Caroline Bingley’s Generous Appraisal of the Evening by Marilyn Brant — 8 Comments

  1. You did a great job of reinforcing my dislike of Caroline Bingley. It was fun getting inside he head and seeing the ball from her point of view. I never contemplated that before. Thank you.

    • LOL, Deborah – thank you!!
      I’ll admit, it’s really fun to try to see the world through Caroline’s viewpoint. 🙂 I always wonder how people who are so mean-spirited and petty justify their behavior. I figure they must — on some level — work to convince themselves that they’re “doing good” somehow…or that they’re entitled to more than the hand they’ve been dealt.
      Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Caroline Bingley. She “lives” in infamy as much as wickham.
    I will say that at least I smile gleefully every time she get a set down. So worthwhile!

    • Me, too, Carol!
      That point in P&P when Mr. Darcy tells Caroline that for many months he’s considered Elizabeth Bennet to be “one of the handsomest women” of his acquaintance is one of my favorite put-downs 😉 .
      I imagine in their married life, when Lizzie has occasion to run into the Bingley sisters, she will be kinder to them than they deserve for Jane & Mr. Bingley’s sake, but I’d like to think that she’d also zing Caroline a time or two when the latter’s behavior is particularly bad, LOL.

    • Thanks, Abigail 🙂 .
      I did my best to channel her faithfully!!
      Loved it when Liz Cooper and her sister-in-law would dress up as the Bingley sisters during JASNA events, LOL. They were fun to watch in action!

  3. I have to admit, while Caroline is such an awful person/character, her musings here were sarcastic and funny and enjoyable to read! If she were a redeemable character, without all the snobbery, her observations of the younger Bennet sisters would have been pretty valid! It’s just when she looks at everyone from Meryton as beneath her, and disdains/ill-treats Jane and Lizzy, that we have to dislike her.

    • Kathy,
      Definitely!! In regards to Caroline, I think you’ve really nailed it 😉 .
      The thing that makes a good antagonist — and Jane Austen was brilliant at writing them! — was that the best of the bad guys (or gals) are always quite clever. Caroline is skilled socially, sharp and observant. If only those qualities could have been turned toward making others feel more at ease, rather than collecting criticisms so she could gossip about people later, right?! But no…LOL.
      So glad you enjoyed reading her musings. I had a lot of fun writing them!

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