Austen Locations — The Effects of Well-fitted Breeches — 17 Comments

  1. Thanks for the giggle Leslie. I really hope that 50 shades of Jane is published eventually as I will certainly have to have a copy. I love what I have read so far. Keep up the good work 😊 😊 by the way I hope Elizabeth managed to protect little Willy!!!

    • I think I’ll have to see where I am at a certain point and try to flesh out the rest. If anything, it might just be a novella. I don’t know. I’m just kind of playing with scenes and not really considering an entire story arc. I’m glad you like it that much and I do want to try to work it into something to publish. Thanks, Glynis!

    • I’m so glad! I wasn’t considering this when I was on the comedy walk, but I just had the idea when I sat down to write it. The guy who she actually pointed and yelled, “He loves Fanny, too!” at shrank and began to walk faster. It was hysterical. Thanks, Kristine!

    • LOL! I really need to come up with a name for the series since I can’t use that for a real book if I decide to write it. I’m glad I was able to give you a snort and a smile when you needed it! Thanks, Susanne!

  2. I had to look up bunchage just to see what the Internet said and it specifically mentioned JAFF as using it! Can’t imagine Mary Crawford doing that grab in public…is no man safe? This has been an amusing couple of reads…even if I have months behind. Thanks for writing.

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