Austen at the Seaside: Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth in Brighton — 23 Comments

  1. A new day, a new beginning; I really liked that. Thank you for sharing the excerpt. I am excited about the release of book 3.

  2. A lovely description of Brighton. Having been there, I could picture the areas exactly; although, 200 years later.

  3. been waiting awhile for book 3 – glad hear it’s soon to be here – I will have to read the first two again

  4. I say lets go to Brighton! At least Brighton of old. I’m sure it’s plenty crowded now a days in modern times. Thanks for your excerpt. Beautiful! Jen Red

    • Thanks, Jennifer! Yes, it’s very busy these days especially in the summer. It would have been crowded then, too. Several militias were stationed there because there were rumors that Napoleon planned to invade, which is why Wickham was sent to Brighton. It was a very fashionable resort, too, in the summer. Very glad you liked the excerpt.

  5. Wonderful!!! Once I get done grading this seemingly never-ending stack of essays and compute final grades, I’m treating myself to this series!!

    Thank you, Monica, for a lovely excerpt and for allowing us to enjoy your passion for Austenesque writing!

    Susanne, back to the Hamlet and research essays….

  6. That is such a poignant meeting for both…thank you! Looking forward to Book 3 and like Vesper, will re-read the first two in order to refresh my memory! I am wondering what the final book cover will be! Both Book 1 and 2 were gorgeous! So looking forward to it all!

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