Anniversary February — Henry and Catherine Tilney — 22 Comments

  1. This was a really fun story. When the lit candle appeared I figured Henry planned something. I haven’t had anything unusual given to me, but I gave my husband the chance to drive a race car and engineer a steam locomotive on 2 separate anniversaries. Thanks for this enjoyable story to start my morning.

  2. Northanger Abbey is my favourite Jane story. I laughed my way through the book, and then through the movie (as well as falling in love with JJ Feilds). I also recently read a pastiche about the Tilneys as vampires. And now this delightful story! Everything about NA is such great fun and this certainly follows in that vein. Many thanks for the charming read.

  3. Awwww, what a “lovely” surprise, especially for one who adores Gothic novels as Catherine does! 🙂

    That kind of surprise would not go over well with me, but Henry knows his wife well. She may have been a “fraidy cat” during the experience, but soon after she could look back and truly enjoy her fright.

    But walking into one of those spider webs is not fun at all!! Ew!!!

    Thanks for the shivers this morning, Kara! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

  4. As soon as Henry told Catherine it wasn’t something she could bring home with her, I was hoping it was a Gothic experience! I loved it, and I just know Catherine would have loved such a gift! Very fun anniversary!

  5. This was lovely, particularly as I’ve just finished re-reading the original. Just the sort of thing Catherine would enjoy more in the remembrance of it, whilst being quite scared at the time.

  6. That was a perfect gift for Catherine. I have always liked the NA movie version with JJ Feilds. I would not like that present but for her it was apropos. Thanks for this lovely anniversary story. Looking forward to more. I have not had any unusual gifts of which I could report.

  7. I truly wonder what his friend must have thought of him for setting all of this up for Catherine! Great fun Kara!
    Thank you! I always thought they were such a delightful couple!

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