Caroline Bingley Contemplates the Worst Day of Her Life — 33 Comments

  1. Caroline could only celebrate the recognition of her stupidity and learning Braille because she’s been blind all along not seeing Darcy’s disgust.

  2. I hope she is still too ill to go. Then she can sit on her own and think about how miserable she is and Darcy and Elizabeth can enjoy a lovely evening without her caustic comments. Thanks for this post Susan and especially thanks for ensuring Caroline couldn’t think of a workable way of killing Elizabeth 😊

  3. Although I do dislike Caroline, I cannot wish her a hangover. Once was enough for me. I was about twenty, and wanted to die.

    Her murderous thoughts were quite funny. She might break a nail? Thank you for this!

    • Well, nearly everyone has overindulged at one time or another. I suspect this is the last time she’ll drink brandy. I intended that the more she had to drink the wilder and more unrealistic her plans became.

  4. This was too funny. I hope she has to go and finds out both Jane and Lizzy are expecting. That would be a riot. She would be so tortured, or even better she gets there and is told the invitation did not include her. Or, perhaps she gets set downs from Darcy, and her brother asks her to leave for her acerbic comments which then gets Louisa and Hurst after her. I can picture a whole slew of events. I needed that humor this morning.

  5. Oh, she should go but I can see the men (and Louisa as well) recognizing the signs and torturing her just a little. Perhaps you’d care for more oysters Caroline…maybe the steak tartare….and a flaming brandy dessert. The torture would be delicious.

  6. Oh we do love to see Caroline getting her comeuppance! Yes, I like the idea of her attending and being snickered at by the men who will know exactly what she is dealing with and laughing loudly will only exacerbate her pain. Oh yes, please channel some more of Caroline!

  7. I certainly laughed through so much of this! Thank you!
    So funny– she couldn’t do that as she might break a nail, indeed! Such problems!
    Great job on this! As I Believe someone else already said: Too delicious!
    Thanks again for brightening my day!!

  8. This did make me laugh. I thought Caroline was going to fall over, hit her own head on the edge of the nightstand or some other piece of furniture and pass out with a concussion. That would have given cause for some of us to celebrate – oh, bad me! But she can eat crow at tonight’s dinner when the Darcys announce Elizabeth’s pregnancy. I can just imagine Caroline spewing her wine across the table at that news.

  9. Talking about spewing drinks, I dribbled my morning tea down my front chuckling over this today Susan. Every time I took another sip, there came another little gem! Thanks for brightening my morning.

  10. Well, apparently brandy brings out Caroline’s quite vivid imagination, LOL!! But I’m sure that her hangover is such that she may never imbibe again…or at least until the birth of the Darcy heir (which is most likely at the root of the pending “announcement”).

    If she weren’t so evil, I might actually feel sorry for her. 😉

    Thank you, Susan, for a delightful vignette!

    Susanne 🙂

  11. Heh-heh! I suppose she could stay home sick/drunk, but it is fun to imagine her accepting the dinner invitation… only to have the Darcys surprise her by bringing a gentleman suitor to sit next to Caroline. Muahaha!

  12. Loved it! I did keep imagining that since Caroline had never had brandy and didn’t know what it should taste like, and Louisa was actively trying to discourage her husband’s overindulgence, perhaps Louisa had discovered the stash and laced it with something dreadful: Something to make the person who drank it extra sick or… a laxative perhaps? A wonderfully fun read!

  13. A few months after the double wedding, and Caroline has finally decided she had better try to attract someone else as a husband. After all, who WOULDN’t want a wife with 20,000 pounds!!? She goes through the latest “Season”, and finds someone with a great title, but no money. She’s all set to accept the expected proposal…. when news is spread that the cash-poor lord is engaged (but not to Caroline!!) Who is this wench that snapped up “HER” lord?

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