Alone with Mr. Darcy is here! — 202 Comments

  1. My copy was just delivered to my Kindle. If it wasn’t 12:15 am I’d start reading it right now. As it is, I can’t wait to fall asleep so I can wake up & start reading. All of the items in the giveaways are amazing & I would love to win any of them (other than the ebook since I already have that). Thanks for continuing to write stories I love to read.

  2. Mr Darcy and Elizabeth stuck in a storm. I am there! That is my reason. Thank you for writing this one. I can not wait. I hope the paperback is available now.

    Thank you for the massive give-away. Please enter me in 1,2,4, and 5. No need for the ebook as I plan to order the hard copy asap.

  3. Can’t wait, mine should be popping up in my e-library anytime! Best of luck…though I am sure you don’t need it, all your books have been wonderful!

  4. I would love to be entered into any of the giveaways. I am in Canada, but do have a US postal box if that helps! As to why I want to read the story? It’s about Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth stuck in a cabin, alone, during a blizzard! With Snowdrop making a cameo!

  5. Why do I want to read it? Simply….it is the newest Abigail release! Anticipation from months of teasing is the bonus. Congratulations! Thank you for the giveaway. I would love to have a chance to win 1 2 or 3.

  6. Congratulations on the release of Alone with Mr Darcy, Abigail. We, your loyal and faithful readers, been waiting for it for ages and now that it’s published, the wait is finally over. I would love to read this book because you tease us with the enticing excerpts and I would like to know what happens next.

    Thank you for thinking about your international readers, too. I’m one of them and I would love to win either the e-book or Jane Austen stamps.

  7. I have already bought in kindle Edition and I am going to read it as soon as I Will be back to my sunny Italy!thanks a lot For this book I am sure I’ll appreciate it as I did with all yours others!kisses Barbara

  8. Oh, that’s easy. I want to read Alone with Mr Darcy because A) they’re stuck in a snow storm and that’s wonderfully romantic, B) Mr Darcy is wounded, which provides some interesting possibilities, and most importantly C) I have perfect faith in your ability to tell a great tale, one which will have me on the edge of my seat, laughing, delighting in witty banter, and giving me food for thought because I have yet to walk away from one of your variations without a greater understanding of and appreciation for the original story. You have a remarkable talent for exaggerating a characteristic of one or more of the original characters and, through that exaggeration and your story, expounding on why the original is the way it is. I always learn something profoundly fascinating when I read your books. And I’d love to be entered in all five giveaways.

    • MeriLyn, that’s one of the loveliest compliments I’ve ever received! I try hard to bring out different sides of the characters, and I’m thrilled to know it works. Thank you so much!

      • You’re very welcome! And it works very well, indeed. 🙂 I was tempted to list all the things I learned, or at least the main points, from your books, but thought that might be a little over the top. Still, your work remains one of my favorites because it combines my two favorite things: a good love story and an appeal to my intelligence. Can’t get any better than that! Ok, I’ll stop gushing like a fangirl now. 🙂

  9. I want to read Alone with Mr. Darcy because it is written by Abigail Reynolds. I have loved everything Elizabeth and Darcy she has ever written!! I am always eagerly awaiting her newest story. I would love to be entered in 1,2 and 5. I already got my copy of the book 🙂

  10. Congrats on your new release! Can’t wait to read Alone With Mr. Darcy! Had the pleasure of reading the first three chapters a while back and was hooked, especially since you left such a cliff hanger!

    Love your novels! Thank you for so many giveaways. I would love to be entered for all of them

  11. Oh, congratulations!!! I have been so looking forward to this book ever since you previewed it to us a few months ago. When I saw it listed on Amazon earlier this month, I immediately pre-ordered it, and it is now here ready for me. It will be hard to be a good girl and wait to start it tomorrow, as it is now almost midnight here, but I better not make any promises that I cannot keep. 🙂

    For prizes, I would love either of the tote bags or the Christmas ornament. Thank you so much for getting this book out to us!!!!!!!

      • I unfortunately was unable to stay awake, but I am now beginning to read. So exciting! Thank you again for all your hard work on this!!!!!!!!! (btw, I think I have all your other books, too.). 🙂

  12. Congratulations! My copy of Alone with Mr. Darcy just popped up on my Kindle. Cannot wait to read it. It is already 2:15 A.M. so I guess I will wait for tomorrow to start reading. What a fantastic giveaway. Any of your gifts would be greatly appreciated. I will be waiting for your next book, too.

  13. Congratulations on the long-awaited publication! 🙂 I want to read Alone With Mr. Darcy for several reasons. First, I adore Mr. Darcy. I’ll read most things that involve him. Second, I’m a fan of yours – I’ve read all of your variations and I’ve not been disappointed yet! Third, the best part of P&P variations for me is the dialogue, so I love the idea of Darcy and Elizabeth enclosed in close quarters with nothing to do but talk! (Well, almost nothing. You know what I mean.) And last, I read the first three chapters you posted and I can’t wait to find out what happens next. 🙂

    Thank you for offering these giveaways, it’s so nice of you! I would love to be entered for an ebook, as well as the blue paste brooch.

  14. How wonderful! Congratulations. I love this premise… can’t wait to read more!

    Thank you for such a generous giveaway! I’d like # 1 or 2 if I’m lucky.

  15. Why do I want to read “Alone with Mr. Darcy”?
    1. You wrote it.
    2. Darcy and Lizzy
    3, YOU wrote it!
    Your books are always on my top P&P variation favorites and my kindle is filled with a hefty amount of them that I re-read with pleasure. I’ve been drooling for this latest one. I would be happy with any item from the giveaway!

  16. I want to read the book because I have enjoyed all your works. Your writing has converted me to the entire genre and to a literary world I love getting lost in. I can not wait to see what you came up with this time! I would like to be considered for giveaways 2 and 3.

  17. Who needs sleep when such a delightful book appears on my Kindle? Not me.

    I LOVED this Darcy. He is 100% swoon-worthy, marvelously gentleman-like, and frustratingly passionate. And, I loved this Elizabeth with her little insecurities and wit. Our dear couple in this story are so HUMAN!!! This is one I will revisit often. A true 5+ in my opinion.

      • Sheila,

        No one will ever accuse me of not having my priorities straight. And, my dear woman, just how much sleep did you get last night? Loved your review.

    • Thank you, Joy! So glad you liked the way I portrayed Elizabeth and Darcy – who are both frustrated and passionate through most of the book! Of course, Mrs. King is a highlight as well. 😉

      • Some may believe the cute kitty stole the show, but Mrs. King – now there’s a star in the making. Jocelyn is my dream name, the one I dream my Mom named me.

        In all seriousness, well done, Abigail.

  18. #2 & #4.
    Who wouldn’t want to read Alone with Mr. Darcy ?!
    But I want to read it because I love Pride and prejudice and also because Abigail Reynolds is one of my favourite variation writers! I’m so excited to read her new book!

  19. I loved the excepts and can’t wait to read the book. My work schedule has been keeping me from reading during the week, but plan to read it this weekend.

    Please enter me in #1, 2, 4 & 5. Thank you for your generous give away Abigail.

  20. You’re on of my favourite p & p variation writers. I love your style of writing and i’ve read every single one of your books (and usually re-read them too!). Alone with Mr Darcy has just been delivered to my kindle and i can’t wait to read it! I’d like to be entered into #3 & #4 thanks

  21. I want to find out why Mr. Darcy has vanished into thin air

    Enter me please in the 1,2,3 giveaways, thank you

  22. I pre ordered so I’ll have to go look to see if it’s on my kindle. Yeah. Can’t wait to read. Thanks Abigail, just absolutely love, love, love all your books!

  23. I would love to read Along with Mr. Darcy. It sounds like a great read. And Snowdrop?! Can’t go wrong with a little kitty! I would like to get the e-copy of your book. Thanks for the giveaway1

  24. Hurray! Every morning when I saw Austen Variations in my inbox I hoped it would be today. Finally it was today that the announcement came. What a great start to my day. I’ll keep checking my Nook. I won’t miss one of your books and your collaboration with Monica is very intriging. Thanks so much for a new Abigail Reynolds book.

  25. I want to read it because I need to read it. Who can get enough of Elizabeth and Darcy?! Nobody I know, that’s for sure. I can’t wait to read this.

  26. So happy that today is finally here. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me in all but the ebook I preordered it. Anyone who has read your books would want to read your newest you do not disappoint. Happy reading everyone!!

  27. I hold you entirely responsible for my addition to Jane Austen Variations. It all started with my very first P&P variation book….yours…”Mr. Darcy’s Letter”. I loved it and it got me hooked on the genre! It was followed within 10 days by “A Pemberley Medley” and “What Would Mr. Darcy Do”…and many, many more later on. Over the years I have added other author’s books to my expanding P&P variations library, but yours have always remained special to me.

    I read the excerpts of “Alone With Mr. Darcy” as you posted them. Why do I want to read the book now that it has finally been written, edited and published?…because you have once again ‘excited my interest’. I admit I am tempted to purchase the Kindle version immediately, but I’m going to take a chance and wait for your giveaway/contest to be over in the hopes I may be a winner.. Please enter my name into the drawings for #1, 3 and 5.

  28. When I realized it was coming out, I knew I had to get a new Amazon card today! I love Abigail Reynolds variations. Either swag bundle would be awesome!

  29. Bought your book today, Abigail! Can’t wait to start reading! I know it’s going to be worth the wait. :-).

    Please enter me in all the drawings, except the one for the ebook.

    Thank you!

  30. Congratulations to our beloved author. I’m sure this is another wonderful book.
    Since I am ‘across the pond’, please enter my name in giveaways #3 and #4. Thank you for your generosity and, most of all, for your talent

  31. Why do I want to read it? Because you wrote it of course! It’s already on my kindle but I won’t have chance to read it this week (sob!), looking forward to it though. Thank you for the lovely giveaway, please can I enter for international giveaway no 4. All the very best with the new book, and keep us up to date with you new endeavours (especially intrigued about your work with Monica Fairview, please tell me you’ve talked her into writing a follow up to Steampunk Darcy!).

  32. I have read many of your other books and love your variations! I think it rather amusing that Snowdrop is your muse here in this book! I am looking forward to reading it!
    I think the tote bag would be great to win especially for sharing your books with my mom also a fan!

  33. I’m so excited to read this book! My preordered copy just arrived on my iPad. I would love to win any of the prizes except for the digital book of course. Thank you Abigail for making tax day a lot better!

  34. Why do I want to read “Alone with Mr Darcy”? Because its an Abigail Reynold’s book- do I need a better reason than that? 😉
    Seriously, I am a big fan right from the start when I got a hold of “Impulse and Initiative”! I went on a mad search for all your books since then. And yes, I have them all now- in all forms: Kindle , Audible, Hard copy (old and new titles, and some even with different covers!)
    And of course, my Sylvie (and other cats) are fans of Snowdrop too!
    I would love to have any of the #1, #2 and #5 giveaways.

  35. I want to read it because there is so much potential in the stranded together scenario and, well, you know, Darcy is in it. Who needs more than that?

    Please put me in for the #3 drawing

  36. When I discovered your books it was like an addiction. I ready them all in a couple weeks thanks to my wonderful public library and have gotten the last few for my Nook! Can’t wait to get started on this one. My three little girls start soccer this week so I am blocking out some time this weekend.

  37. I have read all your books and am looking forward to this one. I love how you write Darcy and Elizabeth. I get lost in each novel and am always sad when it is over and I must come back to reality. Thank you for doing such a grand giveaway please enter me for 1 thru 5. Thanks again for giving us such wonderful books I am already excited about your next one.

  38. I have read hundreds of P&P variations, and yours are always some of my absolute favorites. I know the writing will be flawless, the characters not unrecognizable, and the plot satisfying. My perfect type of book! Very excited to curl up with this on my kindle for an afternoon!! Thanks, Austen Variations, for giving us tastes of such fabulous authors every day.

    Would love to be entered into drawing 2, 4 or 5. 🙂


  39. Why do I want to read Alone With Mr. Darcy? Because Abigail Reynolds is one of my favorite, if not THE favorite, Austen variation authors; lots of alone time between Elizabeth and Darcy; and angst!! Also, I wouldn’t mind being alone with Mr. Darcy. LOL I would love to be entered in giveaways #1, 2, and 5 please.

  40. I finished 15% after midnight last night and then my kindle needed recharging so I went to bed. I will finished reading it today for sure. Nothing else on my calendar.

  41. new book from you??!!!! Is there any other reason to want or read it !!

    Loving the chapters so far…….

    I enjoy this stranded together premise ( jack Caldwell short story “snowbound” ) as it makes both see past some prejudices fairly quickly.

    Can’t wait to read !! As for the giveaway, anything on your list would make me ecstatic !!

  42. Oh, and I will also buy the paperback since I have all your other books in paperback but I couldn’t wait to read this one so it was pre-ordered and I just kept watching the clock to strike midnight!

  43. This is a “must have” in my JA collection because I so want to read how Snowdrop…err…Snowball brings Darcy and Elizabeth together…that and the fact that Abigail is one of my most favorite authors…off I go to buy this book…Amazon here is come!!!

  44. I have been reading Pride and Prejudice variations by various different authors for about six years now. I’ve found, though, that every one I’ve picked up over the past two years has been one of yours! (I realized that after I looked back over the list of books I’ve read which I keep. That’s been my habit for years, but it also helped me to keep track of which books of yours I have already and which I don’t when I’ve gone on Kindle P&P shopping sprees now and again.) I am continually stunned at how you continue to reimagine these wonderful characters, and this one sounds just as intriguing. I would love to be entered into all of the drawings, besides for copies of the book, if that would be alright. I, too, plan on buying a copy quickly here! Thank you!

  45. I would love to read Alone With Mr Darcy simply because I have read all your previous book and enjoyed them so much! I am sure this one will be the same. Can’t wait!
    I would like the giveaway #3 (e-book)
    Thanks!!! 🙂

  46. ive been looking forward to today for weeks! You are by far my favorite P&P variation author, and am super excited to see what mess Darcy gets Elizabeth into, and how he’ll end up trying to fix things. I even called in sick so I could stay home and read it (don’t tell the boss).
    Would love to be entered to the contest – 1,2,4 and 5 please. Thanks!

  47. I am so excited about this new book first off it was written by you and I have yet to read one of your books that I didn’t just love! Plus the story stars a cat and a blizzard and this crazy cat lady found her cat on Christmas one year! I would love to be entered for all the giveaways especially for the book. Thank you so much Ms. Reynolds for writing another wonderful book!

  48. My kindle copy arrived before 10:12 PM PDT but I courageously turned off the kindle and went to sleep. Now I am ready to begin. I want to read this book because you are my favorite JAFF author and I buy all of your books as quickly as you can publish them. Please enter me for #1,2, and 5.

    thanks for the giveway and thanks for writing your books!


  49. Congratulations and thank you for the giveaway! Why do I want to read about Darcy & Elizabeth? Because you wrote it and I can’t get enough of D&E!!! I will be ordering my copy of your book later today! I would love to win #2 but being in Canada I don’t qualify and I already own the 2013 stamps. As I will buy the book, I won’t enter my name in for the eBook either. However, where does one get the 1975 stamps?

  50. Why do I want to read this?? Because you’re the one who got me hooked on this stuff I the first place. Own, love, and frequently re-read your books. Preordered this one but have to be good today as it’s my husband’s birthday…I suspect I’ll be up late tonight, lucky he’s early to bed as I really want to see what happens next!! And if I’m lucky enough I certainly wouldn’t mind winning anything from your list!

    • If I were Lady Catherine, I would say, “How dare your husband have such an ill-placed birthday!” But I love, love, love hearing that readers re-read my books, because the books on my re-read list are so precious to me.

  51. I love all of your books and am excited to read your newest one! Darcy and Lizzy, alone, with no outside influences? Priceless..

    Thank you for the massive giveaway. I would be grateful to win ANY of these woderful items! Please enter me in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

    • Thanks, Meredith! I have a confession to make, though. The entire time I was writing this book, there was a little voice saying in my head, “Meredith isn’t going to like this one. It’s not different enough.” But not to worry – the next two will be plenty different! 😉

  52. I want to read the book because I must, simply must, find out what happens after reading the three chapters this morning. I found this website by finding the Scenes Jane Austen never wrote, and then got the post this morning which made a unpleasant day turn around, and then ordered the ebook. Now I am waiting for tonight to be able to read more.

    I would love to win the prizes of #1, #2 or #4, but regardless thank you for the treat of a new book to read!

  53. Great to have a new book from you, I love all your books
    I would like to join in the 2 international giveway

    3. 2 ebook copies of Alone with Mr. Darcy (international)
    4. Set of 6 2013 Royal Mail Jane Austen stamps (international)

    And I love all the story and pictures from Snowdrop

  54. I’ve read a lot of it already (when I should be working). Loving it so far. Thanks, Abigail. I didn’t start reading at midnight, but at 6 a.m.

  55. just downloaded my copy! I’m always excited to read your new books Abigail! Especially excited since I am having to play it low key the next few days as my back gave out and so reading is my savior! Thank you for all you do to keep the Austen spirit alive.

    • If you had to hurt your back, I’m glad it could be when you’d have some distraction! But I’m sorry you hurt it at all. Hope you enjoy the book, and that Snowball heals your back. 😉

  56. I was positively entranced by the first three chapters and can’t wait to read the whole book!

    What a lovely give-away!!

    I’d love a copy of the book first since I have a severely-limited book budget (as in no budget for books at all!) and I’m **dying** to read more of this amazing adventure!

    Secondly, the Renecy jewelry would be lovely; I have such a thing for period-inspired jewelry!

    Thank you, Abigail! And may your book be successful beyond your wildest dreams! (I know it’s deserving as I’ve read every one of your book available through our California library system!)

    Susanne 🙂

  57. Hi Abigail! I am so excited to read this book. I have been anticipating the release since reading the sneak peak back in December! I love all of your books and I always look forward to a new release! I would like to be entered in all of the giveaways except the ebook. Thank you for writing such wonderful variations!

  58. I have been waiting for this book for a very long time! I am so excited about reading this as I am a huge fam of your work. The countdown was on as to when I would finally have the book on my kindle and two more days till the paperback arrives. Yes, your work is so well cherished that I own all your books in paperback and kindle and even all of those previously published under another name. I would happily accept any of the prizes you offer to your fans! Thanks so much and please keep writing.

  59. Congratulations on new release!!! And thank you for celebrating it by doing wonderful and generous giveaways. The reason I want to read Alone with Mr.Darcy is very unoriginal:) Because it is Your New Book! I read and re-read, loved and loved-loved-loved previous Pemberley variations written by you and I am sure that this new one will also be to my liking (especially considering that a third of the book is Darcy and Lizzy only, trapped by blizzard, with lots of opportunities to get to know each other):)
    I noted that the bookcover is done in a new style. Could you tell more about the cover and its connection to the boook plot? (Sorry if you already explained it in previous posts).
    And I would love to try my luck in international giveaways. Please enter me for giveaway #3 and #4.

  60. That’s a perfectly good reason to me! 🙂

    I chose a new book cover style because a few readers complained that my covers based on paintings suggested my book would be purely traditional JA instead of a romance. I don’t want to mislead anyone, and with this cover, I think it’s pretty clear this is a romance! I chose the couple because the woman looks very much like my mental Elizabeth. Initially we were trying for a picture of E&D in front of a fireplace, but we couldn’t find an image that suited us, so we chose a more generic one. The backdrop is a picture I took of Chawton House where Jane Austen’s brother lived. Not that it has anything to do with the story, but I like the little bit of JA connection! On the back cover, there’s a picture of a road and a little white cat, and that’s straight from the story. Hope that’s helpful!

    • Thank you very much for the explanation about bookcover concept. To tell the truth, before I got to know about JAFF and all wonderful Austen authors writing P&P variations, I paid little attention to book covers and how they come out. But now even book covers are of interest to me:)

  61. My reason? I have read and/or own ALL your books and have been anxiously awaiting this latest. Would love to be entered for the prize drawings #’s 2, 3, 4, or 5.

    Best of luck on your new release!

  62. Have enjoyed all your works, and look forward to reading this one soon.
    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway…
    enter me in 3,4,5.

  63. I was so excited last night to download on my Kindle, then it would not connect to the internet… I guess I did something the other day to it. I was very vexed at that moment, and truth be told still am since I have to wait to get home from work to try to download it again. I was hooked on this book from the title, after all, who among us would not want to be alone with Mr. Darcy !

    I would want to be able to attend your workshops on writing you are having in England this fall.

  64. Just popped up on my Kindle today. I have read all of Abigail’s books I think and I’ve been waiting not very patiently for another to be published. I’ve read the sample chapters that were put out ahead of time and of course I was hooked. Thank you Abigail for writing another P & Variation. I would love any of the prizes except for the e book which I already have 🙂

  65. An adorable kitty, an even more adorable man … what more could a woman ask for? That’s why I’d love to read this book! Please enter me into giveaways #2, #4, and #5. Thank you!

  66. So happy your book is published! I enjoyed the excerpts and I’m very interested in finding out how they overcome this scandal and the other obstacles that will pop up. Curious to see how Mr. Bennet handles this crisis with his favorite daughter.

    Big fan of your work!

    I’d like to be entered into the drawing for #1.


  67. So excited to read this story. I plan on putting the baby to bed tomorrow night, renting a manly movie for my husband to watch, and then downloading the eBook and binge reading the night away (margarita in hand). (#1,2,4)

  68. Thank You for the Giveaway!!! I would Love to read “Alone with Me.Darcy”. It would be a Great addition to my Collection of Jane Austen books. Also I would just Love to win a Jane Austen Giveaway Item!!! Please enter me to Win item numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5!!!! Thank You!!!!

  69. Started reading the book tonight and have torn myself away for a few minutes. As I’m in the UK and already have the book, I’d say I’m up for giveaway 4! Ok, that’s enough, back to the book now! Thanks Abigail, and look forward to meeting you in June I hope!

  70. I can’t wait to read this book. I’m a great fan of your books. Thank you for the giveaways. Please enter me for the international ones. The jewelry looks fine but…

  71. Bought the book yesterday and I’d already finished it before I saw this post (is it bad to be thankful there were no transplant surgeries for me to watch at the hospital today just so I could read this for hours? oops), so I’ll tell you why I wanted to read it to begin with!

    You are one of the few authors I follow and check back with often in hopes of hearing about a new publication, so I was very excited to finally have something new from you. Your variations are always so imaginative and different, I never get bored, and I often reread your works. I was very excited to see what new adventures awaited Elizabeth and Darcy this time around!

    “Sex scenes? Not this time” did bum me out a little as the sex scenes you write are some of the only ones that don’t make me scoff or cringe from ridiculousness, so I kind of have my fingers crossed that your next work delivers on that front ;). Guess I’ll just reread Last Man in the World and Impulse and Initiative for the hundredth time until then!

    I’d love to be entered for #1, #4, and #5

  72. This is so great! I love your stories! Yours were among the first JAFF stories I read.

    I would like to win everything! (A little greedy)

    This new story is in the list of books to purchase as soon as enough funds can be found!

    Good luck and thanks!

  73. Congratulations on the publication and it’s quick rise throughout he ranks on Amazon! I’ve been eager to read the book since you posted those teaser chapters. I just bought the ebook and can’t wait to start reading (good thing I am taking off of work tomorrow!). In addition to being a Darcy and Elizabeth fan, I am a cat lover so I am really looking forward to Snowball’s part. :). Thanks for giving us the heads up on your new projects. They sound interesting!

    If I am lucky enough to win, I would prefer prizes #4 or #1. Thank you for your generous giveaway!

  74. I love the idea of trapping Elizabeth and
    Darcy together! Just exactly what they
    needed…I know I will enjoy this story

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaways.
    Any of these would make me so happy.

  75. I’m eager to read the book because you wrote it honestly. I’ve loved all your P&P variations!
    Thank you for the fantastic giveways – I’d like to enter for number 2.

  76. I love scenarios where Darcy and Elizabeth are stranded together, especially when one of them is not in their right mental state. It gives us (the readers) some angst which is great for the plot. I can’t wait to read your new book.

    Thank you for your giveaway. I love to be entered into all of them, I would be happy with any prize.

  77. Reading this book would be delightful and a treasure. The prizes are wonderful. 1,2,4 or 5 would be special. Many thanks. Congratulations and best wishes.

  78. I would love to read this newest Abigail book which sounds exceptional. The Jane Austen stamps, jewelry, and tote bags are lovely.

  79. 1 and 3 please!
    Congratulations on the release! I have been looking forward to this, you have had me intrigued since the first post. Now to find the time to escape to the world of Darcy and Elizabeth, and get my questions answered. With 3 kids under 5. It is always a welcomed retreat.

  80. What A Ridiculous Question. Oh, Ok. I haven’t read any of your books I didn’t like, well, love. You were my first Kindle JAFF author, and you’re in my top 10 faves. And the description of the story is so swoony. It would make me squeal with joy to find out I won the swag selection with the 1975 Royal Mail stamps. ‘Alone with Mr. Darcy’ is on the top of my Austen fan fiction wish list. Best of luck. After you take a well-deserved break, may we be so whiney as to ask you keep up the great work?

  81. Sorry I’m tardy to the party! Hopefully you’ll forgive me since I’m about 30 percent into the book right now. Family life kept me from One-Sit reading it but I’m chomping at the bit to get back into it today! You should have a kitten giveaway in honor of Snowdrop/Snowball! lol I’d love to enter the drawing for 1,2, or 4.

    Congrats on another awesome release & I think we’re all excited you’re working on the next one (or two)!

  82. Why I want to read it? I love E & D trapped together stories, but usually he is taking care of her. With him being sick, we will get to enjoy her taking care of him!

    If I’m not too late, please enter me in 1,2 &5

    I need to go sync my kindle and start reading!

  83. Wow, I had been away from Austen Variations for a few days because of the busy-ness of real life, and when I went on the site this morning, thinking, “oh, wonder what I missed?” — I couldn’t have been more happily surprised! So glad your book is out, and I can’t wait to read it, because I have looked forward to, and have enjoyed, all your P&P variations. I also was thinking last week you hadn’t seemed to post here in a while, and I wondered if you were busy with other things. Congratulations on the book release, both to you and we lucky readers!

    • You’re right, I haven’t been posting here much, primarily because I’ve been keeping my nose close to the grindstone to try to finally get this book out. It’s only ten months late! *wince*

  84. Seriously, Abigail? You don’t realize that we all just sit with bated breath awaiting your next book? Of course we all want to read it, and I purchased it the moment I saw it on Amazon. And, then RL got in the way and I haven’t started it! But, I read the first three chapters and I am definitely starting it today. I would love number 1 or number 5, but I am seriously just happy you have another book out! Congratulations and the Luddite story sounds interesting, too.

  85. I want to read Alone with Mr. Darcy, due to the fact that you have written it. I am in awe of your talent and have followed your writing style since I found Jane Austen and the Fan Fiction sites in 2005. I would love to be entered in the giveaways and would be thrilled to win any of the 5 prizes. Congrats and good luck with the launch.

  86. Thank you Abigail for another story, i really love your books. I already have my ebook copy of Alone with Mr. Darcy. I would like to win all the prices, but i am from Costa Ricca, so the international ones would be my only option. Thank you again and keep writting.

  87. I know this is over but I would LOVE to know where you got that blanket – cause I want like 10 of them 😀 Thanks! And congrats on the book it looks amazing!

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