Chapter Seventeen – Fears and Revelations — 26 Comments

  1. So this time I decided to read this chapter as it appeared in my mailbox just after midnight. I thought they both were going to be terribly injured but to both be back in 1817 is just so frustrating for them and for those of us wishing they could straighten things out.

    I was glad to read that Elizabeth has decided she loves Fitzwilliam Darcy. So what do we do about a doppleganger in Lambton? Will Ellie be locked up for her language much less her outrageous clothing? And poor Tom, I imagine he thinks they jumped off the roof. And he’s all alone in 2017?

    Thank you for this chapter.

  2. Oh my! They are back in Elizabeth’s time together, and is it in time to truly save Lydia this time? And what is this car? I pictured the flying car in Harry Potter. 😉

    One error I think, hadn’t it been 1813 before? You’ve written 1817 here a couple of times

  3. OMG! Leslie now what have you done of crazy things?! Both girls in the 19th century … *sigh* I do wonder how you intend to save this situation or explain it to Mrs. Gardiner! 😮
    And what was the flying car thing? I imagined something like the Weasley car in Harry Potter 😂 Now I like to see you get out of this fix you got the girls into this time! What will mrs Gardiner think? and who have Ellie transformed into this time? If anyone? Maybe Ellie could have transformed into Jane? It would make sense that the eldest nieces had been invited or so I think!

    Now a week seem faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too long!

    • It seems like she’s seeing moving objects at times before she goes back. There was the carriage that she swerved around when they were in Mildred. Who knows what’s going on with this one! If both of them were in 2017, Elizabeth was herself, so Ellie is herself in 1817 because they are both present. I hope that makes sense! We’ll get a bit closer to everything with each chapter, but I don’t know that every question will be answered. There has to be a little mystery to the whole thing 🙂 Thanks, Sophia!

      • “Its a mystery” wasn’t that Shakespeare who said that? Well I can’t wait to see where this mystery takes Ellie and Elizabeth! And how they explain it to Mrs. Gardiner? I’m sure you are likely nearly done with the chapter for tomorrow, and I CAN*T wait to read it!

  4. Oh my word! I didn’t see that coming. Well if they’ve got any sense. They will dress Ellie correctly then she can be Elizabeth’s silent friend (obviously she doesn’t speak the language of the time very well 😂😂.)
    They need to go and fortify themselves with the said bacon 😐 then go outside in time to see Darcy riding up when Elizabeth (instead of jumping under a carriage) can swoon and he can jump off his horse to pick her up. When she comes round she will be in the perfect place to apologise 😃. He can take her and her ‘friends’ to Pemberley and they cam somehow convince him to send a message to the Colonel asking him to do something with Wickham before he can run off with Lydia. That will leave Elizabeth happily back in her own time and in Darcy’s arms 😍.
    However now we have to work out how to get Ellie back to Tom????
    Well Leslie I will leave that for you to work out as a special Birthday treat 😂😂😘
    I do hope you know just how much I am loving this story ❤

    • LOL! Well, two heads are better than one, and I really liked the idea of them working as a team to save Lydia. Elizabeth’s back, so now in a crazy sort of reversal, they have to continue for Ellie to go back. Or at least it seems that way to me. 🙂 Thanks, Glynis!

    • I am very glad Lizzy is back but I am afraid many things need to happen for ODC to be reunited. Looking forward to more!!

  5. WHAT!!???!!! So, do they now confide in FD like they did with Tom so he can help them get Ellie home? So fun! Loving your story, and I can’t wait for next week.

  6. Darcy, Elizabeth, and Ellie, can go get Lydia. Ellie will be the chaperone. During this travel time, the wrongs between Darcy and Elizabeth can be corrected.

    So glad they are both okay and together on Elizabeth’s time. Now time for Ellie to realize some truths about herself in the 19th Century. Elizabeth seemed to grow and learn about herself while in 21st Century.

    Thanks foe this chapter. I was not expecting them to go together this time. I am looking forward to next week’s chapter to read what happens.

    • We’ll have to see what Ellie can learn. I think she’s made a lot of progress already, but it won’t hurt for her to grow some more. I’m glad I was able to surprise you. 🙂 Thanks, Patty!

  7. Love this crazy chapter. Both Elizabeth and Ellie fall off the roof, moving car, and then both arrive at the Inn in Lambton in Regency time. Well Elizabeth is back, but poor Ellie. What must Tom think?
    Elizabeth dressed correctly in Regency nightgown, but Ellie in jeans/ shirt and needs to change quickly with Aunt Gardiner at the door. Where’s Darcy? He needs time with Elizabeth so she can apologize for the her misplaced anger. Ellie needs to be Elizabeth’s silent partner. Her 2017 speech gives her away as not belonging there. They’re definitely not in Kansas anymore!

    • It’s kind of a reversal of when Ellie found Elizabeth and Elizabeth was dressed Regency but Ellie was dressed in her own clothes. I thought it was appropriate. Definitely not in Kansas anymore, but we’ll have to see if Ellie can keep her mouth shut! Thanks, Carol!

  8. Deep breath indeed…I was holding mine there for a while!!! I can only imagine Tom’s reaction…poor man. So if they have gone back before the carriage accident then they just have to time their exit from the inn when Darcy is going by. I would have to agree with Patty, that Elizabeth faced some hard truths, now Ellie has to as well before she is able to return. But first they must get to the point where they rescue Lydia…even if she doesn’t want to be rescued! Good luck with that one! LOL! I’m loving Mildred! Everyone thought of Harry Potter…I thought of ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’! Sad I know…

  9. Wow. Talk about a house-hanger!! (Bad pun on cliffhanger, but I couldn’t resist, LOL!)

    I cannot wait to see what happens next…and how Tom handles the disappearance of both ladies!! I wonder if he can follow along in the journals??

    Sigh. Next Wednesday seems like an awfully long time to have to wait….

    Thank you, Leslie, for a truly spine-tingling chapter!!

    Susanne 🙂

    • That’s an interesting idea with the journals, but so complicated because of how things will change. Would he remember at all after a certain point? I’m so glad you enjoyed the chapter! Thanks, Susanne!

  10. I just started reading the story and I’m hooked! But oh dear what’s going to happen to them now?! I’m sure if they try to tell the truth Regency people would probably be a lot less receptive.

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