Book Release PARTY for Pride, Prejudice & the Perfect Bet!! — 129 Comments

  1. When it comes to cake, especially wedding cake, all three are beautiful. More importantly, what flavors are they? 😀

    Congratulations on the release of your new book Marilyn! 🙂

    • Chanpreet,
      You ask a most excellent question!
      Since they do not tell us directly, I’m going to take a guess that all 3 are actually classic white cake…LOL, but, just for fun, let’s say that the first is lemon, the second is vanilla, and the third is chocolate!
      And also, thank you so much good wishes! I’m truly thrilled to get to share this novel with you all at last 🙂 .

    • Patty,
      What fun choices!!
      It’s been a while since I saw “The Wedding Date” (although I remember enjoying it), but “Fools Rush In” has been one of our family favorites for years! We watched it just a couple of months ago so we could show it to our teenage son, and he really liked it as well 😉 .

      • I watched a lot of films when I was pregnant which influenced our name choices. My little girl is called Isabel after we watched Fools Rush In too many times, lovely film!

          • Lovely! Congratulations Marilyn! I love lemon cake best, but chocolate is second! White cake, I only like if there’s a great filling in it.

            BTW, in case you don’t know– the name Isabel is another form of Elizabeth! Both lovely names!!

            • Evelyn,
              Thank you for the congrats (!!) and for telling me of the connection between the names Isabel and Elizabeth – I hadn’t known that!
              Sending you a slice of lemon cake and another one of the chocolate – there can never been too much cake 😀 .

            • I had mentioned the name Elizabeth as one of my possible name choices and was a bit sad when hubby gave it a veto, so I was pleased when we both liked Isabel, as I could still have Elizabeth, albeit in its Spanish form! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the big release day and hope the party goes with a bang!!!

    Loved all the excerpts you’ve shared, Marilyn! This Jane seems to have a lot more going for her than canon Jane – certainly more personality. I sometimes find ‘the’ Jane Bennet a little too bland – perhaps a little too vanilla – your Jane looks like she will be multi-flavoured with a surprise filling! 😉

    All the cakes are beautiful in their own way, but being a traditionalist, I like the lace one the best!

    I’ve seen When Harry met Sally a few times but can honestly say I’d forgotten that scene! LOL I love RomComs! (Four Weddings & A Funeral, BJD, Love Actually, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Pretty Woman, While You Were Sleeping, Serendipity, Notting Hill…. to name but a handful off the top of my head!)

    Have a fab party!! I’ll be over by the window, people-watching and enjoying my glass of vino!!

    • LOL, Sandra!! I adore your flavor metaphor in regards to the Janes! Considering my longstanding love of desserts, that’s one I can relate to very well 🙂 . And thank you so much for the congrats!

      As for the RomComs you posted — we share so many favorites! I’ve seen all of the films you mentioned and have watched Four Weddings & a Funeral, Notting Hill and BJ Diary countless times, but the one that I especially LOVE is While You Were Sleeping. I see that film every year (always during the holidays!) because it’s just SO good and the pacing is brilliant! Wish we could have an Austen Variations movie marathon with all of us!! I’d bring you all some more wine… 😉

        • I would LOVE to have one in person!! Alternately, we could do it virtually via Twitter 🙂 . I believe it was Meredith Esparza, Jakki Leatherberry, Monica Perry, Candy Morton and I (possibly a few others, too!) who watched “While You Were Sleeping” all at the same time and tweeted our way through it! And I know several of us did “The Music Man” that way, too… In all seriousness, it would be fun to have an AV movie night at some point… Tricky, perhaps, to figure out across so many time zones, but we could do it!!

          • I’m in …but don’t even know how to tweet so would have to learn that and you can teach old dogs new tricks!

      • Oh, I could bring wine and Kiffles – does anyone know what these are? Traditional Hungarian/Slovak “cookie” – very popular in our area and then everywhere I introduce them.

        • I’ve never tried “Kiffles” before, Sheila, but I’m *always* up for a new adventure in desserts!! Love the idea! And we could definitely give you a crash course in tweeting 😀 . No worries!

          • Sounds like a great idea! The only time I participated, I think I drove Meredith, Jakki and Candy up the wall! We were watching BJD and I was trying to comment on my iPad and there was a continual delay. Even I found myself annoying! 😉

            • I’m sure it was only the *technology* that was annoying, Sandra, not *you*!!
              Trying to get everybody’s devices in sync across continents has a way of presenting challenges, doesn’t it?! LOL. It’s funny, though — every time I start to complain about things like that, I remember how, back in the ’70s and ’80s when I used to send airmail letters to friends and family overseas, we’d be lucky if we heard back from them in 2 weeks!! I never would’ve imagined the magical speed of the Internet 😀 .

  3. Thanks for the giveaway, Marilyn!

    When it comes to cake, it has to be a piece of each for me, please. After all, it’s CAKE!!! It’s also why I need to lose a pile of weight, but that’s another story.

    My favourite romcom has to be Notting Hill. Who doesn’t love the line “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love me”. Not sure if I’ve got it perfectly correct but you know the one I mean. The rest of Cassandra’s list is pretty good, too, and I’ll be right with her, by the window, glass in hand (as long as it’s Australian Chardonnay!).

    Of the weddings we’ve been to the past, my favourite first dance music is Louis Armstong’s “What a Wonderful World”. It was particularly poignant at that wedding as the groom had been seriously ill with a brain tumour (thankfully fully cured) and the bride, who’d been his partner for several years before and after, had helped nurse him through it. Ten years and two children later, they’re still as happy as ever.

    I’ve taken advantage of the offers on both books on the Kindle store and they’re the next two on my TBR list (currently reading Joy King’s “A Father’s Sins”) so I can’t comment properly on your version of J&B, but from the extracts you’ve so kindly published, they sound like a much more fiery couple than the original. Looking forward to reading both books.

    Congrats on the launch and once again many thanks.

    • The most awesome thing about virtual cake, Anji, is that it’s *calorie free*!!! Don’t get me started on how — sometime in the middle of this day-long party — I’m going to have to slip away for an hour to go work out at the gym…sigh. I have way too many pounds in need of trimming…

      My husband, son and I have seen Notting Hill a few times together, and we just watched it again last weekend. (Much as my 15-year-old is fond of Julia Roberts, what he *really* loves about that film is Hugh Grant’s roommate “Spike.” 🙂 )

      What a beautiful story about your friend with the brain tumor and his bride…ohhh, wow. I’m so glad to know that they’ve beaten the illness, come out swinging, and have been happy together for the past decade. Just hearing about that makes me teary — thank you for telling about them!

      And thanks also for adding my stories to your TBR pile!! Hope you’ll enjoy them both! <3

      • Ahhh, Spike! Don’t you just love him? Well, maybe not, unless you’re Hugh Grant’s on-screen sister. He’s a great character though, isn’t he? I love the teeshirt scene near the beginning and also the scene where he walks into the bathroom without noticing that Julia Roberts is in the bath.

        As to the cakes, any Nutella in any of them? Virtual Nutella, of course.

        • LOL, Anji!
          Yeah, Spike was quite a character. The t-shirt scene was hilarious 😉 .
          As for the cakes, since they’re virtual, we can put anything we want in them (!!), but if you scroll down to my comments for Luthien, I’ve got a Nutella Cheesecake recipe listed there and, ohhh, I would love to try that…both my real self & my virtual one!

  4. Sorry if this is unrelated, but I’m desperately looking for a variation-Mr.Darcy suffers a concussion shortly after his proposal and wakes up assuming he and Elizabeth are engaged. She agrees to the charade for the sake of his health and sanity, but we later find out he was only confused initially and had begun to regain his memories though hw pretended not to.

      • Thanks,Shiela,for replying-but that’s not the one I mean. In this variation, he remembers the proposal and assumes her acceptance and then much later confesses (after they get married,I think,or fall in love)that he had rememberedher rejection but since she allowed him to ‘take liberties’ he figured she wasn’t as indifferent to him as she claimed to be and kept up the charade til she fell for him. Or…something. :/ he doesn’t keep proposing, they’re just….engaged,until she becomes amenable to the idea.

  5. Oh, how I love a wedding. It’s the lace cake for me, Marilyn, beautiful! Your new book sounds wonderful-can’t wait to read more-congratulations!!!

  6. I think I’d like slice of the Lace Wedding cake with roses. As for favorite romance movies….What Women Want, Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, & Dirty Dancing. I finished reading The Perfect Bet last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for writing a wonderfully sweet story and for the generous give away. 🙂

    • Deborah,
      First of all, HUGE thanks for taking the time to read Perfect Bet this week!!! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it!
      As for the movies you mentioned, I’ve really liked them all, with a special place in my heart for Dirty Dancing… That Patrick Swayze could move!! *swoon*
      And there’s a piece of lace wedding cake with your name on it right here 🙂 . xo

      • Oh, my bad. Forgot to say “CONGRATULATIONS!” with a box of Godiva chocolate, champagne, confetti, & balloons. I need to add 3 movies too….2005 & 1995 Pride and Prejudice as well as 1995 & 2008? Persuasion (minus Anne running through Bath). 🙂

        • Deborah, you know what I like!! So excited about the Godiva chocolates, my dear 🙂 — my elliptical workout will just have to wait until later…but it’ll need to be twice as long now!
          As for the P&P and Persuasion films – I figured those would be givens on this blog!!! What could possibly top Austen, right?!
          And LOL about that scene when Anne is running through Bath… I remember being out of town with my family the night the network first aired that segment of the film. I was standing in the hotel room, staring at the TV in surprise, and my husband asked, “What’s wrong?” And I pointed to the screen and told him, “She should be wearing Nikes if she’s going to sprint like that…” 😀

      • How about The Princess Bride. I thought of a song that makes me think of Darcy & Elizabeth is Turn Around Bright Eyes (by Bonnie Tyler?).

        • A song that always makes me think of Elizabeth and Darcy is ‘You’re the Inspiration’ by Chicago. It begins with the line: “You know our love was meant to be..” And when I think how many books there are starring E&D you can’t help but think that, this concept is what JAFF is founded on!

          • Deborah – I love The Princess Bride 😉 . “Inconceivable!”

            And Ceri – ohhhh, you’re so right about that song! I have it on my iPod and, now, I’ll probably always associate it with Elizabeth & Darcy… 🙂

  7. YAY!!! Congrats on the release of PP&PB, Marilyn!! 🙂 *throws confetti*
    I’m sending virtual gelato your way.

    For cake, I think the first cake is pretty, so I will choose that to eat! And if Bingley wouldn’t mind feeding me some cake too, that would be even better. 😉 You know I love being fed…first Emerson now Bingley…hawt!!

    There are so many good rom coms out there. It is difficult to choose. Right now I am in the mood for a little How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days. 🙂

    Thanks for the excerpt too! Cant wait to read more of #tinglybingley!

    Best of luck with yet another fabulous novel, Marilyn!!

    • LOLOL, Jakki!!!
      First and foremost, let me call Bingley over here right NOW to feed you some cake — Emerson can assist him and offer you some linguine later, if you’d like 😀 .
      As for the virtual gelato, I didn’t name the brand (Talenti…) in the novel, but I did name the flavor (salted caramel!!) in honor of our Twitter discussions about it! And, well, you *do* realize there’s a “Jakki” in the story… xox
      Thanks so much for the congrats! I truly appreciate them!!

  8. Confetti, champagne, and cake! Congratulations, Marilyn!!! The black and white for me, please.

    Favorite romantic comedy? Probably You’ve Got Mail. I love the sweet innocence and her adoration of a Pride and Prejudice.

    Best of wishes for a great launch and a monster bash. I am excited to read the rest of the story. (Tossing confetti and wishing I really had that cake even though it’s 7:00 am where I live. I would so eat it for breakfast!)

    • Joy, thank you so much for joining in the celebration!!!
      And good thinking! It can only really be a party once we have the confetti and champagne, too, as well as the cake, right??! 😀
      Passing you a plate with a HUGE slice of the black and white cake on it and hoping it arrives at least in time for lunch! Adding in a flute of champagne, too. And a couple of clips from “You’ve Got Mail” – which is just delightful!

  9. Marilyn, I love your books. They are so clever and upbeat and a real diversion when I need one. I can hardly wait to get my hands on this one. Best of luck with the new release. ~Jen Red~

    • Oh, Jen, thank you so very much!!
      I’m just delighted that you enjoy my stories, and I hope this new one will be as fun for you to read as the others!
      Thanks for stopping by the party & have a wonderful day!! 🙂

  10. Well, all cake is good, so regardless of how these cakes taste I will choose the lace one, because it’s that bit prettier than the others.

    Congratulations on your book release! I loved The Perfect Bet, and I think everybody should read it right now 🙂

    • Ceri,
      I can’t begin to thank you for reading and reviewing Perfect Bet already!!
      Thanks so much for your sweet comments and for your supportiveness in helping to spread the word about my new book! *BIG HUG!*
      And I’m sending you a ginormous piece of the lace cake, too 😀 .

  11. Read “Perfect Bet” over the weekend, re-read “Perfect Match” at the beg of this week, and am re-reading “Perfect Bet” now! Love both and so enjoy the caring relationship Charlie has with all the adults in his life. One of my favorite wedding songs is “At Last” but I love Harry Connick’s “It Had to Be You” as well.

    Best of luck with the new release, Marilyn, and here’s hoping there’s yet another sequel in the works!

    • Regina,
      Your comments made me smile and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them! THANK YOU! I’m so pleased you loved both novels enough to want to read them again (!!), and I’m thrilled that you’d like to see another story in the series! I have ideas I’ve been playing around with…but nothing officially in the works yet 😉 . I will definitely keep everyone here posted, though!!
      Wishing you a fabulous day! xo

  12. Okay, I tried not to crack up at my desk and it came out as a snort. *sigh* 🙂 Baby Fishmouth is sweeping the nation? LOL I love love When Harry Met Sally. Goes along with me love love love loving Harry Connick Jr. Also You’ve Got Mail, The Wedding Date, and (a rom-com from wayyy back) High Society (which includes a couple of my faves Grace, Bing and Frank Sinatra!). I’ll pass on all the cake…unless you can virtually make the black and white one vegan for me. LOL I’m allergic to butter (and cream…and eggs…). I’ll gladly take some champagne though and raise a glass!

    I have this book and haven’t had time to read it yet (darn summer school) but I look forward to it! Love the excerpts and woo hoo!! Party celebrating with Marilyn!!!

    • Stephanie, it’s been 25 years since When Harry Met Sally came out and the dialogue between Billy Crystal and Bruno Kirby in that scene still makes me laugh just as hard now as I did back then when I saw it in the theater 😀 .

      BTW, I *loved* High Society!! Ohhh, I haven’t seen it in ages…must watch it again soon.

      Now, onto the cake! I’m part of a really wonderful book club that meets every other month and several of the members are vegetarians, one is a vegan and two eat only gluten-free — so, we’re used to making dietary modifications for most of the food we bring to the meetings ;). One of the members had a big birthday last fall, and we got her a bakery cake that was both vegan *and* gluten-free — and it tasted quite good! So…I’ll have that bakery make up a vegan version of the black and white just for you!! Thanks for celebrating with me!

  13. “When Harry Met Sally” is my all-time favorite romantic comedy! I also love “Pride & Prejudice” (of course, but only the one with Colin Firth), “You’ve Got Mail,” “The Wedding Singer,” “Sweet Home Alabama,” “If a Man Answers” (a real oldie but goodie) and many more! Thanks for the great giveaway. Your new book sounds wonderful!

    • Susan,
      Thank you!!
      So glad to know we share a love for “When Harry Met Sally”! And I’d forgotten about “Sweet Home Alabama” – that was such a cute film, too!
      Many thanks for joining in the celebration today 🙂 .

  14. How about “Intolerable Cruelty” for a romcom which seems to have characters interacting as your Jane and Bingley do here. I have both books and have not yet read the second one. Songs: Love is a Many Splendored Thing” and I Love How You Love Me. Both uses at our wedding: the first sung by my brother who sings at many weddings and the second is “our song”. Cake: I love lemon and chocolate but the lace cake is gorgeous.

    • that’s “used” not uses…OH, how about “Hope Floats” with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr. Great songs and actors… I love the dance scene!!!!

      • Sheila,
        You’ve mentioned some excellent films ;).
        I’d forgotten completely about “Hope Floats” and that Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. were in that together… And “Intolerable Cruelty” is a film I still have yet to see!! Adding it to my to-watch list for the summer!
        p.s. Fabulous songs!! 🙂

        • George Clooney and Catherine Zita Jones – and just great comedic moments. You really should view it. I have it on DVD along with a number of the others mentioned.

  15. Congratulations on the book release! Another exciting day in your life. So pleased for you!!!

    Hmmm, lemon or chocolate? Lemon or chocolate? I think I would eat the chocolate cake first and then cleanse my palette with the lemon. 🙂 That would work, right? I also think the lace cake is the most enchanting.

    I am a sucker for “While You Were Sleeping”. As many times as I’ve watched it I can’t pass it up if I run across it on the cable menu, even if there’s only a few minutes left. Not a big Sandra Bullock fan but love her in this. I also love “Bridget Jones’ Diary” for obvious reasons. Colin Firth – ooops! I mean MR. DARCY – can feed me blue soup any day of the year.

    • Rae,
      Thanks so much for the congrats and for sharing in this release day celebration!!
      And just so you know, you’re welcome to however many slices of cake as you’d like! Try one, come back for seconds…or thirds! I love lemon. And chocolate. And…well, just about any flavor. I haven’t had cherry chip in a while, so maybe we can tell the bakery to send us one of those, too, with that beautiful lace design as decoration!
      LOL about Mr. Darcy/Colin Firth and the blue soup! 😀

  16. Congratulations Marilyn! I have both these books on my Kindle but haven’t had a chance to read as company is coming today! You can ‘bet’ that I’ll be reading the ‘Perfect Match’ on Saturday and then onto “Perfect Bet”! Loved the new excerpt and Just Jane’s vulnerability. As for the wedding cake, as much as I love Peonies, I am going to choose the beautiful Lace and Roses cake please. A nice glass of ‘Ledson Chardonnay’ (California) to go with it would be great too! For my favourite ‘romcom’ it would have to be ‘French Kiss’! My favourite wedding song would have to be the one we chose for our wedding, “The Power of Love” sung by Jennifer Rush…before Celine Dion sang it.

    • Oh, Carole, “The Power of Love” is wonderful! What an excellent choice for your wedding ;).
      My heartfelt thanks for getting both of my novels and putting them on your to-read list for the weekend!! I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that you’ll like them both! Hope the time with your company will be lovely this week 🙂 .
      And, btw, I love your pairing of the chardonnay with with lace cake – very clever!! I do not know my wines very well, so I bow to the knowledge of the experts. Bring on the bottles of Ledson Chardonnay for all!!

  17. I think this is my third time of saying this but I hope you won’t find it repetitive. Congratulations again, Marilyn. I hope you have a great party.

    The cake designs are beautiful and I would like to try them all. I’m hoping one of them is cheesecake which is one of my favourite flavour besides butter and moist chocolate. I love watching modern romantic comedy and the movie 27 Dresses goes very well with wedding themes. Other favourites include What’s Your Number?, You’ve Got Mail, Just Like Heaven, The Ugly Truth. I’m sure there are lots more but I couldn’t recall them at the moment.

    I think the book cover ties in neatly with the delicious excerpt. Whoever designed the cover did a great job showing the pivotal moment in Just Jane and Bingley’s relationship. Plus Bingley looks like the handsome Josh Duhamel from the side.

    • Lúthien, I’ve appreciated your congrats EVERY time, and this one is no exception!! Thank you for celebrating this release with me and for taking the time to come to the party 🙂 . You mentioned cheesecake! There was something I came across recently online — not a wedding cake, but a Nutella cheesecake that looked amazing!! Am looking up the link…
      Okay! Here it is:
      Nutella Cheesecake Recipe
      250 grams digestive biscuits
      75 grams soft unsalted butter
      1 x 400 grams jar nutella (at room temperature)
      100 grams chopped toasted hazelnuts
      500 grams cream cheese (at room temperature)
      60 grams icing sugar (sifted)
      Break the digestives into the bowl of a processor, add the butter and a 15ml tablespoon of Nutella, and blitz until it starts to clump. Add 25g/3 tablespoons of the hazelnuts and continue to pulse until you have a damp, sandy mixture.
      Tip into a 23cm/9inch round springform and press into the base either using your hands or the back of a spoon. Place in the fridge to chill.
      Beat the cream cheese and icing sugar until smooth and then add the remaining Nutella to the cream cheese mixture, and continue beating until combined.
      Take the springform out of the fridge and carefully smooth the Nutella mixture over the base. Scatter the remaining chopped hazelnuts on top to cover and place the tin in the fridge for at least four hours or overnight. Serve straight from the fridge for best results.
      Additional information – for vegetarians make sure the cream cheese does not contain rennet.

      It actually looks pretty easy to make…I’m just afraid that I’ll gobble it up so fast in real life that I’ll gain 10 lbs. overnight, LOL. However, this is a virtual PARTY, so there are no calories! Sending you a piece of this and hoping you’ll love it!
      Thanks for the compliments on the book cover, btw! I thought Emily (the designer) did a wonderful job, too, and I do love how Bingley resembles Josh D…
      p.s. I just watched “What’s Your Number?” for the first time in June. I was on a Chris Evans kick and was excited to see him in a RomCom. Mmmm…handsome man!

      • Thanks for posting the recipe, Marilyn. I would like to try making it someday but I’ll happily eat the cake you send me. Yum yum…

        Yes, I agree with you. Chris Evans is indeed handsome and I fell in love with his good looks when I watch him in Captain America.

        • I suspect that Chris looks great in every movie he’s ever made! I liked him a lot in Captain America, but I was surprised how different (although still very handsome!) he looked in the movie Push. Depending on how the costume/makeup people color his hair or whether he’s got facial hair or is clean shaven, he can appear quite different onscreen…and I’m really intrigued by that 😀 .

  18. I love the excerpt and the whole premise
    of your book! I also adore that purple peony
    wedding cake. Most fave rom/com
    movie of all time – You’ve Got Mail – of

    • Susan,
      I’m so delighted that you loved the excerpt – thank you for taking the time to read it!!
      Sending you a big slice of the purple peony wedding cake (I thought the flowers on it looked just lovely!) and I know we’ve got a bunch of us here that are also fans of “You’ve Got Mail” 🙂 . All this talk about it today is making me want to see it again sometime soon!!
      Wishing you a fabulous day!

  19. I’ll have a piece of the classic white cake with pink roses. My favorite wedding song is “At Last” by Etta James, and (although it wasn’t asked for) my favorite part of the story is when Bingley picks up take out after Charles’ school ice-cream party. LOVED BOTH BOOKS! 🙂

    • Anngela,
      YAY!!!! Glad to see you here! Thanks so much for reading the novels (and I know I told you this on FB but, truly, it’s thrilling to know that you loved them!!) — and, btw, I’m also glad you enjoyed that take-out scene 🙂 . (I have a personal fondness for Thai spring rolls and satays, LOL.)
      Slicing up a mega piece of the lace cake with the pink roses for you, pouring you a glass of your favorite beverage…and ordering all of us a few rounds of Thai Pagoda appetizers just because!!

  20. Yaaay! Happy dance! (picture Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air only much worse). I’m about 3/4 of the way thru Perfect Bet right now and I can’t wait to get home and finish it! I hated to put it down but I have family visiting from out of town yet again & we went to dinner.

    If the lace cake is lemon then that’s definitely the one I want! Though I really like the purple peonies. Songs – omg I could be here all day! lol I don’t know if I have one favorite though I’d dance to *anything* with this Bingley! Even the chicken dance.

    Our Twitter group watches were so fun! We need to do another one. Some of my favorite romantic comedies are While You Were Sleeping, Two Weeks Notice, and Pillow Talk (Rock Hudson & Doris Day).

    • Monica,
      *Massive Bear Hug!*
      First, you can have all the cake you want (I love lemon, too…mmmm) and you’ve got me laughing at the thought of you and Bingley doing the “chicken dance” together!! I’m tellin’ ya, M., that guy is crazy about you 😉 . He’s sending you your very own Scrabble board as a gift…lol.
      As for the Twitter movies, YES!! We seriously need to do that again – it was hilarious watching and tweeting with you all – even though I was a very slow tweeter compared to some of you!!
      It’s been ages since I’ve seen Two Weeks Notice and Pillow Talk! My summer movie list is growing…

  21. All the cakes are gorgeous but I like the look of the white lace the most! One of my favorite movies is When Harry Met Sally and “baby fish mouth” is our go-to guess when playing any trivia/charades game! I also love My Best Friends Wedding and The Wedding Date.
    I love my wedding song (Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon) but after my sister got remarried and she danced to The Way You Look Tonight by Ole Blue Eyes, I wish I had picked a Sinatra/Buble/Connick classic instead.
    I’ll be reading both books this weekend…haven’t read any previews for either one!

    • Cheryl,
      Thank you so much for getting copies of both of the books!! And LOL about having “Baby Fish Mouth” as your go-to-guess during party games! I LOVE IT!
      Great movie choices and, as for songs, I happen to love REO Speedwagon (saw them in concert twice!!), so your wedding song is a longtime favorite of mine ;).
      So glad you came by for the celebration!! Sending some white lace cake your way…

  22. Such beautiful wedding cakes! The white lace cake is my favorite. (Really classy!)
    Best of luck with your book!

    • Laura,
      Yay!! I’m delighted you stopped by the party!!
      Thank you so much for the good luck (I’ll take it 😉 ) and for making time to celebrate with me today.
      Enjoy the white lace cake — I hope it’s as delicious as it looks!!

  23. Congrats Marilyn!!! This book definitely had several ” laugh out loud” moments. Such fun to read!! Most enjoyable!!!

    All three cakes are too beautiful to eat. ( not too much of a cake eAter) . Decorate a bowl of popcorn or kettle chips and I’ll be there first in line!

    Noting hill and pretty woman are two of my most favorite !

    Party on!! CHEERS!!!!!

    • Carol,
      I’m so delighted that you enjoyed the story and that it made you laugh!!
      We love both “Notting Hill” and “Pretty Woman” here, too – such fun films 😉 .
      And, just for you, I’ll pop up some popcorn — adding the butter right now! — and I’ll break open a bag of kettle chips as well (yum!). Dig in!!

  24. A slice of the white lace cake please. 🙂

    Favorite rom/com You’ve Got Mail

    I ended up having a lot of free time last week and got through your newest book, Perfect Bet, very quickly, I couldn’t put it down. I loved it! I really enjoyed the first one, Perfect Match, so I was looking forward to this new one. Congratulations on the book release!

    • Kris,
      White lace cake coming right up…along with a glass of your favorite beverage!!
      I’m thrilled you loved the new book (and am hoping you’re feeling a LOT better this week…xox) and I so appreciate that you even took the time to rate it on Goodreads! *Hug!!*
      Thanks for being so kind and thoughtful and for coming to party to celebrate with me today!! 😀

  25. Congratulations! I have said it before, and I will say it again…this is wonderfully fun story to read. Absolutely love Bingley!

    So many enjoyable movies have already been listed, but I don’t think I saw The Proposal or Leap Year. Love it when the main characters do not “get along” to begin with and then end up together….hmmm, sounds like a book I read. LOL

    • Eileen,
      YAY!! I’m positively thrilled that you loved my Bingley, and he’s blushing a little in pride, too 😉 .
      I remember enjoying Leap Year, but I have to confess, The Proposal has wormed its way into becoming one of my faves! There are SO many lines in it that film crack me up. (“What am I allergic to?” she asks on the plane in a very snotty tone. He replies, “Pine nuts and the full spectrum of human emotion.” — *snort* — I will always laugh at that!) And my son and I have a running family joke about “Kevin” the dog…LOL.
      Thanks so much for all of your sweet words about my new book here & around the web – I truly appreciate it!! *hug*

  26. Congratulations on your release! I can’t believe you mentioned that Eddie Murphy song — which I actually remember and haven’t heard in possibly close to 30 years (!!) Does anyone remember he sang?

    “When Harry Met Sally” has SO many great and hilarious lines. I think that Carrie Fisher gets to say most of them — she’s terrific in it. Everyone has mentioned wonderful romantic comedies. I think one that hasn’t been listed is The Philadelphia Story (the inspiration for High Society) — Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and Jimmy Stewart are great!

    Those cakes were all so gorgeous, I think the peony one seemed the most beautiful to me. Were those real peonies or made of fondant/sugar?

    I just picked up “Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match” thanks to your current sale — can’t wait to read it!

    • Kathy,
      First, many thanks for picking up a copy of Perfect Match!! I hope you’ll enjoy it 😉 .
      Slicing you a piece of the peony cake now — it *is* pretty! — and I looked at an enlarged picture and I *think* those are real flowers…
      On the subject of the movies, yes, Carrie Fisher had some great lines! “You’re right, you’re right, I know you’re right” will always be one of my favorites. And The Philadelphia Story!! LOVE it! I have 2 movie posters in my office — one is from that film and the other is from another movie classic I adore, “Roman Holiday.” When I wrote Double Dipping, I’d described the heroine as a old movie buff and the hero as looking like Cary Grant… 😀
      As for Eddie Murphy, I didn’t remember that he sang! That song was in my head, though, playing on a constant loop – so I finally looked it up on YouTube (which I linked to above) and watched the video about 4 times, LOL. Too funny!

  27. Congrats on the official release! I have to say – I’ve already read through the whole thing – I couldn’t stop reading! Such a great story. Now I will just have to keep my fingers crossed that you’re inspired to keep moving the characters into a third book. I always hate to let them go at the end. For now, I may just have to re-read this one 🙂

    • Sabah,
      Thanks for the congrats on the release and WOW!! I’m delighted that you read Perfect Bet already and that you enjoyed it, too!! Getting to celebrate this story here with all of you is such a treat – what an incredibly supportive group of fellow Austen fans! It just makes my night to know that you’d like to see more of these characters in a third novel :D. That’s a HUGE compliment – thank you so much!!

  28. I have to agree with Cassandra, there are too many fun romantic movies to list just one. Some of the best are really old…showing my age…Bringing up Baby, His Girl Friday and anything with Gary Grant. Wedding cake? My daughter had ameretto….her daddy liked it so much that we had a Father of the Bride cake. I have both of these books to read. They are next on the list to read Yea!. Thanks for the excerpt.

    • Maggie,
      An amaretto cake?!! YUM! I hadn’t even thought of that flavor, but I know it would be delicious 😉 .
      Thank you so much for getting my books and putting them on the top of your to-read pile (!!) — I really hope you’ll enjoy them!
      As for movies, I really like watching those classic films and I’m a big fan of Grant… What’s not to love?! He brings such style to every role. *swoon*

  29. OK, I READ IT! Loved it….posting review today. Keep them coming. Yes, even tho’ at first Bingley annoyed me he became a perfect suitor after talking to Darcy.

    • Oh, Sheila, YAY!!!!!!
      I’m delighted that you loved it!! And how wonderful of you to take the time to post a review — thank you SO much!! I truly appreciate that. *Hugs!* 🙂

  30. Congrats on the release, Marilyn!
    I´m about 35% through on my Kindle right now – Cousin Caro just showed up (I feel trouble brewing…). Love reading Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Bet!

    Since we are having our church wedding in September, we are right now looking for our ideal wedding cake – I´m more for cream with berries and a bit of chocolate and my hubby is all for chocolate…hmmmm. We´ll see on what we decide (tasted a very delicious Raspberry cheeseake the other day.hmmmmm)

    Romcom …thats hard. He´s not that into you (loooove the ending!!), In Her Shoes (need to read Jennifer Weiners novel still – love the scene were he´s reading her that steamy novel lol) and The Proposal (Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock and Betty White…perfect!)

    • Katrin,
      First and foremost, CONGRATS TO YOU on your upcoming wedding!!!!!! Oh, how exciting!! 😀
      Second, many thanks for getting Perfect Bet and beginning to read it! Ah, yes – Cousin Caro… Could anyone by that name be anything but trouble?! LOL.
      On the subject of movies, I can’t believe I still haven’t seen He’s Just Not That Into You – I *have* to watch that, especially now that you’ve recommended it!! I did enjoy In Her Shoes and I LOVED (x100) The Proposal. So funny!
      Finally, I’m looking forward to hearing whatever you and your hubby decide on for your wedding cake. All of those options sound delicious!! Taste testing together has to be fun ;).

  31. Congratulations on the book release! So exciting! I would have to go with the purple peony cake…I love purple and peonies, so that’s a natural choice. I hope there is some chocolate in there somewhere… Best of luck with the new book!

    • TLeighF~
      Thank you for the congrats!! Glad to have you join the party 😉 .
      And I’m cutting you a huge slice of the purple peonies cake! If there’s not chocolate inside, I’ve got some chocolate syrup we could drizzle on top, LOL.

  32. Congratulations and best wishes, Marilyn! I loved your “Perfect Match” and will order “Perfect Bet” immediately! While modern stories are not usually my preference, your Perfect Match was just delightful… so well written with the characters, and emotions portrayed wonderfully sweet and romantic!

    Hard to choose a cake… they are all lovely… Love the beautiful effect of the window behind the purple one… Shucks, guess I’ll have to have a piece of all three! Since I can’t do sugar, this way I can enjoy them anyway! 🙂

    Think I’ve watched every film mentioned… most several times! Sleepless in Seattle You’ve got Mail, Love Actually, are favorites with both my husband and I… Also, Cold Comfort Farm… My husband heard the phrase from it “There’s something nasty in the tool shed,” and we had to watch it, and loved it! Also I.Q. with Walter Matthau as Einstein, Meg Ryan his niece and Tim Robbins the brilliant mechanic. Then there’s the professor… “de Ratman” as Einstein calls him, is a hoot… That same actor (sorry I don’t recall his name) is in Cold Comfort Farm as well… Kind of a “Mr. Collins” type that makes you laugh, but feel a little creepy at the same time! 🙂

    Anyway, what a delightful fun party and so happy you invited me to join it and may your book reach the top of the charts! 🙂

    • Carol, thank you!!
      I really appreciate the congrats & good wishes, and I’m so pleased that you loved Perfect Match! It means a lot to me to know that 😉 .
      A tasting platter of all 3 cakes are coming right up! They are magically delivered without sugar, too — one of the many things I love about virtual cake, LOL.
      Re: Films – oh, my goodness, “I.Q.”!!! I can’t believe I forgot that one! That’s such a cute movie! I only saw “Cold Comfort Farm” once but I need to see it again… We just rewatched “Music & Lyrics” with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore a few days ago, which had some really funny scenes!
      Anyway, I’m thrilled you came to the party! Wishing you a wonderful weekend 🙂 .

  33. Congratulations! I love the dancing silhouette picture in this post.

    One of my favorite recent comedies is Austenland! I’ve never seen “When Harry Met Sally,” but I’d like to watch it.

    • NovElla~
      Thank for for visiting the party!!
      “Austenland” was very cute, and I think I could watch JJ Feild in anything 😀 . I was just thinking about him yesterday because I was watching clips from the 2007 version of “Northanger Abbey” and had forgotten her was the one playing Henry Tilney, which he did quite well!
      As for “When Harry Met Sally,” it’s from 1989, so make allowances for it being a bit dated in some ways, but it’s still SO funny. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

  34. Congrats on your book release! I would really like a slice of the purple peony cake – yum! Great excerpt. Can’t wait to read the entire book.

  35. Hmmm…wedding cake…I think I want the black and white one, because it’s so very elegant. Also, I’m hoping that there is chocolate under all that prettiness.

    I loved the excerpt! The first book was a surprise hit for me last year and I hadn’t paid close enough attention to see if there was a sequel. I heard this morning via a friend, and immediately had to go and buy it for my Kindle. I’m very excited to get reading. The excerpt piqued my interest and I can’t wait to see what happens for Bingley and Jane!

    • Oh, Ems, thank you! That’s such a huge compliment!! I’m thrilled you liked Perfect Match and that you picked up Perfect Bet, too!! I really hope you’ll enjoy Bingley & Jane’s story just as much as Will & Beth’s 🙂 .

      As for cake, sending you a big piece of the black and white one…and I have it on good authority that there’s some chocolate in there!

  36. Ohhh, Austen friends! You’ve been truly AMAZING this month!! I’ve LOVED getting to celebrate this release with you all 🙂 . Thanks to every single person who commented here and joined in the party!!

    The time has come to draw the winners and, because I couldn’t seem to stop myself from clicking the random drawing generator again…and again… (it’s kinda fun!), I decided to add some extra prizes so that there would be SEVEN winners today, not just THREE!!

    SO…drum roll… for the DVD of “When Harry Met Sally” – the winner is Kris Sutterfield!
    For the signed paperback of Pride, Prejudice & the Perfect Match – the winner is Joy Dawn King!
    For the According to Jane tote bag – the winner is Ceri!

    And…some extra prizes!!
    For a Marilyn Brant t-shirt with musical notes – the winner is Deborah!
    And for a digital copy of a novel (winner’s choice of one of these ebooks in PDF format: On Any Given Sundae, Holiday Man, Double Dipping, Pride Prejudice & the Perfect Match, Pride Prejudice & the Perfect Bet, or The Road to You) – the three winners are Stephanie L, Jennifer Redlarczyk, and Katrin!!!
    Congrats to all of you!!

    PLEASE email me (MarilynBrant AT Gmail DOT Com) with the following info:
    **Kris, Joy, Ceri, and Deborah…I need your street addresses so I can send the items to you by regular mail.
    **Stephanie, Jen, and Katrin…I need to know the best email address to send the PDF copy to you and, also, which one of the ebooks above you would like. (If you’ve got them all, let me know, and we’ll work out something else!)

    Thanks so much!!

  37. My favorite Romantic Comedy is You’ve Got Mail. It was actually what got me to read Pride and Prejudice for the first time and the rest is history.

  38. I am just tickled pink! Thank you very much. Can’t wait to add this to my library. Best wishes for your continued success Marilyn.

  39. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Marilyn, I bought both Perfect Match and Perfect Bet for my Kindle a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed them. For anyone who hasn’t read them, I can heartily recommend both. I’ve not read too many modern P & P variations so far so these were a new experience for me.

    Go on, you know you want to!

    • Anji,
      I’m sending you a BIG BEAR HUG wherever you may be right now!!
      Thank you again for not only getting the books and reading them — a huge gift in and of itself! — but, also, for taking the time to tell me you enjoyed the stories <3 <3. That means the world to me, especially coming from Austen friends! 😀

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