Anniversary Celebrations: Revisiting Fanny and Edmund Bertram — 35 Comments

  1. I can’t think what’s going on here, Mr Caldwell-Fanny Price has hidden depths I never imagined! : ) Loved the little mystery and intrigue…

  2. Oh, my…… innocent Fanny has hidden sensibilities that Jack Edmund has found. Heh-heh!

    But I would have kicked Pugsly out of the bedroom. No voyeurs, please…. even the four-legged variety.

  3. 😀 Thank you for this fun story! I was a bit worried when I read your warning, but it soon was obvious my trepidation was not needed. I love how you portrayed this couple! I also love how Tom is so oblivious, especially since he was once a carouser.

  4. Ooh that was great, a cheeky glimpse into their married life. I can just picture it, The maid with her apron over her head giggling as the floor boards or bed head starts creaking. While Tom scurries out the front door and Pugsly starts barking at the bedroom door . Well done Mr Caldwell.

    • I remember watching old movies where the maids threw their aprons over their faces when they got scared or embarrassed. I don’t really understand why they did it, but it was always funny.

  5. Well done, Jack. Loved it, especially the msid’s reactions. Poor Tom, quite obtuse….he just about needed to be hit over the head with a fry pan to understand why they didn’t want to be disturbed. LOL. thanks for a fun wake up.

  6. Oh what a good laugh this morning. Wonderful Jack. It is amazing that the worldly Tom is so thick when it comes to Edmund and Fanny.

  7. Okay Mr. Caldwell…I’ve gotten several funny looks as I crack up sitting here at my desk this morning. No one knows why financials are so funny. =D That was fabulous! They always say to watch out for the quiet ones…

  8. I was delighted when I saw that you were to write about Edmund and Fanny’s special day! I knew you would do it right. They have always been depicted as such a stodgy couple… especially Edmund, and am thrilled to see some real lightheartedness infused into their relationship… as well as some romance! 🙂 And how fun to see Tom so likable too… just as I always thought he should become following his wake-up call. In fact, I have long wished for a sequel to Mansfield Park that accomplishes just what you have done in this short vignette! THANK YOU, Jack! (Mansfield Park is one of my favorite of JA’s novels, but Edmund my least favorite hero.)

      • Indeed, I do not despise you, sir. I would instead direct you to my anniversary post on the 2nd, where I did include a very obvious illusion to this form of celebration at the end. But that’s not what the WHOLE post was about, so you may have me beat there, Jack. 😉

  9. Aaah! MP has long been my favorite Austen novel and Fanny my favorite heroine. And who knew she had it in her? It’s usually the quiet ones whom must be watched! Tom’s embarrassment once he “got it” was hilarious.

    And it’s so sweet that Tom is so protective of his new sister–and of course Fanny is all that a true sister should be.

    Thank you for smiles this gray and cloudy morning in San Diego….

    Susanne 🙂

  10. Well done, Jack! I have to admit I never had any interest or curiosity about Fanny and Edmond post Mansfield Park. Little did I know it would be so amusing!

  11. Just catching up on this. Still waters run deep, indeed. I think when I revisit Mansfield Park, which I have to admit is my least favourite Austen novel, I’ll have to read it bearing this story in mind!

    Thanks for such an entertaining and amusing, nay laugh-out-loud, anniversary story, Jack.

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