Chapter Twenty-eight: What Happened (Part 2) — 62 Comments

  1. What a perfect perfect ending!! I loved this story so much. It was such a refreshing take on timetravelling and I loved reading about modern and regency E&D <3

  2. I LOVED this! What an HEA for dearest Ellie and Tom! I am so happy she got to hear from Lizzy again and really become part of the Darcy family.

  3. Amazing story. Has been a thoroughly enjoyable ride through time. Cannot wait for your publication date to own this book. Thanks for your incredible writing.

  4. Sigh – Bliss! Oh Leslie what a lovely ending 😍. I love the fact that Darcy and Elizabeth found a way to communicate with Ellie and Tom although reading about them dying was upsetting 😞. I hope somehow they know how happy Tom and Ellie are. (and whether or not they also have 8 children 😂)
    Thank you Leslie for such a wonderful story, I now look forward to owning my own copy and reading it again (and again)!
    What on earth are you going to do with all this spare time you will have? Oh I know! You could write another book???
    I still love to re read your others especially R&R and AUT so would love to see what’s next ❤.

    • Cant believe I forgot to ask what happened to Greg. I’m hoping that he is now down and out as he can’t steal Ellie’s successes any more. And talking of stealing what about her coffee machine????? Surely he deserves some punishment for that?
      Although I don’t suppose she’s as bothered now she has the gorgeous Tom
      PS you never mentioned if Darcy’s investments included an underground railway at Pemberley? 😂😂

  5. What a lovely ending. This was a great story and one I’d love to read again and again. Thank you for yet another ffabulous story.

  6. What a wonderful ride and a wonderful ending! I loved all of the twist and turns and love the fact that Elizabeth found a way to thank Ellie for everything. I can not wait for the e-book! This is going into my library of favorites!

  7. *shrieks delighted* ihhhhhhh!!!! Perfect picture proposal from Tom!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍 Leslie you just wrote the ending absolutely perfect! Absolutely bliss!
    I was so glad to see that Elizabeth and Darcy found a way to communicate with Ellie! And the chest was so typical of Fitzwilliam to do but brilliantly thought out! So glad that Ellie got to join the Darcy family just like Elizabeth did 200 years before!

    So now the only thing remains is: Publishing date?? When will this master piece be published?! I need a copy so I can reread it! 😍😁👏🏻 And Leslie do write another story! I would love to read more of your books 📚

  8. I enjoyed this story so much, and the ending was perfect. I can’t wait to buy this for my Kindle. This is a story I want to read again and again.

  9. A perfect ending to a extraordinary time travel! Though getting Lizzy’s letters and the kindness behind them from the couple brought tears to my eyes, the happiness prevented them from spilling down my cheeks. Thanks for sharing each week. Looking forward to purchasing the book.

  10. A very comfortable HEA, Leslie, which is kind of a relief after a fairly frenetic story! I don’t care at all what happened to Greg; I hope he drops Ellie’s coffeemaker on his big toe!

    • It took me a little while to think up the trunk and what it would contain. I thought about putting Elizabeth’s ring in there, but in the end, I preferred Tom giving it to her. I’m glad you liked it. Thanks, Robin!

  11. What a wonderful end to this story, Leslie! It was great! I loved it that Darcy and Elizabeth could reach Ellie in the future. Thank you for sharing! 😉

  12. This was beautiful….I can’t wait to get an actual copy! I would love to read the rest of those letters from Elizabeth….

  13. Aaaah, such a lovely ending!! I feel perfectly satisfied with how everything was brought to a close: Lydia, Darcy, Elizabeth, Ellie, and Tom.

    It’s such a delicious read–I thoroughly enjoyed it, Leslie!! Thank you for sharing it with us. I’ll miss my Wednesday morning “fix,” reading the latest installment with my morning cuppa.

    Thanks again!!

    Susanne 🙂

  14. Loved it! Would you ever take the chance to write an alternative outtake of Fitzwilliam getting thrown into the future with Eizabeth? That would be so much fun…

    • I don’t know. I’ll think about it. I need to finish Particular Attachments before I really write much else. I have that and an almost two-week blog tour to write. 🙂 If I get the muse, I’ll definitely do it, though. Thanks, Alecia!

  15. well I can’t see any suggestions for a name so how about “When Ellie met Lizzy” I look forward to this books release so I can read it front to back no matter what you call it I call it a gem.

      • I do like Teri’s suggestion. It also has the advantage of being instantly recognised. With my A Switch in Time I suppose not everyone will have heard the saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’
        I don’t envy you having to make the decision Leslie although I will still buy it even if you call it ‘book’ 😂😂

  16. Sigh…that was a lovely ending and I am so glad Elizabeth and Darcy left such a lovely inheritance for Ellie…thank you for delighting for so long!

  17. Oh…sigh-worthy ending. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Loved it so much. I will love reading it again when it comes out. Best of luck, when it becomes published. I’ll be eager to review it when it’s available. Sorry late to the game here, in the process of moving and our life is swirl here. :/

  18. Love love love this book!! Want it in my permanent library! Talking my sister about it as well!! Thank you Leslie. It was amazing!!

  19. I was in the hospital for a month following open heart surgery so I am just catching up. Love this story and the ending. Thank you for sharing your talents.

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