Looking for audiobooks? Many books by our authors are now available in audiobook format. In most cases, audiobooks can be downloaded from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.  This page shows available audiobooks by author, with links to each book on Audible, plus free audiobooks of Jane Austen’s novels with links to Librivox.


Abigail Reynolds

A Pemberley Medley – narrated by Elizabeth Klett

By Force of Instinct – narrated by Pearl Hewitt

The Man Who Loved Pride & Prejudice – narrated by Gillian Vance

Mr. Darcy’s Obsession – narrated by Elizabeth Klett

Mr. Darcy’s Letter – narrated by Pearl Hewitt

Mr. Darcy’s Noble Connectionsnarrated by Elizabeth Klett

Mr. Darcy’s Refuge – narrated by Pearl Hewitt

Mr. Darcy’s Undoing – narrated by Vanessa Johansson

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man in the World – narrated by Rachel E. Hurley

Morning Light – narrated by Janine Hegarty

The Darcys of Derbyshire – narrated by Elizabeth Klett

To Conquer Mr. Darcy – narrated by Elizabeth Klett

What Would Mr. Darcy Do? – narrated by Pearl Hewitt


Jack Caldwell

Mr. Darcy Came to Dinnernarrated by Michaela James


Maria Grace

The Future Mrs. Darcy – narrated by Stevie Zimmerman

Darcy’s Decision – narrated by Chandler Craig


Shannon Winslow

The Darcys of Pemberley – narrated by Marian Hussey

Return to Longbourn  – narrated by Marian Hussey

For Myself Alone – narrated by Beverley Crick


Susan Mason-Milks

Mr. Darcy’s Proposal – narrated by Marian Hussey


Free Jane Austen Audiobooks from Librivox

Emma – narrated by Elizabeth Klett

Emma – A Dramatic Reading

Mansfield Park – narrated by Karen Savage

Mansfield Park – A Dramatic Reading

Northanger Abbey – narrated by Elizabeth Klett

Persuasion – narrated by Elizabeth Klett

Pride & Prejudice – narrated by Elizabeth Klett

Pride & Prejudice – A Dramatic Reading

Sense & Sensibility – narrated by Elizabeth Klett

Sense & Sensibility – A Dramatic Reading

The Juvenalia – multiple narrators

The Letters of Jane Austen – narrated by Elizabeth Klett