Chapter 1: Particular Attachments — 31 Comments

  1. I wasn’t expecting this yet! Loved it! I like the idea of mr Bennet remarrying and for love. Lydia seems greatly improved without her mother’s interference and I am loving Elizabeth’s family especially. Cant wait to read more and see the cover. Thanks Leslie.

  2. Loved the story , but I am confused about Jane? You put Georgina in Jane’s room and then called her Lady Aduly when talking about the room. I thought Mary married Samuel Aduley?

    • Mary married Samuel Audley who is the younger brother of Sir James Audley, Jane’s husband. Jane and her husband were matched at the end of Particular Intentions. Mrs Bennet wasn’t thrilled with Samuel because he was the younger brother. Sorry for any confusion! Thanks, Kathy!

  3. Such a tease! I can’t wait to see the full cover reveal and will have to re-read ‘Particular Intentions’ just to make sure I have all in order in my mind. Thank you for that delightful first chapter!

    • I’ve tried to make it so you don’t have to re-read Particular Intentions, but it never works as well as I hope–especially in this case! I’m sure a re-read would help matters a little in regards to Georgiana’s situation and to remind yourself of the end. 🙂 Thanks, Carole!

    • LOL! She still has shades of Lydia in there. Just give her time. It was really difficult to do, but I hope I’ve found that balance of restraint and impulsiveness 😉 Thanks, Carla!

  4. Such a lovely beginning!! I can’t wait to read more, Leslie! And the glimpse of the cover makes me even more impatient for next Tuesday!!

    Thank you for sharing this first chapter with us!!

    Susanne 🙂

  5. Great beginning to an interesting story line. I wonder if Lydia will go back to her old ways???? Can’t wait to see what’s next and the cover reveal. Thanks

  6. Love this story’s beginning. Lydia changed into a young lady and Mr. Bennet remarrying! WOW. Talk about a change for the better for both of them. Cannot wait for more of the cover and story.

  7. Thanks for the teasing chapter. Have reread Particular Intentions.

    So will this story focus on Georgianna and Lydia?

    I like what I have read so far. Looking forward to next week’s chapter.

    • This story focusses on Georgiana and is entirely in her point of view. Lydia is definitely along for the ride and we get to find out what happens with her. Thanks, Patty!

  8. This looks soooooo good!
    Looking forward to the book release. I will do a quick re-read of the first to be ready.

    I always imagine Darcy begging to be the one to tell Mr. Collins that Mr. Bennet will re-marry — especially if he chooses a woman young enough to still have a baby boy! Darcy would see it as revenge for Collins wanting to marry his Elizabeth!

  9. I’ve been reading along on the forums and I LOVE this tale, as I’ve already said. Can’t wait to see your cover. They are always so awesome. Jen Red

  10. Looking forward to reading more of this story…catching up on all the blogs that piled up in my mail box while I was in the hospital. Thanks for sharing your talents.

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