Chapter Five – Lighting the Flameless Candle by Caitlin Williams and L.L. Diamond — 28 Comments

  1. I have a question for Elizabeth. “Are you mad? Wanting to hang around in a modern London pub rather than trying to get back to marry Darcy? Especially when you know from Ellie that you have a happy marriage?” I would certainly take Darcy every time! Oh dear I really have no clue how you are going to sort this out and now I have to wait ANOTHER week to find out more! I may opt for a different type of torture next time. I really hope Elizabeth doesn’t enjoy the 21st century so much that she decides not to go back as then Lambton would be as Ellie left it and there would be no Tom Darcy for Ellie to hopefully fall in love with. And she needs to stop stressing about the coffee machine and get Elizabeth back to Darcy. (I have this problem I’m afraid – when reading books I desperately want Darcy and Elizabeth to get to their happy ever after but I don’t want the book to end so sort that one out ladies!!) 😍

    • My Dear Glynis,
      I fear I am running mad. What sorcery or other devilish plots have brought me to this time and place? I should very much like to return to eighteen thirteen, although I am quite shocked to hear I went on to marry Mr Darcy, of all people. I can scarce believe he would offer for me again, not after all that passed between us. I do confess, however, to being more partial to him than I once was. There is a small dimple in his left cheek, that when he smiles is…anyway…where was I? Oh yes. My curiosity is a wicked, insatiable thing and so I find myself keen to experience all that life in the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Seventeen has to offer.

      • Yes Elizabeth, I can certainly understand your curiosity (and your fascination with the said dimple!) but please be careful not to experience EVERYTHING 2017 could offer, especially beware of partaking of too much of the beverage!

  2. Oh no Caitlin and Leslie! Why in the names of the whole regency are you allowing Ellie to take Elizabeth out?! It will screw up the whole timeline even further!! This won’t turn out well!! I would think a trip back to Lambton would do the trick, maybe they have to be closer to where the story took place?! Maybe they will find a way to save Elizabeth that way?

    Question for Elizabeth Bennet: What do you find the most intriguing of what you have seen in 2013 until now?

    Very intriguing Caitlin & Leslie, can’t wait to read more of this story!!!

    • My Dear Sophia,
      I am amazed by all I have seen. Ellie frustrates me and shall not let me look closer at the black box that comes alive with sound and moving pictures at the touch of a button – this is something I am keen to inspect more thoroughly.

      • I definitely need to keep a closer watch on Lizzy! When did you get ahold of my laptop? And that black box rots your brain.

        Sophia, I won’t let Elizabeth do anything I wouldn’t do (or would do for that matter). She’ll be perfectly safe with Theresa and me. Don’t you trust me?

    • We definitely might have to try a trip back to Lambton. You never know and I’m sure Elizabeth wouldn’t mind a road trip. She is certainly enamoured of our horseless carriages. 😉 Thanks, Sophia!

  3. Oh boy. I wouldn’t even go into a 2017 “tavern”. LOL Elizabeth, you have sound logic. If Ellie killed you in Lambton, you have to have a plan B. Just not sure taverns and *Stephanie covering eyes* booty calls are the way to go about it. Time travel is fun, but only with the option of going back home!

    Looking forward to the next installment guys!

    • Thanks Stephanie,
      Looking forward to bringing you the next instalment! – Elizabeth will have the chance to compare modern living with life in the early 19th century, which will she prefer? Hmmm

  4. So many questions pop into my mind: Is Ellie going to notice all the hair on Elizabeth’s body and introduce her to a razor for women? Will she teach her to bath daily and use deodorant? Does Elizabeth take all the memories of this time back with her and then does that make her seem totally “mad” when she tries to relate her experiences to her family and/or friends or is her memory erased? Ellie has her memory of the time she was in Lambton so does that mean the same for Elizabeth? And…a tavern? Boy, oh, Boy: is she going to witness men and women and their flirting and pick-up lines?…much less the clothing and how many modern day women can or can’t keep up with drinking each other under the table? Very interesting and so many possibilities.

    • Thanks Sheila,
      Yes, if Elizabeth does get back to her own time then she will have to ignore or forget everything she has learned. We will have to see how it all pans out.
      Elizabeth is curious and lively, though, so it’s not surprising she wants to go out and explore. Hope you’ll come back next week to see what she makes of 21st century London.

  5. Ellie is pretty quick with the explanations about Elizabeth when Theresa shows up. Can’t imagine why Elizabeth would want to stay in 2017 when Darcy waits back in 1813. Reactions to the modern conveniences of 2017 are funny. A week is a long time to wait for the next chapter, but since you’re the one writing and I’m not, I guess all your readers, including me, will survive until next week.

    • Yeah, Ellie was quite inventive there when forced to think on her feet. And she’ll need to keep on her toes for the rest of the story, too. Hope to see you next week, Carol

  6. Welcome, Elizabeth, to the Year of our Lord 2017! Be on your guard against “the blokes” in the pub…I mean, tavern; they are less than trustworthy and very few of them respect ladies as they should.

    The black box with pictures and sound can be intriguing, but it wastes time. I might recommend some excellent books written by Caitlin Williams and/or L.L. Diamond, as well as the books by some of the lovely women whose work is represented here on this website.

    I wish you all the best with Mr. Darcy; I think that you will find him a changed man when you return to 1813.

    With warmest regards & etc.,
    Susanne 🙂

    • Thank you Susanne, for your warm felicitations. I will endeavour to heed your warnings and be on my guard when we venture out. Though, I believe there are some very untrustworthy men in 1813 too!
      I thank you also, for the book recommendations, you sound like an ‘excellent reader’.

  7. I am confused. Maybe it is from reading so much JAFF, but I thought the storyline typically was 1811-1812 before the War of 1812 started. Am I confusing one of her other stories with Pride and Prejudice?

    Elizabeth, much has changed for Darcy when you see him again if you are able to return to your own time line. Keep an open mind.

    Ellie and Elizabeth, perhaps looking into buildings that were around in 1813 could help with Elizabeth’s return to Lambton. If not, background of what happened then should be researched. What became of Darcy?

    • Patty,
      Austen never tells us what year we are in, but it was published in 1813, so were going with that 🙂

    • Tis a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Edmisson. As I am to apparently to marry Mr Darcy, I shall have to keep an open mind! I confess, I do wish for an opportunity to speak to him again.
      I too wonder what became of him – Ellie and I have shall have to undertake some investigations.

  8. If Elizabeth is so intrigued by the black box with the moving pictures and sound, would it hurt to introduce her to the 1995 dramatisation of P&P? Wouldn’t that depiction of Fitzwilliam Darcy make her all the more anxious to get back to her own time? Might I also recommend the Doctor Who episode Blink, featuring Daved Tennant’s Ninth Doctor? One scene has him describing the space-time continuum as “a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey….stuff”.

    Just one word of warning before they venture out to “the tavern”. It’s taken from the wonderful US police series Hill Street Blues. At the end of roll-call for the first two to three series, Sergeant Esterhuis dismissed the officers with the word “Let’s be careful out there!”

    Now I have to wait nearly a week for the next installment!

    • No, no, no, no! She does not need to watch the black box! I still don’t understand how Elizabeth learned to use my laptop so fast and better than me! I mean, how does her gravatar show and mine doesn’t?

      By the way, what is P&P?

  9. I would recommend to Elizabeth to study what has value in 2017 so she can suggest to her family what to invest in. Pemberley is a large estate and keeping it afloat is going to be rather difficult unless the Darcy’s diversify! That might be more advantageous than looking into the black box with pictures. Unless of course that’s cheating but I see no reason why Elizabeth cannot get something out of the experience that will help her in her own time. And what about Tom? Does he no longer exist?

  10. I am just catching up with the story and absolutely love it! When you authors collaborate like this, I know we readers are in for some fun. 😄

    I was concerned that when Ellie woke up in Lambton that things looked shabbier. I am guessing that means the present has been altered already by Ellie’s trip back in time. If Elizabeth is dead in 1813, then Tom Darcy can’t exist in 2017.

    I can understand Elizabeth’s interest in checking out 2017. I would feel that way if I time travelled to any time. Please have Ellie keep a good eye on her!

    Looking forward to the next chapter!

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