Chapter 3 WIP — 19 Comments

  1. Well, I hope Darcy manages not to offend Elizabeth this time. But I’m a little concerned about Bingley’s regard so let’s hope Jane returns soon so he can transfer his affections and she can maybe forget her other beau??? Whatever, he cant have Elizabeth because she has to be with Darcy.

  2. What an interesting start. I can not wait for the next chapter, but I do so hope Darcy’s manners are better this go around.

    • I disagree. Bingley’s personality is too mild and persuadable for Elizabeth. She would eat him up in one conversation. Bingley is too sweet. Elizabeth’s personality would swallow him in one bite, she needs someone with iron and resistance. I like that this is so different and will be a moment to moment experience. Good job.

  3. Interesting complications to to the relationships of the eldest Bennet sisters and their admirers. I look forward to seeing how Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy deal with their conflicting emotions over Elizabeth and Jane.

  4. Interesting .
    Somehow I have never pictured Elizabeth and Charles together.
    can’t wait for the great meeting between her and Darcy!

  5. Sounds like Darcy will dislike all the Bennets – especially one he envisions as a muddy hoyden. I like Bingley having an early backbone and Mr Bennet being observant of what is going on outside his study. Will keep lurking as new chapters are posted! Just finished rereading “Something Like Regret” – another story worth owning!

  6. What will happen when Darcy and Lizzy meet each other? I hope she changes her mind quickly about any romance with Bingley because the idea of these two together just gives me the creeps! Looking forward to more.

  7. Thanks all! It’s fun to read your comments – what you want and don’t want, hope for and not hope for. You’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

  8. I cannot see Elizabeth and Charles as a couple. She would be hanged for the murder of him and his sisters within six months of marriage.

  9. This is so interesting!! I’m sure that Mr. Darcy will make his renowned remark at the assembly, and then we shall see how Mr. Bingley and Elizabeth get on! 😉

    Plus, I have noticed that Bingley has not yet called Elizabeth “an angel”–that moniker must be reserved for Jane when she arrives.

    Thank you for a lovely chapter!!

    Susanne 🙂

  10. ‘What a joke!’ as Lydia would say! I can picture Darcy being struck dumb by the presence of Elizabeth and then will wonder how he can win her over without offending Charles. Time for Jane to show up! Oh what a tangled web you are weaving Kara!

  11. Im enjoying this different path. That is as long as the right parties end up with the right partner. Can hardly wait for more as I love all of your books.

  12. As others have said, this is going to be very interesting. I am wondering if Darcy insults her again as he knows Charles finds her delightful. But then we are waiting also for Bingley’s reaction to meeting Jane. How will he balance the attraction to both sisters without feeling like a heel? Thanks for this chapter.

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