Chapter Eight – Elizabeth Bennet, Far too Stubborn to Die by Caitlin Williams and L.L. Diamond — 27 Comments

  1. Oh my! I am totally flummoxed now! Even Mildred is in on the plot. At least Elizabeth seems to be coming round to feeling more for Mr Darcy ❤ . Hmmm well I think they should definitely not hang around there for a bacun roll, even with ketchup! So, head for Lambton and see if they can get any info from Ruby (if not, maybe the church records or if Pemberley itself still exists the family bible could still be there) otherwise return to the inn and pray. Maybe Mildred may have some ideas of where is best to go??? I’m really impressed with how you are coping with all this and with modern life Elizabeth. Now you just need to get to appreciate how thoughtful and shy Mr Darcy really is so that if and when you do get back you will be ready to fall into his arms (wet shirt and all!) ❤ 💒❤ .

    • Dearest Glynis. Such wonderful suggestions on how I might escape my current predicament.
      It may seem as if I am coping with all this rather well, but I am not completely undaunted, still my courage rises with every attempt to intimidate me. We must press on North, to Pemberley, with stout hearts and hopeful minds.

    • I’d hang around for a bacun roll, if only they made them gluten-free! I wouldn’t want the ketchup either, but that is a popular condiment here for those! We will definitely see what we can do about getting Ellie and Elizabeth where they should be and when. We just need to see if Ruby is still around and whether she does indeed have any information. Thanks, Glynis!

  2. I do love the fact that Elizabeth travelled through time but a few days before her actual death 200 years ago. It is a clever plot twist, and now the sky is all strange again…. And even Mildred in an accomplice of all this strangeness!

    The interactions bewteen Ellie and her father were sad, but it gives some depth to her character and allows us to understand more of who she is. And Mr and Mrs Bennet lived to a ripe old age… And Longbourn is no more… Poor Mr Bennet, how he must have missed his daughter. And poor Mr Darcy, again… I know… I have said that before.

    Well, they have three days to uncover the mystery and restaure Elizabeth to her timeline. Looking forward to next week’s chapter. Thank you for this delightful story.

    • Thanks for your observations, Nathalie. Yes, Ellie’s interactions with her father have left her a little battered as a person, and perhaps she thinks herself a little unworthy of love, hence her clinging to Greg, even when she knew he was a loser and about to leave her. Come back next week – there are lots more revelations to come.

  3. Omg Leslie and Caitlin!! Crikey this story is a tangled web of possibilities!!! Hurrah Lizzie is still alive!! I do wonder if Darcy’s own doctor might have tried to save her? I’m guessing after transporting Elizabeth’s body to Meryton Darcy lost it in despair and maybe or maybe not so accidentally set fire to his study to be reunited with Elizabeth??
    I do wonder if Ellie can save Elizabeth’s life?! Especially in 1813? And what about Ruby?
    I’m literally sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what is to happen next! *nervously bitting my nails* so not nice that we have to wait a WHOLE week for the next chapter! Especially with this cliffhanger

    Elizabeth: are you sure you would not accept Mr. Darcy now? Especially considering his support and kindness to your family (after your death?)
    Ellie: what’s the plan?! Can you manage to get Elizabeth to survive?

    • Dearest Sophia,
      Mr Darcy is a teasing, vexing man. I know not what to make of him, but he certainly has it within him to be kind. I am overwhelmed by his generosity. If only he would have spoken to me more often. He was so often silent – so withdrawn, how was I to know him, to know what a good man he truly was? Oh Heavens, now I do not know whether I will ever see him again, or what would happen if I should!

    • Oh, well. I think we should drive to the inn, get unpacked, take a bath, maybe have a glass of wine. Sorry, that’s not really a plan, more wishful thinking. Those skies are looking ominous, I only hope Mildred makes it all the way to Derbyshire, then I think we should find out as much as we can about what happened to Elizabeth just after the carriage accident.

  4. Oh my! I love this story! Elizabeth is just great, in regency or modern times! I am shocked at how much she can cope with all the changes and still keep her good humor! About her death, I was so sad to imagine Darcy offering to transfer her body to Hertforshire. Awww….no wonder he never married and probably died miserable. You girls must find a way back and soon! I am so very curious!

    • Elizabeth does say that her courage rises with every attempt to intimidate her. This seems to be no different. After all, if she sat and cried, they would get no where 🙂 Thanks, Daniela!

  5. Great continuation! I can’t wait for the next installment. I think without any real reason that they should go to Pemberley where Lizzy was most likely taken by Darcy and where a doctor has been summoned.

  6. Such a delightful and very action-packed chapter!! Thank you soooo much for sharing it with us!!

    I don’t even want to “what if???” right now;I just want to soak it all in…. 😀

    Have a lovely week, ladies!! Thank you again!!

    Susanne 🙂

  7. You are upping the angst level here ladies! At this point, I would rely on Mildred and let ‘her’ guide you where you need to go next or should I say stop next! Three days to set the world back on it’s proper axis…no pressure there! Good luck!

  8. I started to read this early and got distracted trying to find an unpublished story mentioned on GRs.

    What struck me the most is that Mr. Darcy had to have been the one to transport the body of Elizabeth Bennet from Lambton to Hertfordshire and sigh – the tombstone: much loved!

    I cannot imagine how you are going to correct this but with time-travel I guess you can bend it all you want.

    Thanks for this chapter.

    • Yes Sheila, wasn’t that sad. We will hear more of what happened to Mr Darcy next week, hope you’ll come back and join us for the next installment.

  9. She has three days to live so there’s still hope. Can’t even imagine Darcy having to transport her body home loving her like he did. Surprised she didn’t find his tombstone next to hers. Horrible horrors. Hopefully when they get back to Lambton, Elizabeth can figure out how to get back to her own time and live longer than three days spending the rest of her life with Darcy. Need to speak to Ruby Reynolds, too. Can check the cemetery there to see if there is an Elizabeth Darcy. Next chapter quickly, please. On of these days, I’m going to drop off of the cliff from trying to hang on until the next chapter.🙌

  10. Just playing a bit of catch-up here. Somehow I missed this chapter but at least I won’t have to wait a whole week for the next one!

    Mildred is reminding me a bit of Herbie, the VW Beetle that had a mind of it’s own in the movies from years ago. The two Es should definitely follow where Mildred wants to take them. The scene with Ellie’s father was really so sad but maybe he was affected by losing his wife so early and had trouble adjusting to being a single parent. The churchyard scene was also very poignant “Much loved….” by whom, I wonder? Poor Darcy – so heartbroken, yet wanting to return Elizabeth to her family, when he could have had her buried closer to him. Maybe he didn’t want that reminder of what might have been.

    So, now they have three days to set things right, the skies are going weird (that had slipped my mind from earlier!) so get thee off to Lambton ladies! Mildred will guide you right, I’m sure.

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