Antiquarian Jane: Rare Book Miniature Replicas — 8 Comments

  1. Oh to actually own a first edition of Pride & Prejudice! It’s amazing how Jane continues to inspire. Another author that I have loved is Louisa May Alcott and her “Little Women”. I shall go check out your book beads!

  2. Over the years, I’ve seen many images for P&P covers and illustrations, but never any for Persuasion. Does anyone know if there are any attractive Persuasion covers in the history?

  3. Thank you all for your kind words and for the Austen Variations Group for this guest post! It warms the heart to see old books gain new life through book beads! It really has become a driving force for me and my craft. I’m hard at work resurrecting more antiquarian books (Jane among them – and yes, Persuasion will be one of the books getting a makeover in the coming year). Cheers to all, Faith

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