Chapter Nine – The Sky, the Story, and a Token by Caitlin Williams and L.L. Diamond — 32 Comments

  1. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Leslie & Caitlin seriously this is torture that we have to wait until next week!!!!
    Strychnine and lead?!?! Is the doctor insane??? He’ll more likely kill his patient than save her!!! Darcy for the whole love of Pemberley do as Ellie asks of you RIGHT NOW!

    • I swear we did no more than use real remedies from those times! I found that lovely bottle in the picture (which did contain arsenic, strychnine and alcohol and was real) and looked up poultices and found one that listed out “litharge” or lead for one of the ingredients. Just remember that there’s a great deal of speculation that it was the arsenic in medicine is what killed Jane Austen. As for Darcy, we’ll have to see how this little development effects matters. Thanks, Sophia!

  2. You can’t leave it there!!!! How on earth is Elizabeth to fight the quack doctor off for a whole week? I only hope Darcy heard her and took her to Pemberley to be cared for properly.
    Do I think this may just be another dream? I have no idea now but with the funny coloured sky etc I am hoping not. It would certainly be nice to have a bit of Mr Darcy in the story (especially if Elizabeth is able to wander around in her slippers?? 😁). I am so loving this story ladies and will let you know if I can come up with any more titles. 😊
    Ellie / Elizabeth, whichever you are you must keep fighting that doctor off and insist that Mr Darcy be allowed to care for you. Hopefully Elizabeth you are beginning to feel more for him now? And Ellie, you definitely know how much he loves Elizabeth! And stop being so blind and consider that with so many descendants there could be a Mrs Darcy without her being Tom’s wife!!!
    Oh well it will soon be Wednesday again. 🙏

    • It will soon be Wednesday again, Glynis – the weeks are flying by – and your wish is our command. Next week = lots of Mr Darcy! Thanks for reading.

      • Still trying to come up with more titles! Not sure if someone else has suggested this or if I thought of it all by myself 😱 but how about A Switch In Time? See you next week 😘

  3. Well… Mildred has done it again… Such a very good twist to the story… Do not let Elizabeth/Ellie die please…. If not for us at least for poor Mr Darcy… I am speechless… Where is Elizabeth now?

    • Where is Elizabeth, good question! Would she have walked into Lambton after the accident, or been rescued by a tall, dark, handsome stranger. Or is she back in London, even. Tune in next week to find out.
      Thanks for reading and commenting, Nathalie. We love feedback.

  4. Echoing thoughts above: keep that QUACK as far away from our Elizabeth as possible. I am sure Mr. Darcy either heard her or Aunt Gardiner did and he will save her! See: I am trusting our authors to know the best interests of ODG.

    Lots of hints here: the sky changing seems to be one clue. Now in modern days the car/Mildred is off the road and a wreck so…if Ellie returns to modern day…is she and/or Elizabeth injured in that time?

    Once again: so glad to live in modern days. How many people were killed by the men and/or women who were supposedly acting in the best practices of those days. Just the thought of bleeding is ghastly! How anyone survived that is beyond me.

    Thanks for this chapter and until next Wednesday…may the Muse sit on your shoulders and whisper creatively in your ears.

  5. Aaargh!! That’s quite a cliffhanger you left us with, ladies!!

    And of course Ellie’s calling for Darcy will make a great deal of difference in the outcome of Elizabeth’s injuries/illness, thank goodness!!

    Next Wednesday seems an awfully long way away right now…sigh.

    Thank you for writing this wonderful story for us!! And please make the next chapter chock full o’ Darcy and with a very happy result for Ellie/Elizabeth!!

    Have a lovely week!

    Susanne 🙂

  6. Boy did I take a deep breath there at the end! I couldn’t read fast enough! I am well and truly hooked now. Love the pictures to go along with the story. It makes me think of the arsenic in the wallpaper during Victorian times! No wonder most doctors were considered quacks! Now to occupy myself until next Wednesday…a new JAFF book!

  7. OMG! What a place to leave your readers hanging. 🙌 The cliff keeps getting higher and my nails shorter from trying to hang in there. More please and soon.

  8. I’m guessing that the Gardiners will respond to Ellie/Elizabeth’s plea and accept Darcy’s help after all. That should result in E’s survival. But where Elizabeth is now & how the two E’s end up in the correct time is something I cannot guess. (I second the comment on how exciting this story is!

  9. Loving this story! Hopefully Mr Darcy is able to care for Elizabeth and all will be well. Though we still need to switch Ellie and Elizabeth’s bodies. Is the dark stranger Tom Darcy? Will she figure out that he isn’t really married?

    Knowing the incompetence of quacks back then, it’s amazing anyone survived.

    Looking forward to next week’s post!

    • Thanks, yes it is amazing anyone survived . Ellie and Elizabeth will need to solve some problems before they can swap back, that’s for sure.

  10. Aargh! What a cliffie! So presumably, Elizabeth is still in the present while Ellie has slipped back to Regency times? And have the two timelines started to merge back if Elizabeth has met a tall, dark and handsome stranger in the present day as Caitlin may have hinted at in a comment?

    As a pharmacist, I learned something about the history of medicine and pharmacy at University and right up until comparative recently, medicine as a whole and medicines were still almost mediaeval in character. Makes me shudder to imagine it all and very thankful for 21st century healthcare – one reason why I’d only like to visit Regency England and not live there permanently! Darcy simply HAS to take command of this situation – even if he doesn’t know it, it’ll save his life as well as Elizabeth’s. It was so touching to think that he went back into the flames to retrieve his memento of Elizabeth, but ended up losing his own life for it. It sounds as though he wasn’t in a very good place at the time he inadvertently caused the fire.

    Ruby Reynolds is such a sweetheart. I’ve met a number of older folk just like her. Quite a lot people think that elderly people, especially those in care homes, must ALL be suffering from some sort of dementia but they’re not. Many have minds as sharp, if not sharper than you or I. I love the idea that she played along with the two Es just to wind up the staff at the home!

    The part where Elizabeth offers to drive reminded me of a scene in the Jeff Bridges film Starman. His alien character learnt to drive from observing Karen Allen’s character and his view of traffic lights was “Red means stop, green means go, yellow means go very fast”. I could see Elizabeth getting just that impression from Ellie under the same circumstances!

    Ah well, six days to go now till the next revelation. Going to be a long week.

    • Thanks Anji, lovely reading your thoughts. How nice it reminded you of Starman, what a great film. Haven’t seen it in years.
      I think Ruby enjoyed the visit with the two E’s and agree with you totally. We tend to shout and talk down to the elderly when there experience actually makes them far smarter than we are.

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