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  1. Thanks so much for this additional scene! I’m loving AUT, especially Grandmama. I’ve read your other stories and have enjoyed all of them. I especially admire your ability to write dialog that never seems stilted or forced and seems natural for the time frame. Congratulations on another well done effort.

  2. Lovely cover. I will read this post after getting a night’s worth of sleep. Reading another story which I finally put down. But do love the cover.

    • I’m so happy with how the picture worked as the cover. It took me a while to get it worked out so it looked like it did in my head. Thanks, Monica!

    • I’ve wanted to write this scene for a while, but I didn’t think it was necessary for the overall book. I finally wrote it a couple of weeks ago, and decided to put it up for the cover reveal. It is a real cliffie, but it won’t take long to find out what happened. Thanks, Jane!

  3. I love the cover Leslie. Your preface has left me eagerly anticipating the book. I wonder if Elizabeth is left with a limp or other impairment from the accident. Whar is the anticipated release date of the book?

    • I will say that Elizabeth comes into the story in the second chapter, and we’ll discover whether she has any issues pretty soon. I have set the release date for May 30, but if I can get everything sorted sooner, I’ll release it a bit early. We have to move houses in two weeks and I didn’t want to promise a date and not be able to deliver.
      Thanks, Deborah!

  4. The cover is lovely! The “prologue” was a true teaser. Looking forward to the big announcement that it is available. Thanks so much.

    • Release date is set for May 30, and I’ll post a small blog tour I have planned soon. I can’t wait! Thanks, Maggie!

    • May 30, is the official release, but I will put it out sooner if I can get everything together prior to that date. I always have a few glitches to work out with the paperbacks to work out it seems! Thanks, Ceri!

  5. I am thrilled to have a new book from you, as I so enjoy your writing! The blurb for An Unwavering Trust and your sneak peek definitely captures my interest. When will it be released? Will there be a pre-order?

    • Official release date is May 30. I’ve never done pre-order, but if I can get the files in and figure out how to set it up, I will definitely do it. Thanks, Linda!

    • I will definitely keep you up to date with pre-order and release. Between my facebook pages, twitter, my blog, and Austen Variations, you should see it up somewhere! I tend to talk a lot, and I definitely will shout when this is published! Thanks, Kathy!

  6. I do love a good intrigue! I will add this to my want to read list, it sounds wonderful and I really like the way you write! Thanks so much for the prologue/cliffhanger! 😀

    • Yup, it’s pretty bad. We’ll find out not far into An Unwavering Trust, though. Had to change up something to alter canon 🙂 Thanks, Monica!

    • Yeah, it is kind of disturbing. While it does bring some intrigue, I didn’t want to start the story on that note, which is why I decided to write it, but as an extra scene rather than part of the book. Thanks, Jen!

  7. Well, I’m hooked! 🙂

    Can’t wait to read the book, Leslie! Thanks for the prologue. I do love a great cliffhanger!

    Beautiful cover, too!


  8. yep definitely a cliffhanger intro! Glad it’s coming out at the end of May though as hopefully I’ll be caught up on my reading – I’ve been putting new books on the back burner as I have a big work event coming up. My reading list of new stories keeps getting longer! I can’t wait to read it though! (I can reread books as I know what happens so easier to put down)

    • I can re-read easier when I’m busy as well, which is why I so rarely read a new published book. I can spare a bit for a chapter in the mornings with my coffee, but if I have an entire book, I’ll never stop to write! Thanks, Megan!

  9. Goodness! What a cliffhanger!! You are a cruel woman, m’dear!! (I love it!)

    My three boys do the same thing as the Bennet girls when they are crushed into the backseat of my ancient, wheezing Corolla. Our youngest gets to sit in the “mushpot” and get shoved back and forth by his older (and much bigger) brothers! So I had to laugh at that little scene. 😀

    Your cover is absolutely breathtaking. I mentioned on the FB page that I would love to take a stroll down that little path–and especially on a Monday morning when I am faced with a new week of homeschooling, teaching online and co-op classes, and grading stacks of essays.

    Thank you for this little prologue of sorts. I really enjoyed it, but I am definitely hanging from your cliffie by my fingernails!

    Susanne 🙂

    • Well, when you think about it, seven people is a lot to fit in a carriage (in my opinion) even if it is a larger carriage! My three find reasons to bicker even though I took the seat out of the middle of the van and they do not sit beside each other!

      If you come to England, you can stroll that path! It’s behind the cathedral in Ely (Which is stunning on the outside and inside!). There is a lovely little tearoom called The Almonry, and from the outdoor seating, you can look into that garden and over the back of the cathedral. I think I took that picture when we went for my birthday last year. Everything was all in bloom and so pretty!

      Thanks, Susanne!

    • It is, but I wasn’t certain I wanted it as the first scene for the actual book. I ended up writing it because I kept having it pop up in my head. Writing a scene is the best way to have it leave you alone! Thanks, Julia!

  10. Oh I do hope no one gets killed! Definitely a cliff hanger and can’t wait for the book to be released. Congratulations on the beautiful cover too!

  11. Leslie,

    The cover looks very appropriate – intriguing but not revealing. I am loving the story and look forward to owning a copy! Best wishes!!


  12. Leslie, This looks incredible, beautiful cover! And what a teaser!!! I can hardly wait, glad your release date isn’t too far off. Thank you so much for the preview. How exciting!!!

  13. I must compliment you on your lovely cover. I’m a particular fan of the tall pink flower above the g – it seems to almost be part of the title, completing the swooping shape begun by the U. Great design. 🙂

  14. Well, I finally got back to read this – sounds delicious. I will look for the release at the end of next month but we do expect a new grandson at the beginning of the so I don’t know how busy I will be. There are so many good blogs to read, with chapters, and excerpts plus WIP on various sites. I swear that there are enough that one could keep busy doing nothing else – as I did today! But then we read cliffhangers like this and we MUST buy the book…LOL

    Thanks for sharing – Tease.

    • LOL! I knew someone would call me a tease! Congratulations on the grandson. I know that there are a bunch of books to keep busy! As I say quite often, so many books, so little time! Thanks for stopping by to read today, Sheila.

  15. Since you kindly warned us about the excerpt being a cliffhanger, I didn’t read it. I am a chicken-hearted soul. But I will do my best to read the story as soon as I don’t have to wait for a month (or more) to know what happens next.

    Congratulations on your book’s coming out! 🙂

    • I just opted not to do it. Kind of left a mystery about Elizabeth’s circumstances until we finally meet her. Thanks, Linda!

  16. The preview is delightful? Will this be a paperback with a free or inexpensive eBook? I hope so; I like to have both, but it’s pretty expensive, as you probably also find, with the increasingly higher prices.

    Does the fact that it’s ends with a cliffhanger indicate that it’s part of a series? If so, how many books do you expect to complete the series? And, how soon do you expect the next one to be available?

    Thanks for the pleasure your stories bring.

    • This is a prologue that would go at the beginning of the book. It is not a series, but a full-length novel (plus some!)–no cliffhangers at the end. Everything is tied up nicely with a pretty little bow

      I understand about liking to have the Kindles as well as the paperbacks! I love to do that too, but I just can’t afford my book habit! (Plus I have to move every four years!) Anyway, it will be a part of Kindle match-book. When you purchase the paperback, the Kindle will be .99¢. Thanks, Maclaney!

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