Chapter Eighteen – The Aunt, the Accent, and Him — 18 Comments

  1. Ohhhhhh Leslie this was such a tease!!! And to end it right there!!!!! Omg! Seriously now we have to wait until next week????! Arghhhh!!! Right when Darcy appears!!! But you did get away with Ellie’s presence quite well if I must say so! Now onto hopefully Happily ever after for Darcy and Elizabeth!
    And how to return Ellie to the 21st century?

    • So far Ellie’s appearance doesn’t seem an issue. There will be questions so don’t get too complacent yet. We’ll definitely see a lot more of Darcy from here on out, though, even with my evil cliffhangers! Thanks, Sophia!

  2. Why would Elizabeth want to close Ellie’s mouth? She has the language perfectly 😂.
    Of course Darcy will stop, even if only to ask after her family once or twice. That will give Elizabeth the perfect opportunity to tell him about Lydia. (and to offer to go with him to save her, taking Ellie as her chaperone maybe, although I don’t suppose the Gardiners would approve.)
    Please let him not just ride past Leslie as I’m not sure that I could bear it.
    In fact maybe he will think he is dreaming and kiss her? Yes that’s what he should do. (if she has to keep going back and forth? at least it will be pleasurable to keep reliving that moment 👄❤ .
    Oh no! Another 7 days to wait 😞.
    Thanks Leslie 💐

    • LOL! We’ll see about Ellie’s accent! I don’t know that it will do them any favours. We’ll definitely see Darcy’s reaction next time. I can promise you that! Thanks, Glynis!

  3. Oh, the only thing I can think now is the long wait until the next chapter, Leslie! But finally Elizabeth and Darcy will meet!:)

  4. Will Darcy even see Ellie, much less acknowledge her? I may be forgetting something (the price of a long drawn out weekly serial, ahem!) but are Ellie and Elizabeth true doppelgangers? Assuming that means physical images of each other, will everything be left up to a scent of lavender?
    Please don’t plan any summer vacations, Miss Leslie! We 21st Century readers will find you!

    • No, they aren’t doppelgangers. When Elizabeth is in the future and Ellie travelled back, Ellie inhabited Elizabeth’s body and vice versa (So when Elizabeth was in the future without Ellie, she was Ellie), but when they are together, they are themselves. Elizabeth is brunette with long curls and Ellie has straight hair in more of a long bob in what some people say is a shade of ginger, but she likes to call “bronze shimmer.” I hope that helps! It has definitely been a while since we really covered that, so I can see where it would be easily forgotten. Thanks, Katherine!

  5. Ellie has impulse control issues all her own. Does she ever stop to think before she opens her mouth. I am sure she has no thought to the fact that her accent is all wrong and even the words were not in the truest style for the period. BUT she did pull Elizabeth out of doors to meet Darcy, which is a good thing. Hopefully Ellie will not muddle it up for Elizabeth with Mr. Darcy. Thanks for this chapter.

    • She’s trying to help and she does know that she’s dreadful at the accent, but it’s a little unrealistic of Elizabeth to expect her to be mute. The Gardiners would find that odd too. Thanks, Sheila!

  6. Reading this chapter was like watching an episode of “I Love Lucy”–I was on tenterhooks the entire time, waiting for the worst to happen.

    And Ellie should not be allowed to slaughter the English language!! 😉

    Wow, we have to wait until next Wednesday to meet the “real” Mr. Darcy? Darn!!

    Ah, well!! We’ll see how much Tom Darcy’s famed ancestor is similar to him. 😉

    Thank you again for writing for us, Leslie!! I love the suspense (but hate it at the same time, too). You know what I mean….

    Have a lovely week!!

    Susanne 🙂

  7. How could you leave us hanging? Yikes. I was just settling in for Elizabeth and Darcy’s meeting, and we were yanked from that just like Ellie pulled Elizabeth’s bonnet off her head. Post next chapter quickly, please.

  8. Mrs. Gardiner is one smart cookie! She knows something is up. I must say ‘the plan’ they have come up with and who Ellie is, was quite ingenious! Now let’s see if Mr. Darcy is just as glad to see Miss Elizabeth as we hope! But to wait a whole week?! Cruel author…LOL!

    • I’m sure there’s some hole in their plan–other than it being a little too convenient. We’ll have to see what happens when Elizabeth starts explaining things. Thanks, Carole!

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