Austen Variations E-Book Sale! Aug. 27 – Sept. 5 — 84 Comments

  1. I just want to add mine are on Nook also now-forgot to tell anyone! I’ve only just sorted them out! I hope you enjoy them if you get a chance to read them!

    • Hi, Sylvia. You are such a dedicated fan of Austen’s. This really is a good opportunity. There won’t be another this year.

  2. This is great! It also enabled me to but the E-book versions for my hard copies, so I can take my favourite books with me on vacations.

  3. Wow! what a great way to start the day! There were 4 in the list I did not have yet – but I do now! woohoo! Thank you so very much ladies – I love the way ya’ll feed my addiction!

  4. I have most of these books, but I did take the opportunity to buy a few more, and I am keeping the link because I may buy a few more! Thank you to everyone for the opportunity to stock up at great prices. I bought two and am looking at three more. I think we all know what happens next – I have no patience and a huge inability to say no to myself, so I will buy them by this time tomorrow!

  5. Shopping and Jane Austen! Two of my favorite things. Don’t you think Maria should have added those to “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”? This is BIG! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my now empty pocketbook.

  6. This was a good surprise this morning. I will get the two I don’t and it will be like a complete set! Thanks so much!

  7. Update: I just bought two more and am thinking about book number five. It was a no brainer: way less expensive than chocolates, not fattening, and they last forever. Again, thank you to everyone for putting the books on sale. My bank account and I thank you! My husband and I will be house sitting for a relative for the next five days, and I plan to do a lot of reading.

  8. A great offer. Thank you authors! I would like to ask though, does anyone know of any way to read nook titles on a kobo? I’d love to nab a couple of titles I’ve not read, but need something compatible for kobo and I know kindle format isn’t. Grateful for any advice. Thanks.

  9. I had all but 3 of he books, mostly for my NOOK, but couldn’t help myself, bought duplicates for my Kindle too. I just won’t say how many. (my husband would ask me if I’m crazy.)

  10. Woo Hoo!! I have all but one of them and it’s only on Kindle…*sigh* LOL I went ahead and bought a couple I have in paperback for my Nook. Yes, I have an addiction. Thanks for feeding it. O:-)

  11. I had a splurge last night, as Ceri had given the heads up for this on Facebook. When I checked, a lot of them were already available at the sale price. I already have all of Abigail’s and Maria’s Given Good Principles books on audio but couldn’t resist getting the sale ones for my Kindle. I already have quite a few of the others as Kindle or audio already so I’ll be filling in the gaps, so to speak, with those I haven’t got or only have on audio.

    Thanks to all of you lovely authors for being so generous!

  12. I am happy to say, I already had most of these, all but 2 actually! LOL
    Thank you so much ladies & gentlemen! SO many good stories! I will read them again and again!

  13. Wow, what a treat! Although they’re not all marked with Amazon UK on this list, they’re all brilliant prices on there too at the moment so (ssh don’t tell my husband) I bought almost all of them! But rarely have I ever had so many books for so little outlay, thank you all so much!

  14. All I can say is “WOW – THANK YOU!” I need to go home tonight and see which of these I don’t already have on my Kindle. Can’t wait! Thanks again!

  15. I am seriously delighted! I have a number of these on my wishlists (paperback) but I will be going on vacation in a couple of weeks and will bring my Kindle! Now I have several wonderful books to read! Thank you all for your generosity and talent! Happy Reading everyone!

  16. Thanks for the discount on the books! Just brought a few that I didn’t have and now my labor day reading is all set 😉

  17. How wonderful! You are such a generous group of authors- you have just made my day & probably several weeks to come considering how long the books will keep me happy!

    • Just went shopping and wanted to thank you all again! I got 6 books that I didn’t have yesterday and am as excited as a kid on Christmas morning! And my husband is pretty pleased too— I actually managed to stay on budget thanks to your generous discounts!

  18. I ended up buying seven. It is not possible to buy just one! Again, thank you authors for putting these on sale. I think. I now have all these books, except for maybe one, and who knows? I just might be hit with an overwhelming urge to buy that one too!

  19. Thank’s for your effort and the generousdiscounts!
    Most of Jane Austen’s novel-variations are great and I love them.
    I have most of the books on the list. But the ones I haven’t are on my wishlist to buy later this week 🙂
    I love Pride & Prejudice variations best. The lovestory between Mr Darcy and Elisabeth Benneth is just unforgettable!
    Thank you for giving us more of them and their love to enjoy!

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  21. I bought Searching for Captain Wentworth and Another Place in Time. I like my time travel novels haha. Looking forward to reading them. 🙂

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