Chapter Three – The Stranger in the Mirror by Caitlin Williams and L.L. Diamond — 29 Comments

  1. Oh no! Stupid girl! I really hope the reason she can’t find the book is because she killed Elizabeth and therefore there was no Elizabeth Darcy to write the letters? I mean to say just how hard would it be to put up with hairy armpits and legs for a little while and surely she didn’t need to breathe ALL the time! Oooh I really can’t wait for next week’s chapter to see how you sort this one out! Plus shock, horror we haven’t even met Fitzwilliam Darcy yet 😞. Thank you so much for this weekly treat 😊

    • Thanks Glynis
      Yep, Ellie has created a lot of problems to fix. Has she killed Elizabeth? And how will that change everything else? Tune in next week to find out.

      • Sweet torture Caitlin! Obviously I missed out the word ‘not’. I’m really hoping she hasn’t killed Elizabeth. I don’t know how you and Leslie are going to sort out this mess but thank goodness it isn’t left for me to do! No hope there 😂

  2. Omg!!! Ellie my god, if she travelled back in time then she could at least try and act like Elizabeth Bennet before she became a Darcy!
    This gets more and more exciting, Caitlin what a mystery you have written for us! Can’t wait for more!! 👏🏻😂😱

  3. …his tight breeches leaving little to the imagination—apparently life in the nineteenth century did have some compensations. (Sounds like Austenland…the footmen) This young lady is not adjusting well to “time-travel” and a “body swap”…at all. Ladies, you have wild imaginations…and some sense of humor. I can’t imagine where this is going. Thanks for the chapter.

    I doubt the corset is at all comfortable even if it does show off certain assets to the best advantage.

    And I find her quite insane to walk in front of horses…not guarantee that she is going to wake up…so death or severe injury will ensue. Like others I hope it is not death. But is she going to go back and be subjected to relive that scene all over again or pick up where she left off???

    • I’ve never read Austenland, but I would imagine any young lady would have a similar thought. Those breeches were pretty tight back then. I’ve seen some of the portraits where even the artists even left little to the imagination.

      LOL! Corsets are great when you look down and see how well they work, but no, they aren’t comfortable as Ellie discovered as time wore on. As for the dream/time slip/who knows, how many of us if we woke up in another person’s body would believe it to be real?

      And hey, two authors, twice the wit! 😉 Thanks, Sheila!

  4. Wow! So the book is missing? What has happened to Elizabeth? So somehow she will need to travel to Pemberley to see if Tom is still there. So she will witness how she has changed the time line. So how will she be able to go back and correct her major faux past?

    I leave this up to you. The chapters have been great so far.

  5. OMG! Did Ellie change the past by killing Elizabeth Bennet? I hope not!I wonder if that carriage was a Darcy one and if he was inside? Will she need to go back to make things right? I am so curious! I loved this chapter and I was actually chuckling while reading the Gardiners’ reactions towards Elizabeth’s manners! lol. And the part about the body hair caught my attention too. Hairy armpits would freak me out too! LOL.
    Great chapter, ladies! Can’t wait for next week!

    • I loved the reactions of the Gardiners to Ellie’s manners! I can just see their eyes following the bacon as she made to eat it with her fingers and then it flapping in Ellie’s hand. Too fun to pass up! Thanks, Daniela!

  6. Fascinating. chapter. Reading this reminds me of why I like historical and regency romances–the language is so much nicer. I wish that ladylike behavior and appropriate language were still what is in fashion. Colorful language never appeals to me when it comes from a woman.

  7. Gets more and more exciting. Did she just murder Elizabeth Bennet by jumping under the carriage wheels? Good grief! Would love to see her shave with a straight razor. Bloody mess I’m sure. Certainly a trip to the Emergency Room. But wait, didn’t have them in Elizabeth’s time. I guess Ellie would just bleed to death. Hope if she gets another chance to be Elizabeth, she handles herself a bit better than she has so far. She definitely wasn’t made to live in Regency period.

  8. We definitely get to see the pros and cons of Regency life here! But at least there’s bacon!!! 😛

    I’ve always felt that I was born out of time. I am far more comfortable with a dip pen and bottled ink than with a cheap Bic pen. I do technology just because it’s part of my job (teaching online classes to homeschooling families), but I am always drawn to candlelight, loose tea, dresses and bonnets, writing desks, and BOOKS!! My husband laughs and says that my life motto is “the older, the better!”

    But I have to admit that the leg and underarm hair would bother me. Everything else, I could handle with glee. (Except childbirth–after having two caesareans [the first and last of my four births], I may not have survived the birth of our firstborn.)

    Thanks for a wonderful story, and I can’t wait to see what happens with the disappearance of Elizabeth’s letters and possible changes at Pemberley (because we know that’s where Ellie is likely headed in the morning).

    Brilliant concept and execution, ladies!! 😀

    Thank you for writing and sharing this gem with us!

    Susanne 🙂

    • LOL! I love old books and I used a calligraphy pen to take notes in high school for a time. I don’t know about a quill, though. Like you, I wouldn’t have made it through my first child. I’ve had three C-sections. The leg and armpit hair would make me nuts!

      Glad you’re enjoying our bit of fun! Thanks, Susanne!

      • I use a dip pen at home and have been known to take bottled ink (carefully sealed in a plastic bag) and a dip pen in my computer bag to Starbucks to write in my journal. When a dip pen is impractical, I use a fountain pen. I’m an unapologetic pen-snob. And tea-snob,too. (I take my own tea to Starbucks; the baristas know me and just smile….)

        I worked in bookshops off and on for ten years through high school, university, and grad school, so I’ve accumulated quite the book collection. And homeschooling for the past twenty years has given me wonderful excuses to keep buying books…”for the kids.” 😉 I have a ten-volume Shakespeare collection from 1896 that I use on a regular basis. Old books are the best!! 😀

        Thanks, Leslie!

        Susanne 🙂

  9. Oh wow! So Elizabeth Bennet/Darcy is either badly injured or worse, most likely, and Ellie wasn’t going to go to Pemberley with the Gardiners anyway, so I guess she never has that oh-so-convenient reunion with Darcy. He never goes to the inn at Lambton just as Elizabeth receives Jane’s letters about Lydia’s elopement and so never finds L&W in London. He never goes back to Netherfield with Bingley and proposes for the second time, so there’s no Elizabeth Darcy to write the letters and that’s why the book is missing. Have I got that right? Or I may be totally wrong!

    Whatever the outcome, I’m totally loving this story.

    • I think you’re on the right track, Anji. That chance meeting with Mr Darcy hasn’t happened and that has changed everything. Ellie has a lot of work to do to make things right again.
      Glad you’re enjoying it.

  10. All I kept thinking about was how there was no way the bacon would taste the same…and how Ellie would handle that. Imagine her spitting the bacon into her hand or some such thing! Boy has she caused an uproar!!!

    • Thanks, Lynn
      Glad you’re enjoying it. Poor Mr and Mrs Gardiner, eh? Hope you’ll catch up with chapter four.

  11. Yes, I’m ready to give Ellie a shake! She is acting like Lydia! Get a grip! Loving the photos you are adding!

  12. I don’t have anything to add that wasn’t said weeks ago 😉 but Arsey Darcy? That’s pure JAFF gold ladies! Well done!

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