Chapter Twenty-one: Boredom, Books, and Betrothals — 25 Comments

  1. Yay! I was so hoping Darcy would find out and be open-minded enough to believe them. Such a fun ride, and I’m looking forward to next week!

  2. Yes!!! That is definitely an improvement in circumstances. How on earth you could hope to hold back a man so in love is beyond me Leslie and I must admit I am happy you failed!
    What a man he is 😍. He even seems to believe their story (probably due to the difficulty Ellie has fitting in??) He also seems interested in their children (although I imagine he is more interested in how they got them 😂😍❤ .)
    Anyway they are now engaged which is such a relief. Just waiting for the first kiss 💋. Oh and they still have to rescue stupid Lydia!
    I hope you know that I am wishing my life away Leslie, can’t wait for next week.

    • Probably a bit stunned when it comes to the children. That’s a lot of kids-even back then. He’s probably trying to decide how he’s going to provide for them all. 😉 Thanks, Glynis!

  3. Can I just say…. YES FINALLY!!! Thank you Leslie!! They are engaged gosh I’m glad! This ride just turned very humorous- and I’m delighted that Darcy was so open-minded!
    Ohhhh and the way Ellie threatened Darcy was ABSOLUTELY brilliant! I laughed so hard at that point 😂😂😂😂😂 it was too good for words!
    Ohh another cliff hanger…. well I’m less surprised this time 😉 Can’t wait for next week

  4. Glad that is out of the way…the proposal and acceptance that is! Darcy must think he has been knocked on the head after their explanations! So I wonder…what will Ellie’s reaction be to Wickham? Somehow I think a certain name will pop out of her mouth and all will think she is truly daft! Enjoying how D&E are having their say!

  5. I loved this chapter! Ellie threatening Darcy was the best! lol. And I loved that he was so open minded about their story! Can’t wait for more! 🙂

    • It’s more that he trust Elizabeth implicitly and let’s face it, how else would Ellie and Elizabeth know what was in his journals? Thrilled you loved Ellie’s threat. She’s a lot of fun. Thanks, Daniela!

  6. You are surpassing yourself, Leslie! I wonder if Darcy will be able to sit still in the carriage after hearing the story! He likely has a zillion questions, or will by the time the coach reaches London, and more after that! It’s a shame he doesn’t have an iPad to keep track.

    Just one proofreading item. You seem to be missing a “to” when you wrote — oh dear, I can’t find it now. In the overall scheme of things, the story is great regardless! 🍸😎

  7. Poor, stunned Darcy!! I love the last line of this chapter!! His bemusement is quite fun!! 😀

    I’m not sure that Darcy would use the word “swap,” so you may wish to rethink it, or put it in quotation marks as if he’s quoting Ellie. Just one of those little things…. 😉

    Wonderful chapter!! I absolutely loved it!! Thank you for sharing it with us, Leslie!!

    Susanne 🙂

  8. Love this chapter! So glad you gave us a Darcy with an open mind. He definitely needed it when Elizabeth Ellie finished their fantastic tale. However, the fact that he accepted the tale, but became stunned by the number of children is comical. Thanks for finally getting ODC engaged. Yes!

    • He trusts Elizabeth implicitly and they new information they couldn’t have really. He has doubts, but what good would it do to speak of them right now? Finding Lydia will prove Elizabeth and Ellie are telling the truth of that. The rest will work itself out 🙂 Thanks, Carol!

  9. It seems I skipped a week – trip to NYC to meet with Claudine and Kirk to hear Devoney Looser speak about her book, The Making of Jane Austen and caught up in several books which made me ignore e-mails. Lovely that they are engaged and that he seems to believe her. Thanks for this chapter.

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