Persuasion 200: Charles Musgrove Proposes to Anne Elliot by Mary Simonsen — 18 Comments

  1. Nicely done. Uggghhh! Elizabeth & Sir Walter are so shallow. Charles Musgrove is as amiable as Charles Bingley. He seems very puppydogish…always happy no matter what. I mean he takes Anne’s rejection without the bat of an eye and acts as though it matters not. Apparently, none of what happened with Captain Wentworth is common knowledge. Interesting that he thought she was brokenhearted over her cousin…makes the future interest in Anne in Bath even more plausible.

    I enjoyed this chapter. I sort of felt disconnected when Charles proposed, kind of the way Anne seems to have a disconnect from life around her to protect what is left of her heart. Thank you so much for this piece. It is so fitting.

  2. I agree about the “puppy-like” quality Charles seems to have. Based on that, what a great way to have him arrive – in a cloud of hounds. Charles isn’t a bad guy and I suspect if he’d married someone other than Mary he might have been much happier. Poor Charles!

  3. Charles is a good man, and Anne considers him a friend, but as she has experienced deep, passionate love and affection, how can she settle for less? Good chapter, Mary!

  4. Poor Charles! He truly doesn’t deserve the wife he ended up with, and I am sorry he settled. Hmm, what if Anne had heard that Wentworth had married….

    Thank you for the post, Mary! I hope you are having a splendid summer with your grandkids!

    • Hi, June. After having driven 7,000 miles, I am back in Phoenix with my granddaughter in tow. My grandson would never leave his mother, so I’ll have to wait a few years before I can have them both. It does give my daughter a break.

  5. Thank you for this delightful chapter… Charles is a “salt of the earth” type, isn’t he! It helps explain their unembarrassed relationship we see in the novel. I also loved how you used the morning discussion of the news to illustrate Elizabeth and her father’s characters. And Anne’s more enlightened and serious consideration of the event.

  6. Boy, Charles Musgrove certainly wasn’t doing the “wooing” thing very well if no one could tell if he was interested in Elizabeth or Anne! (Not even the ladies themselves!) He seems pleasant and and at least seems to care what happens to the Elliots, but it’s notable that he is not so disappointed after Anne turns him down. So I guess we don’t have to feel bad for him, being rejected by Anne, as he doesn’t seem like a heartbroken suitor, just looking to get married because he ought to.

    • I think a lot of men got married or the most obvious of reasons and to have heirs. Anne was agreeable and probably wouldn’t mind that Charles would spend most of his time shooting. The distance would make courting easy. I think Charles likes easy. Thanks for commenting.

  7. I really enjoyed this chapter, Mary-I think you’ve ‘nailed’ Charles’s character and loved Anne’s responses!

  8. What struck me most is the lack of emotion in both parties, Anne is more embarrassed than touched and Charles is just okay with her rejection, a huge difference between Wentworths feelings. Would love to read Charles proposal to Mary…poor man.. seems a decent sort, sorry he settles for Mary, if only there had been a Hayter cousin for him to marry.

  9. This was really great, Mary. It feels as though you are enjoying writing Elizabeth and Sir Walter in all their arrogant glory!

    Love the way you portray Charles Musgrove, and loved the misunderstandings such as Anne believing he was courting Elizabeth not her and her automatic thought he must be referring to Captain Wentworth.

  10. I did like the way you portrayed Sir Walter’s and Elizabeth’s interest in the newspaper – right on! No one seems to have a clue Charles is courting Anne – that’s sad. I see Charles as a very traditional male – he has his role and a wife is to have her role and never the twain should overlap…except in conceiving children. LOL Anne was perfect from his POV: she knew how to manage money and the household plus didn’t demand new clothes above the basic needs, etc. nor society’s activities. His family knows that and respects her even tho’ she turned him down. Of course, they blame Lady Russell later in the book for that event. Charles is not bookish enough for her. But Charles takes it in good grace and his relationship with Anne does not change, it seems. Thank you for this chapter.

  11. Nothing worse than having no one to confide in and then to have to listen to the drivel that Sir Walter and Elizabeth talk about. Poor Anne so wrapped up in her thoughts of Wentworth that she is oblivious to Charles’ attempts to ‘woo’ her! But even Charles is oblivious to where Anne’s heart really lays. He is such a down to earth fellow but just a touch to absorbed in his hunting. Curious how he did end up with Mary…
    Thank you for another great chapter!

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