May Flowers – As Heard from Among the Lilacs — 25 Comments

  1. This is beyond good! Fitzwilliam and Anne, yes. Darcy’s speaking to the cherry tree help his cousins correct his ill fated proposal at Hunsford. Hopefully, if Darcy waits until London, he’s got the first couple of excellent lines memorized. There was no mention of Colonel Fitzwilliam’s blunder mentioned so hopefully that’s not something Elizabeth can hold against him. All three cousins can fill her in about the dastardly wicked Wickham before his proposal. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Write on!

    • Just right Carol! Anne kept the colonel busy so he didn’t have time to go off and say too much to Elizabeth 🙂

      Thank you!

  2. What a lovely chapter! So funny to have Darcy proposing to a cherry tree! But thank goodness Fitzwilliam and Anne overheard and were thus able to amend his thinking. I hope when he does get round to proposing he explains about Wickham and just tells her he loves her and wants to marry her. (Swoon bliss) Then hopefully she will accept him and they will both live happily ever after 💕💕💕💕 thank you.

  3. Lovely vignette and I must say the ‘rash’ was brilliant! Oh I do enjoy stories where there is ‘more’ to Anne! I do think the major hurdle he will have to overcome is about his part in separating Bingley from Jane. Wickham would be easier to overcome than that! Will there be more?

    • I hadn’t planned on more Carole but maybe someday! Until then we can just assume the HEA went a bit smoother!
      Thank you!

  4. Amy, your creativity and writing are brilliant, as usual. I’m surprised that Anne and Fitzwilliam didn’t mention to Darcy about Mr. Collins’ failed proposal, though. Might have made him less overconfident that she would accept him just because his position in life is desirable! But I just love the idea of Anne and the Colonel as a couple and conspiring together to promote Darcy and Elizabeth. Inspired premise!!

  5. What fun. Amy is my favorite story teller, channeling Fitzwilliam and Anne as they steer Darcy toward a proper proposal. I hope there is a part 2.

  6. I always love a clever Anne, and I rarely find a sultry one. lol Thank goodness she knows something about matters of the heart. Thanks, Amy!

  7. Gosh Amy, the colonel and Anne were perfect in this one. Darcy never stood a chance. I love how they manipulated him without his really feeling it. Nice little vignette.

  8. Loved this. I am sure we all would wish that Darcy be spared the pain of hearing Elizabeth’s rebuttals when he adds in all the objections to her family and lack of connections. And if he can slide the truth about Wickham in there then all he has to do is send Bingley back to Hertfordshire.

    Amy, are you expanding this into a book? You are a favorite of mine also and I look forward to your next offering. Thanks for this lovely interlude.

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