Chapter Twenty-two: Sore Bums, London, and Snogging — 20 Comments

  1. Oh no! And it was all going so well! What on earth has happened now? Why oh why do you keep stopping leaving these cliff-hangers Leslie? You must know that 7 days is more than 6 days too long to wait.
    Poor Ellie, having to be quiet all that time, I laughed out loud at the line ‘even burping out loud would have been a relief’
    Surely they have not left her in London? But why would they not leave first thing as planned?
    Well all I can say is thank goodness someone knows what’s going to happen next. Oh and thank you for ‘the kiss’ at last. More of that would be nice 😊.
    Oh well, back to wishing my life away waiting for next Wednesday 😞

    • The cliffhangers just happen, Glynis. I can’t explain it. I really don’t plan them this way. I have a story arc, but I just start writing what I think comes next and it just goes there and something in me says, “Stop!”. Thanks for commenting!

  2. You really left us wondering what the hell has happened. Is she in the same bedroom? She ripped open curtains so at least there is a window. Must be in a room somewhere if she’s not out on the street since she said this house on Curzon Street didn’t exist in her time. I note you didn’t describe the people walking outside so no clues there as to which time period she awoke. I hate hanging! Please write quickly. I would not be offended if you post the next chapter early.

    • LOL! I love that you’re enjoying it so much! I actually have the next chapter written, but I lost whatever cushion I had in the last month. I’m writing about a week and a half ahead of what I’m posting. I’d love to give you another chapter, but it’s going to be Wednesday. Sorry! Thanks, Carol!

  3. Uhhhhhhhhhh they kissed!!!! ❤️😍😘 Soooooooooo good Leslie! Unfortunately I can understand why the Gardiners are still suspicious of Ellie but she is only trying to save the Bennet and Gardiners asses from scandal and hopefully will! Love how Ellie teases Elizabeth with the whole kissing Fitzwilliam thing it’s funny and sweet! It made me laugh quite a bit!

    Now what is this?! Oh no 🤦‍♂️ Leslie not another cliff hanger you are evil plain and simple!

  4. Did Ellie go back to 2017? So curious! I loved that Lizzy and Darcy are so comfortable around each other and snogging! lol. Loved Ellie teasing Lizzy, too bad they will have to be apart forever soon. I was thinking, Leslie, that it would be wonderful if you surprised us some day and posted an extra chapter! 😉

  5. What the Heck…as my little grandson says! No she cannot go back yet! They need her to find Lydia…don’t they? She did give them all the info…now to wait!!! Argh! Though I must say I did love the sizzle and spark of their kisses!

  6. Ruh-roh. I hope that Ellie has not been left behind but that news of Lydia perhaps being in London has reached Elizabeth (how, I don’t know), and they will search from Curzon Street rather than traveling all the way to Brighton. We shall see!!

    Thank you, Leslie, for such an edge-of-the-seat story!! I am enthralled…and next Wednesday seems so very far away…. 😉

    Susanne 🙂

  7. The first possibility that popped into my mind is that she is back in twenty seventeen. And, if so, there has to be some journal or note as to what happened with Lydia. But we will see, won’t we. Love that they kissed! More please. Thanks for the chapter.

  8. I think the whole thing has been a dream since Ellie and Tom failed to connect after their first meeting. It explains a lot, even if it lacks finesse.

    One itty-bitty typo. The text reads “I couldn’t be said that Mr Darcy lacked patience!” I imagine the first word should be “It”. Are you just testing to see if I have really read the assignment?

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