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  1. I loved your book and bought threee years ago.i myself don’t mind the odd variation bit much prefer sequels. I love to read about Lizzy and Darcy and I like a bit of steam in there from time to time as well! 😜 I would love to read more about there life together. Travels, bringing up children who are not always behaving as they should. Match making for Lizzys other sisters! Payback times on Caroline Bingley. Their live if reading … they start a chain of book shops… in any case keep writing Sharon! Perhaps one day I’ll give a whirl! Btw… I’m I. The hundreds for reading P&P books lol.

    • Excuse the typos and the blatant misuse of there instead of their…. I can’t believe I am so bad a typer on my iPhone but I am!!

      • Thanks for your comments, Ruth. Great ideas! BTW, I’ve got Mary and Kitty covered in “Return to Longbourn” in case you haven’t read that one yet. 🙂

  2. I haven’t the foggiest how many JAFF books I’ve read. Hundreds I’m sure. I like both variations and sequels. They both serve their own purpose. I love the sequels for the very reasons you discussed. What happened then? And then? and… but for variations it takes that little what would have happened if…and makes it a reality and that’s always fun too. There are not enough Emma JAFF of either type for me and I’ve always wanted SOMEONE to write a story where Elinor and Col Brandon have a HEA. Might not be as exciting or as emotional as Brandon and Marianne, but I’m Elinor and we deserve Col Brandons some of the time. 😉 I need to go back and re-read this book (as well as the prequel and the sequel!).

    • Excellent comments, Stephanie. Thanks for your thoughts. I’m tempted to take up your S&S challenge, since I too am much more of an Elinor and have thought about that possibility before! Also I have the goal of writing at least one novel based on each of Jane Austen’s. So far, I’ve only got P&P, MP, and Persuasion covered. I’d be honored if you would reread TDoP! The only prequel (so far) is the short story “Mr. Collins’s Last Supper.” Then you could try reading TDoP side by side with “Miss Georgiana Darcy of Pemberley,” since they are meant to go together and the chapters are synced. “Return to Longbourn” comes last, at least for now. 😀

      • I was referring to Mr. Collins Last Supper. Started to call it a novella…then thought about calling it an opening shot 😉 then stuck with prequel. LOL I have them all and have read them all, (and the Leaps and For Myself and The Persuasion and…) it’s just been some time. If you ever decide to make an Elinor story, I’ll be first in line!!

  3. I must be a Elizabeth and Darcy addict, for I have read hundreds of variations and sequels, watched every film adaptation as well. I too want to know what happened to our favorite couple but most of the sequels don’t entertain me as much as the “what if” variations where one small change can make such a difference. Here’s what makes the fanfics successful for me: 1. the characters remain true to the original 2. the setting reveals that the author knows about not only the regency period, but the layout of London in the early 19th century 3. the author has a clever insight into what a small difference could make 4. there is not one obstacle after another 5. D and E both show growth in character 6. the happy ending gives a bit more into the first year of marriage than Miss Austen did 7.there are not more than a couple of editing oversights 8. the author shows by his/her use of language that he/she believes his/her readers able to grasp a four syllable word!
    I’m certain this rambling could be extended, but I believe I’ve listened what’s most important to me.

    • That’s an amazingly list, Meg! You are obviously an expert in the field and have given the subject much thought. (I am literally going to take notes and keep your suggestions in mind for future projects.) Characters remaining true is HUGE for me, and also language use. I hope I haven’t done too badly in the other areas either, but there’s always room for improvement. Thanks for sharing!

      • Shannon, I eagerly read your first in 2011 and have read two others of yours as well. I forgot to say that in general I don’t like novellas because the story lacks enough development so I appreciate that yours are full lenght. Novellas gain my interest and leave me wanting more, feeling almost cheated. There have been some very good novels set in modern times which I’ve read with enjoyment, but I prefer those set in the Regency period.

  4. I know I have about 300 paperbacks, plus Kindle stores over 1200 ebooks, almost all of which are P&P related, plus my Nook has about 300, most of which are not duplicates of the one another. In addition, I think I’ve read every completed, worth reading, book over 5,000 words on

    I’m not certain I have a preference, but perhaps it would be variations that continue on to a sequel. What I really like are long, well-written stories of both. There are certain authors in my top trusted tier, of which Shannon Winslow is clearly a member, whose books I automatically purchase, no sample needed, and I’ve never been disappointed in their works. Well, perhaps that’s not quite true: I would appreciate having more of their works available, but I suppose it’s unfair to begrudge them other activities in their lives. Thank you so much for all the pleasure you and the others in this select group for all the pleasure you have given me over the past ten years.

    • You’re very sweet to say so, Betty. And with all the JAFF books you’ve logged, you obviously know what you’re talking about! Haha!

  5. Just one thing, women did not attend funerals at this time ;-), even though they sat by open coffins. Of course, lower class women did attend. Personally, I think it was very silly to not allow women’s attendance. I have to love Mr. Bennet! He did look for the positive.

    • You’re right, Julia, about women attending funerals. (Cassandra didn’t even attend Jane’s!) I know that now, but I didn’t when I wrote this about ten years ago. Probably my biggest writing mistake, at least in accuracy, and it’s immortalized in print forever! Oh, well. I hope people will forgive and excuse my ignorance.

      As for Mr. B., you might be equally amused by the opening to “Return to Longbourn,” which has the same satirical flavor. You can read it here if you’d like:

  6. And I’m so glad you did just begin to write your own story! Love them all and have your last 2 still to read, though they are not P&P related (for the most part). How many have I read since 1995 when I found Jane?! Hundreds! What do I like best sequel or variation…that is tough but sequels may have the edge. I do love knowing more about what happens to everyone! The longer the better! I do like how variations change things up…even spouses except for Elizabeth and Darcy! I do like Stephanie’s idea about Elinor and Colonel Brandon!

    • Yes, I figure Darcy and Elizabeth are pretty much untouchable! I’m glad you’re open to Elinor and Col. Brandon, though. I will seriously consider making a run at that idea. And I appreciate your being open minded about non-P&Ps. As much as I love it, there really ARE other stories worth reading/writing. 😀

  7. I’ve read well over 500 variations of Austen’s novels, mostly P&P. I have to say that I most enjoy sequels that explore the marriage of the Darcys, or books in which they marry about halfway through the novel and we get to enjoy their “happily-ever-after” with them.

    Thank you for this lovely vignette, Shannon!! I read this series early in my Austen variations exploration, so it may be time for a re-read. I checked them out of the library, though, so I’ll have to work on procuring them again…and in the correct order. 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

  8. I’ve read hundreds of fanfics of Jane Austen’s books, but probably less than 100 books. Though I do love P&P, who doesn’t, my favorite book of Miss Austen’s is Persuasion. You asked what we’d like you to write next, well, there aren’t nearly enough Persuasion variations or sequels.
    As far as sequels vs variations, as I never want them to end, I guess I’d go for sequels. Though I love variations with sequels or epilogues. 😍

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