding to the story!
    I can’t wait but I must and I will. Take care of you!!

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