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  1. Dear Maria Grace,
    I have to admit that I actually was able to purchase your new book the end of last week at Amazon! I was so surprised and meant to write you sooner, but forgot as I was busy reading it over the weekend!! I loved how you did the ending by moving and reworking a previous section to later in the book; very effective!! Wonderful story!!!!!!!!!!

    If I qualify, I would love to be put in the giveaway for a magnet! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the excerpt. I enjoyed the original, and look forward to reading the story in it’s current incarnation. I would love an ecopy of Mistaking Her Character.

  3. Do you have a link for those of us in the UK for Amazon UK or are you happy for us to just go direct to their site?

  4. Fitzwilliam is only saying what other members of the ton would say…set her u as your mistress….I truly think that he is actually trying to wake Darcy up to his true feelings for Elizabeth and make him aware she would make an excellent mistress as she cares about all…above and below stairs. CONGRATULATIONS! I love the cover. What an affectionate couple.

  5. I just picked up my copy at Amazon, and hooray! I was so happy to wake up and see this in my inbox. I thought the Colonel’s advice was typical for a man of his station and upbringing, and it was helpful in giving Darcy one of the nudges he needed, and I say one of, because he clearly needed more than one. The Colonel is a man’s man, and he would have had a more worldly, more practical, and cold blooded perspective. For him, there was probably very little romance involved with women. He needed and wanted a woman with money, and was conditioned to think of women as servants, mistresses, and wives, and probably in that order too! Sometimes in fiction he becomes a saintly type, which I think is out of character for him. The Colonel is no saint, and probably knew his way around the block more than once. That adds to his personality. He is not the anomaly in Regency fiction, but nor is he a rake either. For his time and position he was a gentleman, and gentlemen were expected and encouraged to enjoy themselves. Darcy is actually the anomaly, happily for us and Elizabeth? I would love one of the magnets if I won. Congratulations on another fine book, Maria. I will make time to read it today, and I will thoroughly enjoy it. This story has captivated me since the first post and it is a thrill to see it in finished form.

    • Thank you so much Mari. I think you make a good point. Darcy was more the anomaly than Fitzwilliam. I think Fitzwilliam was very normal for his time, even though we may not like his attitudes very much, I think they portray a reality of the era.

  6. Congratulations and I will look for this today. The cover is beautiful. I love to watch all these WIPs and then the wonderful completed version. What a great day for us both!

  7. Maria

    You should have been clearer rather than saying “released into the wild.” I found it on where it already has one review. Naturally I ordered it. 🙂


  8. Congrats on this release. Colonel Fitzilliam’s advice was meant to nudge Darcy to acknowledge his own feelings. I would love the magnets if I won.

  9. I loved the story, and the new title and cover are awesome. Best of luck with your publication. I’m sure it will do well. Jen Red

  10. Although I may not personally agree with the Colonel’s suggestions, they are in line with what the thinking of the day would have been. If it gets Darcy to know his own mind, it has served its purpose. Congratulations on the new release.
    Thanks for the giveaways. I would especially like one of the audiobooks, but all the prizes look great! 🙂

  11. Congratulations on your newest release, Maria! The cover is beautiful! :-). Can’t wait to read it! Please enter me into the drawing for the ebook.

    Thanks for opportunity to win a copy!

    Pamh5230 at yahoo dot com

  12. I loved the insights into the Colonial’s thoughts about Anne and his future and the way he can get under Darcy’s skin! THanks for the excerpt….
    I would love an e-book!

  13. Hello Maria !
    I believe the colonel has a clearer sight into Darcy’s heart than Darcy.

    He is giving good advice ” wake up and get her if you want her ” ( in my words).

    Can’t wait to read this !!!
    If I am so lucky, the Audio books !!
    Congrats !!

  14. Fitzwilliam is just trying to get Darcy to see all the options, opinions and opposition. So excited for your release. I would love a chance to win the magnets or the ebook of Mistaking Her Character. Thank you for the giveaway and congratulations!

  15. The advice of Col. Fitzwilliam that I like is ‘you best act to secure your happiness quickly’ hopefully meaning marriage.
    I am interested in the ebook of Mistaking her Character and audiobook of Remember the Past

  16. Wow! This sounds really terrific. Can’t wait to see how Lizzy is “established” so to speak, at Rosings, in so much that Anne wants her for a companion and she has dealings with the staff already. Who is sick? Lady C? Is Bennet a doctor in your story? So many questions!!!

  17. I do agree that the colonel is showing Darcy his options and it is a good insight into how society would have felt about this situation as unfair as that seems. I ordered the ebook, and would love to win any of the other prizes. Thank you for your generosity. I read the original story online. Has this version changed much?

    • This version hasn’t changed too much. A few scenes were added, a couple were cut, and a few occur at a different time than in the original. But all in all it has changed less in editing that any of my previous books. Thanks, Lisa!

  18. I loved this story when you posted it and this excerpt doesn’t disappoint.


    PS I don’t need a prize — reading your wonderful stories is prize enough for me.

  19. Congratulations Maria. What a delightful excerpt which I enjoyed greatly. I would love tow in the beautiful notecards very much.

  20. I was captivated with this fantastic post and enthralled with the excerpt. If possible I would appreciate the lovely and unique note cards since I write and post notes, thank you’s and am nostalgic.

  21. Congratulations, Maria! I enjoyed reading your story bit by bit and will look forward to a re-reading now that it is complete!

    Fitzwilliam’s knowledge and relationship with Darcy allow him to abuse and prompt him to action with his unseemly suggestions, which would be offensive otherwise.

    I would love any of the offerings, but the magnet with the kitties and quote about staying home is my favorite!! 🙂

  22. Colonel Fitzwilliam is correct–Darcy needs to act quickly to insure his and Elizabeth’s happiness, especially when Darcy knows the way both those at Rosings and her own family treat her. (But we know that won’t happen, will it? No, the events must wend their way slowly so that we receive the maximum dramatic impact (which I *love*!).

    I adore Wholly Unconnected; it’s definitely one of my favorite Austen variations, and I would *love* to have an e-copy!!

    Thank you for posting an excerpt for us to enjoy–you just brightened my morning considerably!

    Susanne 🙂

  23. Congratulations, Maria. I read Wholly Unconnected to Me when it was posted here and I love it. I’m delighted that you have published this book and would love to have the e-book format. When I first saw Mistaking Her Character, I thought it’s a totally new book but after you explained it, I understand now. I easily know the working title is taken from P&P but not too sure about the new title until you pointed it out.

    Anyway, I think Darcy should take Colonel Fitzwilliam’s advice and put Elizabeth under his protection to ensure her well-being and his happiness. But this might also jeopardize her reputation if society learn about this. So whatever he chooses, let it be for his love for Elizabeth (though I know how the story progresses).

  24. I believe the good Colonel is thinking ahead…..if Darcy doesn’t act quickly we all know one of the “forces” will try to interfere! Enjoy your writing immensely, Maria! Thank you for sharing your God-given talent! : -) I would also like to be considered for the e-copy of MHC.

  25. Ok, that advice was great. It’s like the advice that you wish he had given Darcy and I would love a copy of the book!

  26. This story interests me greatly. So wonderful. Maria, you are very creative. Thanks for this wake up for me to enjoy today. Notecards are what I treasure.

  27. Love the excerpt. Know I will love the e – book I just ordered. For once, Darcy should listen to someone he respects and his own heart. He allows outside “forces” to change his opinions when he had the correct solution himself all along which never really make him happy.

  28. Congratulations on your new release, Maria. It was most enjoyable reading this last year when you posted it chapter by chapter for us all.

    I believe the Colonel’s advice was a real wake up call for Darcy. It certainly sounds as though it hadn’t ocurred to him what the position of companion to Anne would mean for Elizabeth. Time for action, my boy!

    If possible, I’d love to be entered into the draws for the international sets of notecards and magnets, please.

  29. I would love to get an e copy of the novel (international). I read wholly unconnected to you and reading again this excerpt remembered me how much I liked your novel with the very different Bennet family characters and thrilling situations.
    As for Colonel advice, it reflect the general behaviour of “gentlemen” at that time. Unless he tries to help Darcy discover what his real feelings are for Elizabeth.
    Thank you!

    • I am glad you enjoyed it while I was posting it. I think Fitzwilliam definitely challenged Darcy to consider what his feelings for Elizabeth really were. Thanks, Rosa!

  30. Great excerpt. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I think the Col give Darcy a wake up call. I just hope he listens before it is too late.

  31. Congratulations on the release. I did read this as a WIP but have to order it as it is a Keeper to be read and re-read. I would love any book.

  32. Congratulations on the release and thanks for the excerpt! I really enjoy when Darcy and the Colonel have conversations – I love to see how their relationship is, and this one seems so close knit. Any book would be great.

  33. Congratulations Maria Grace! Very exciting for us after reading snippets here and there so I can imagine how exciting it is for you after laboring on it for so long. . I bought it this afternoon after I saw this post and can’t wait to start reading! Thanks for explaining the name change. I think both are good choices. I would love an audiobook, but would be happy with any of the prizes (though I don’t need a copy of this book, obviously, since I just bought it). Best of luck with the book launch!

  34. I agree with Colonel Fitzwilliam. Darcy needs to act quickly and thoroughly before something else happens to Elizabeth.

    I would like a copy of your book or audio version please.

  35. I suspect I won’t wait until June to purchase this book, it sounds marvelous! So sign me up for the magnets so I can torture my family further with my love of Jane Austen!! Now I think I’m off to amazon to purchase this book-I feel a cold coming on and may have to stay in bed today….

  36. Your colonel had to jump start Darcy. It seems not to have occurred to Darcy that outside forces could keep him from having a choice or Elizabeth for that matter. (I really enjoyed your characters when this was posted! I liked that Darcy saw Elizabeth’s character strengths when no-one else did)

    I would love a chance for the e-book or audio book
    Thank you!

  37. Col. F is holding up a mirror for Darcy to look at. His proposed solutions are designed to make Darcy come to the point… he is in love with Elizabeth, and if he hopes to save her as well as himself, he must marry her. Not sure that was what the Colonel intended… but I think it’s what he accomplished. Can’t wait to read the story again – from start to finish!

  38. Colonel Fitwilliam is really Darcy’s voice of reason ad the best help his cousin can ask. Maybe Darcy will be able to reach the same conclusion of his cousin alone but he will need to think to that first and with his time he will risk to be too late. Luckily for him Col Fitzwilliam is here for forcing him to reflect and accept the truth… and doing something about the suggestionj of his cousin: he need to do something about Elixabeth quick or he will lose her forever!!!

    If i am still in time i wuold love a chance for the ebook

  39. I believe, I have NEVER read a line about Colonel Fitzwilliam that I do not like. He is always the best of friends and he supports Darcy. I think he is the perfect kind of character that always brings hope and kindness.

    I would love to participate in the giveaway. I like all your prizes, so I would not mind which one but I supposes that as I like in England, the ebook will be the easiest way for you, and one of my favourite options 😉

    Thank you.

  40. I believe, I have NEVER read a line about Colonel Fitzwilliam that I do not like. He is always the best of friends and he supports Darcy. I think he is the perfect kind of character that always brings hope and kindness.

    I would love to participate in the giveaway. I like all your prizes, so I would not mind which one but I suppose that as I live in England, the ebook will be the easiest way for you, and one of my favourite options 😉

    Thank you.

  41. No better way to see reason than an old friend. Ole Darce is lucky he isn’t commissioned or the Col might just make it an order… Lovely bit of writing as always. Looking forward to reading this far more than ‘tolerable’ work. 🙂 Keep it up! E-book entry preferably.

  42. I know I will love this story! I have always
    been intrigued by the Colonel’s feelings for
    Thank you for the giveaway. I would enjoy
    the notecards or audio book or magnet.

  43. I guess I should have answered your question for a prize of e-book Mistaking her character. No… I do not like Fitzwilliam’s advice to Darcy even though he may be right about the ton and her position. This is a great tale. Nice to see it being published.

  44. I don’t want to read any of this yet because I don’t want to ruin the story. I am so excited that you have a new book!! Thanks for writing another.

  45. Hi Maria! I so loved following this story every week and loving Mrs.Drummond’s school for girls! I can not wait to read again Mistaking Her Character! It is a nice scene showing how close the two cousins are and the Colonel is able to shove Darcy into making a move about his feelings for Elizabeth! If I am not to late I’d like to be entered for the ebook copy of Mistaking Her Character

  46. It is sound advice! Especially if he does not like the way she is treated by her father. It very obvious that Mr. Bennet force Lizzie into Anne’s service to forever secure himself in Lady Catherine’s favor. Darcy at least admits that Fitzwilliam is right but he hasn’t made peace with his feelings yet. #ohdarcy

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