April Showers – A Dash in the Rain (from Return to Longbourn) — 13 Comments

  1. No specific rain story, tho’ I did want to comment that this book contained perhaps the most heart-breakingly poignant scene I have yet to read in JAFF. It occurs when Mary accidentally encounters [edited to remove spoilers] and she runs into the stables to have a good cry. Until that moment she (and I) had still hoped and believed that she had a chance [edited]. Her sheer despair was almost tangible. Well done, Shannon. And I’d also like to say that the P&P2005 Mary is by far my favourite of all her film incarnations — the rest seem like mere caricatures.

    • I love your comments, Janis, especially your compliment about that most poignant scene. I hope you don’t mind that I edited it afterward, so as not to give anything away to those who haven’t read it yet. I also trust that you were satisfied with Mary’s fate in the end (another something I won’t give away here)!

    • Thanks, Melanie! RTL was a lot of fun to write (but they all are!). It took an entirely different direction than I had originally planned and ended up as a much better story as a result. 😀

  2. I too so loved Mary’s story. I must re-read it again! I don’t have a rain story I can think of but I also loved ‘Wives & Daughters’ and the rain scene. Thank you!

  3. I love Mary. Both you and Maria Grace do a lovely job of bringing Mary out of her shell and somewhat reluctantly into the spotlight.

    And my favorite rainy scene is in Jane Eyre between Jane and Rochester after she claims, “Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong!–I have as much soul as you,–and full as much heart!” And after she accepts Rochester’s proposal, they are caught in the rain on their way back to Thornfield. And of course in the night, the huge oak was struck by lightning…a bit of symbolic foreshadowing that no one could miss. 😉

    Runners-up include Little Women with Jo and Professor Bhaer in the chapter entitled “Under the Umbrella.” So sweet! I also love the scene in Wives and Daughters.

    And now I really want to read The Darcys of Pemberly and Return to Longbourn. Perhaps I can ask for them for Mother’s Day from my kids! 😉

    Thanks, Shannon, for this lovely excerpt…and for this lovely portrayal of Mary who actually is my favorite Bennet sister. I love Elizabeth and Darcy’s romance, but There Is Something About Mary…. Sorry for the pun! (Not really. 😉 )

    Have a lovely day!

    Susanne, who is very much enjoying Leap of Hope 😀

    • P.S. And I can now add the latest two chapters of Cassandra Grafton’s A Quest for Mr. Darcy (Chapters 52 and 53) which is published on her website. A sweet, romantic rain scene that starts a bit rough and then…awwww!!!! 😉

      ~Susanne 🙂

      • If Mary is your favorite, Susanne, then YES, YOU MUST READ RTL (but DoP before it)! So glad you’re enjoying Leap of Hope, and thanks for sharing your rain-day scenes with us!

  4. Need to reread Mary’s Story. Poor girl always seems to get left out. Rain scenes always remind me of my childhood. Playing in the rain when it was warm.

    • To tell the truth, Carol, I’m probably a lot more like Mary than Elizabeth. That’s probably why I felt compelled to redeem her from obscurity and derision, and give her a good story of her own. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Just getting to more unread e-mailed blogs: this excerpt was delightful. Love the photo from Wives and Daughters, another favorite of mine…I often watch that rainy proposal scene when I am in the mood for a short romantic piece. I will have to check out this piece although I admit to tending to read variations of Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s romance. Thanks for sharing.

  6. In checking it out I see that I did purchase and review this book…its been a while. 5 stars so I did enjoy it.

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