Austen at the Seaside: A Tempting View — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks Leslie. Loved this post but it is such a shame they were interrupted! Richard is such a tease. Maybe they will get lucky next time (hoping there will be s next time???) 😊

    • I love having a mischievous Richard. He had way too much fun interrupting them, didn’t he? Thanks, Glynis!

  2. What a fun post. Now I have to go and check out the links. Loved the pictures. Thanks for some fun in the sun! Jen Red

    • I’ve been having way too much fun writing something completely silly for a change. I’m just glad everyone else has been enjoying them too! Thanks, Jen!

  3. Oh so glad to have another post of ’50 Shades of Jane’! I had a good chuckle this morning! I can just picture Caroline offering to pay whatever it takes to dance with Darcy! Look forward to that scene! Yes, love the pictures and the sea glass!

    • I know I’m going to have to string this all together eventually and put those scenes in just to see what happens. Thanks, Carole!

    • Richard’s a bit of a fink for that, but I do love a fun Richard. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks, Susanne!

  4. Loved it! Thanks so much for the additional scene. I am looking forward to the continuing storyline of 50 Shades of Jane.

    Poor Darcy and Elizabeth to be stopped, so funny. Shame on Richard.

    • Well, they shouldn’t have been getting so amorous on a beach whether secluded or not. LOL! Elizabeth had the right idea from the start, but I think she forgot. Darcy probably looked pretty hot in his swim trunks 😉 Thanks, Patty!

  5. I am so far behind in reading blogs!!!! Catching up today.

    Loved this but laughing at how tormented William is and then having to keep it all secret. Delicious. Thanks for the tid-bit.

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