Anniversary February: Lydia and Wickham’s Second Anniversary — 20 Comments

  1. Yes that is how I imagine those two would live. I feel so sorry for the children, they are lucky to have Anna so at least someone loves them. Thanks for this post.

  2. and all of her hard work on the stew is for naught because no one told her they would not be dining at home that night. *sigh* Yes, this is how I would picture Lydia and Wickham. Those poor munchkins.

    • I’ve always liked the continuation stories where the Wickham kids (like all 12 of them) are living with their various aunts, getting a much better start on life than they would have otherwise. Lots of sons joining the army or navy, and daughters getting enough of an education to marry moderately well. One good thing about their parents’ selfishness as that they would have no objection to farming their kids out to whomever would take them. Thankfully there are good homes available for them to grow up in.

  3. Yes, definitely how I imagined things would turn out for them. Two children in as many years and more to come almost certainly. Lydia telling her husband that she cared for the children all day? It made me spluteer over the cup of tea I was drinking at the time!

  4. Yep, that’s about right…sigh. I feel sorry for poor Anna, trying to do the work of three servants all at once, and then having to deal with Lydia’s selfishness and Wickham’s drunken violence.

    Very realistic portrayal of what their lives would have been. Sad, but realistic.

    Thank you!

    Susanne 🙂

  5. Sad how none of us picture it any different. And the stew will burn and the children will be hungry. Yes, laughable how Lydia claims to be caring for them all day. And he hits Lydia – why am I not surprised? Well written and could it have been any other way? No.

    • Yes, the domestic violence was something I had to work on…I don’t think he would be very violent because he has spend too many years sucking up to others in hopes of fleecing them that it is second nature to him. He also has the eyes on the main chance and won’t do anything that might jeopardize the money he will eventually get when her parents die. I would imagine that Darcy made him sign a contract setting up the rules and holding a tight hand on the purse strings. Ready to draw them tight if Wickham doesn’t keep up his part of the bargain in marrying Lydia. I’m sure domestic violence would make Wickham lose his money sources from Darcy. These are the things that I would like to explore. I could easily see her as another whining Mrs. Price!

  6. Unfortunately, this is the way I would picture them Lydia and Wickham over imbibing and the physical abuse Lydia is enduring. Sigh. Those poor kids.

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