Celebrating National Cat Day 2017 — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing all your stories and photos of your beautiful felines. As a cat lover myself, I appreciate that we celebrate Nationsl Cat Day. And, yes, do go to your local animal shelter and meet the kittens and cats. They seem to have a special way of connecting to their perfect human.

  2. Thank you for sharing your kitties on National Cat Day. My little kitty is my best buddy. She is my constant companion as I sit long hours at the computer writing comedy mysteries and Jane Austen variations. She (my kitty, not Jane) has her own toy keyboard but prefers to use mine. I do believe God sent us cats to comfort and amuse us. They are God’s Comedy Angels. (My darling is named after an Egyptian goddess because her eyes appear to be lined with kohl.)

  3. Lovely cats! I have 2, both rescues. Unfortunately, they do not get along, so we keep them away from each other most of the time. They are both dear and annoying equally. I can’t imagine my life without cats. We have had at least one cat since the first year we were married.

  4. Lovely, lovely post!! I love hearing of everyone’s cats! As the only cat person in a doggie household, I crave cat-time. I grew up with a finicky seal-point Siamese named Mei-Ling who died a day after her 20th birthday. My husband and I had cats when we were first married, but then dachshunds came in and stole our hearts. I don’t like mid-size or large dogs, but small dogs I love, and especially the soulful eyes of short-hair red dachshunds. Our first we got from the only litter of our friends’ dachshund; he was named Pip (from Great Expectations and lived to age 15; our current red shorthair is Dashwood (named for the sisters in S&S), but is called Dash for short as he races through the house at full bore at age 12.

    Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

    Susanne 🙂

  5. We had a feral barn kitten brought home by our daughter from the horse stable she was taking lessons at years ago. Of course, we kept her and named her ‘Tumbles’ as she was pushed out of the loft and into a stall. She was a tortoiseshell and not the friendliest with anyone not part of her family. When we got our dog, a Whippet, she kept him in line too! Mind you, he was so mild mannered that they got along quite well. We miss both of them dearly, but as my mother-in-law (92) is living with us and if we are out, we don’t want her to worry about letting them in or out (we live in the country). Thank you for sharing all the furry members of your families!

  6. I love cats, but can’t have any, due to a family member’s allergies. We do have a lovely Chihuahua mix named JoJo, and she’s a dear girl.

  7. We can have neither cats or dogs due to my husband’s allergies. I have a parakeet. I taught a past parakeet to speak about a dozen words, “Hello, Baby, want a kiss?” We did have a cat here for a year when my daughter and her husband moved here from Seattle looking to relocate. My husband took medication daily but still sneezed a lot and had to blow his nose a lot. Loved your stories.

  8. Thank you for all the lovely kitty biographys. We are currently owned by our little Tortie, Freya. She is our 5th cat in 30 plus years of ‘ownership’. I would love to have two at a time again, but, alas the expense. There is almost nothing better than a kitty snuggle. 🙂

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