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  1. I am so impressed with you 3 extraordinary ladies .

    I can be patient while y’all find your footing.

    Just know that you have friends and fans supporting y’all in this new venture. Plus, y’all got great swag!

  2. You guys make my head spin in a good way. I look forward to what this ‘bend in the road’ has to offer for everyone. I just love being in touch with folk who adore Jane Austen and like to write about her characters. Its all so exciting. Congrats on your new endeavor!

  3. This start is testament to the talents you ladies possess — not to mention determination, savvy, commitment… and class. I’d never have guessed (if you hadn’t said) that this all came together in only four days ( so perhaps I should also mention you all must have the ability to run full out on no sleep!) It looks great! (Love the color scheme and overall feel of it.) I’ve already ‘followed’ the site and look forward to what awaits us all.

    Best of fortune to you all at Austen Variations !

  4. Cats in heat! That almost sounds like a Jack Caldwell farce! I am delighted with your move and read your 14 chapters of The Darcy Brothers yesterday. Wednesday can’t come soon enough. Be assured, I will be a regular visitor here!

  5. I just want all of you lovely authors to know how appreciative I am of all of you. I can’t even imagine the amount of work all of you do to keep these sites active. I’m sure it is helpful for you all, but it is wonderful for us, your readers, who learn and are entertained by all of you. I am grateful that you all have not given up on the web/blog site concept, and have just relocated. I look forward to more insight and fun! Thank you, authors!

  6. Happy Launch Day! Have really been enjoying the Darcy Brothers! Theo is the best character to come along in while! Would love to see him have to deal with Caroline Bingley! All the best to you!

  7. Congratulations, ladies….wow in 4 days you have done wonders….so excited for the new site…slight panic attack when read the other was closing…

  8. For only 4 days of work on the site and a sudden remake-I’m impressed! can’t wait tto see what’s up next. you ladies are amazing—

  9. *Throws confetti* Yay! Happy launch day! Oh, I am very much looking forward to what you all have in store. Next to Theo, I’m most excited about you guys talking about your writing, plotting, and problems. I am always looking to learn more about what writers go through during the writing process and how they plot. I think that is one way to get better as a story editor and better help my clients. Thanks!
    I also like that you will only be posting 3 days a week. This way, I will not miss out on as many posts. There are so many blogs and so little time. 🙂
    Best of luck to you all in this new endeavor! 🙂

  10. Congratulations and Happy Launch Day, you guys! The site looks beautiful and it’s wonderful to see you ladies (and Jack) already have it filled with lots of goodies…including Theo! Good luck and happy writing to all – this will be a wonderful venture for you and your readers!

    PS: I have a sneaking feeling you’ll be a lot busier here than you think, Abigail! 😉

  11. This fortuitous unfolding of events reminds me of The Reverend Mother’s comment to Maria in the Sound of Music which went something like -when a door is closed, the lord opens a window. I’m sure Jane had a more fitting expression.

  12. Congratulations ladies! So excited to follow Austen Variations:-) What fun! So many of my favorite authors in one place…what a dream, plus give-aways!! You can’t beat that…

    • The giveaways are amazing and we hope to amaze everyone with more writing projects like P&P200 and The Darcy Brothers.

  13. Congratulations… and OH THE SWAG! Luckily for me, if I don’t win any, I won’t fret. I bought all those books as soon as they hit the Kindle Store. 😉 Can’t wait to see what those Darcy Brothers get up to next.

    • Monica traded weeks with me for The Darcy Brothers so she’ll be posting on Wednesday. I’ll be up in two more weeks. I love Theo!

  14. I am so excited for this launch. I love that you have created such an open environment for fans to connect with authors and even participate in the creation of such wonderful stories and new characters (I LOVE THEO). Thank you.

    • This is going to be lots of fun. We know fans love new stories so that’s going to be a big part of the site, but we’ll be interacting in other ways, too. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. I’m so delighted and happy that you all choose to continue your group blog in this new site. And with just 4 days to prepare, beautify and officially launch the website. I’m in awe of your talents, Susan, Maria and Abigail. Congrats and thanks for thinking about your readers. I will be quite bereft if I don’t read a new post from you all since it has become part of my daily routine to learn new things.

      • You’re most welcome, Abigail, Marilyn and all the authors of Austen Variations.

        I like that you have made the free e-books downloadable in pdf format because I can now read it from my e-reader without connecting to the Internet. I love The Darcy Brother story with input from reader to decide where the story will head to next. I’m looking forward to Persuasion200 as it is my one of my favourite novels (besides P&P).

  16. Happy new site! I enjoyed the other site and can’t wait for this one. I love that you have free books and works in progress all in one location. I adore the authors and the reader’s choice stories. I have already this as one of my favorites!

  17. As a Brit, this is not a word I use often, but this is awesome! Well done for putting all of this together and thank you for doing it.

    • Brits don’t say awesome! Good to know. I write British mysteries. 🙂 Always good to see you, Hazel. Thanks for joining us in our launch.

  18. Happy launch day! And on my 40th birthday!! 🙂 I love the Reader’s Choice every week. I really enjoyed the Bennet Brother and I’m loving the Darcy Brothers. I look forward to it every week. Keep up the great work and THANK YOU for this site.

  19. I was stunned to see the other site closing, and was giddy with excitement when I went to your (Abigail’s) blog this morning and found the link here. You ladies are amazing to have put this together is just a couple days, and a slam bang job of it too! It’s beautiful. Such talented women.

    And so glad Theo found a new home, although he is always welcome to come live with me. 🙂

    • Hi June. Even though P&P was very successful, I think the Theo people are surprised and pleased by how popular he is. People are buying coffee cups from Zazzle with his pic on it. 😉 Always good to hear from you.

    • We’re astonished by Theo’s popularity, but since we’re all at least half in love with him ourselves, it’s quite understandable. That Darcy magnetism with some humor and mischief, plus a bit of heartbreak from the past… yumm!

  20. So fun to be here from day 1! Looking forward to all your great ideas. Thank you all for your hard work to make this happen!! Congratulations! Looking good!

  21. Yea for the new site being up and running! And I don’t mind the construction dust – the creative process can be messy (my craft table in my living room is proof of this). Looking forward to seeing more of Theo’s story unfold and seeing the rest of Darcy’s POV, as well as new books and WIPs from you all. Jack – Companion of his Future Life was great! Couldn’t put it down!! Maria – I loved Twelfth Night at Longbourn! Are we going to see more of this series following Georgiana? (Bits of Bobbin Lace was great – I especially liked seeing Charlotte and Louisa’s stories as well as more insight into Mr. and Mrs. Bennet). Also the new story Wholly Unconnected To Me looks great! Very interested to see what twists and turns are in store for this one! To the other authors look forward to reading your books as well (currently working on finishing the last few Darcy Variations by Abigail that I haven’t read yet). Thank you all for sharing your talents and love of Austen with us the readers!

    • So glad you enjoy our stories! We love writing them. Be sure to stop by on Thursday for the launch of Mary Simonsen’s new book, Another Place in Time. It’s great.

  22. The new website looks great, I can’t believe you’ve put it together so quickly. All the best for your new venture, and thank you for all the time you put into creating your stories 🙂

  23. While it was surprising to see Austen Authors suddenly disband, I am so happy to see that you (the authors) have continued your love for Austen here at Austen Variations. I (and I’m sure all your fans) are very grateful and excited to see this new venture. Congratulations on getting the new website up and running so quickly!

  24. Congratulations on new website. I started to read P&P fanfictons several years ago by accident and feel in loved with the new genre. I followed Austen Authors this site kept me inform of new novels. Therefore, I am very happy that you will continue with new website. Thank you.

  25. I hope I’m not too late for the launch day party! Fantastic job getting the site up and running in such a short time! I am so eager to see what you all have in store for us and, of course, more Theo. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

    • You could never be late, MonicaP — your comments are always welcome. As for Theo, well, he has no intention of retiring to the wings any time soon. He basks in the admiration of all the lovely ladies who frequent his salon.

  26. Whew, like everyone else, I am so glad you’re on a new site, and it does look great. ( I certainly couldn’t believe you would abandon Theo Darcy like that!)

    Your new focus sounds exciting for us, the readers, and I’m looking forward to peeking at your creative processes and reading, reading, reading… Thank you so much!

    • What kind of lady will capture Theo’s heart?

      Well right now, none hopefully. Needs to grow up some, lock down a secure future, have some adventures first, gain some experience of all kinds – especially needs to experience encounters with ladies (women?) of all kinds and social levels.

      Needs to mature first. When he knows and is comfortable with himself, then he can shop until the thunderbolt strikes.

      Susan, is this the type of conversations you are hoping for on this site? You DID ask an open question… LOL

      • Dave suppose a good natured and down to earth lady were to come Theo’s way. Wouldn’t that perhaps cause him to grow up a bit and settle down. This is of course after he has witnessed the marital bliss of his brother and has seen and been party to the changes that happiness can bring to your life.

      • I asked the open question for exactly that reason! You’re right that Theo has a bit of growing up to do before he finds the right lady, but I started thinking about what she would be like. Would it be love at first sight or someone he’s known for a long time?

        • That is interesting: known or thunderbolt. Possibly the familiar duckling becomes a swan.

          How about a poll for the readers to have input for other characteristics or types?
          Maybe a list of 20ish: Jane, heiress, actress, horsewoman running papa’s estate, Mrs. Annesley, Sir Monty’s sister, governess, widow, bluestocking, ton fortune hunter, Elizabeth-like, etc. (thinking of the ‘type’ of lady – Theo needs to meet them all? Would he choose blindly?)

          Or would the poll be better picking desirable characteristics? Is Theo smart enough to keep up with an Elizabeth? Col Fitz keeps having to point out the obvious to him – right now.

          Wonder if we could each pick four of the list and then publish the results?
          Glad to see the other comments and ideas by eviejoanne and Kathy – the more the better!
          Waaay too early for this to be put into action – just ideas – the AuVaries need a rest! But, maybe in the future…

        • I think the new Anne with spunk would be a logical choice. Maybe she will have some sharp wrods for him that will cause him to suck in that beautiful gut of his. Maybe she has always pinned for him but her drug induced personality coma inhibited her. Maybe he doesn’t discover that he has feeling for the new boisterous Anne until Lady Catherine tricks Darcy into signing something and Theo has to figure out how to save Anne for himself and Darcy for Elizabeth.

          • The writers have Col Fitz making moon eyes at Anne too – a spirited contest between them? Am wondering if a repressed Anne, now released… will she go a bit wild? Not bad wild, but adventuresome wild? Can Theo keep up? Can Col Fitz keep up?

            It is like we are in the middle of a field with paths wiggly squiggly going every which way. Cool that we get to have a say on which to pick!

    • Interesting question! I wonder if Theo will have a bit of hero-worship of his brother, and when he sees his brother so happy (when his brother finally gets there!), he’ll initially be looking for a young lady just like Elizabeth. But I’m also guessing when Elizabeth enters the family, she’ll make them loosen up a bit, so another young lady marrying into the family will have to be able to keep up.

      • When one of my sons married, his brother starting dating a different type of woman as if he saw what he wanted and was seriously looking for someone like his new sister-in-law. Worked out great for him!

  27. Love your new site AND very glad to hear about Snowdrop. I’m so thrilled that she is still with you and looking adorable. I’ve had the experience of a cat in heat and she was quite seductive to the gents. (as long as they were on the other side of the glass door!) Have fun. 🙂

  28. Congrats on the new site, it’s looking great!

    I hope Theo appreciates all the work you guys have put in to giving him such a lovely new home!

  29. I just recently discovered this site and am impressed with all the hard work that has been put into this project. I am entirely certain that I will be spending countless hours in this site reading your blogs.

  30. You all are outdoing yourselves. I don’t know how you do it! However, I appreciate what you do. Through your books, stories, comments,ideas, you take all of us readers to another place. A place we all love and enjoy to escape to as often as we can. Thank you for continuing to offer more. Bless you all.

  31. Congratulations on starting this site! I was so happy to find it—I only discovered Austen Authors a week before it ended. There’s never enough Austen 🙂 .

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