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  1. Jane was quite humble to say she hadn’t written a romance novel; she seems to have not considered her literary works such, but what perfect romance novels we consider them to be. Ladies, thank you for such a generous give away for the month of April.

  2. Somehow, a romance written on the House of Saxe-Coburg sounds like it would be so dry that it would not survive anywhere to this day except forgotten on some dusty library back shelf. I’m glad Ms. Austen employed her time much better, as Darcy would say.

  3. Thank you for this….it is a great example of knowing oneself and one’s abilities plus a graceful way of saying NO. A lesson for me for sure!

  4. Love the idea of all things Austen. Since she has become my obsession lately, I would love to win any of your giveaways. You are all so generous!

  5. Love this comment: “the service of a court can hardly be too well paid, for immense must be the sacrifice of time and feeling required by it.” I imagine as a writer, she would consider herself to be rather uncomfortable writing “on request” as a member of court as her own feelings would of necessity be greatly curtailed.

  6. I love that this month will celebrate all things JA. Who wouldn’t like to know more about our DA. Thanks to all the authors for their efforts. Jen Red

  7. Delightful indeed! I love the ‘under any other motive than to save my life’ phrase. Did she really think she was only writing about domestic life in country villages and no romance at all? Or was it her clever way to say No?

  8. Perhaps her letter had veiled satire? She wrote what she knew well, pointing out all the inconsistency and humor that is humanity. She was wise to resist the Prince Regent and keep to what she knew best. Just think she did not have access to large libraries or the Internet that enables modern writers to write accurately about a time or place foreign to them.
    The giveaways this month all look wonderful. Thank you.

  9. I enjoyed this so much I had to read it twice. She was truly a wonder, her wit flowed easily. I would have been a true privilege to be her friend or relative 🙂

  10. I’m also struck by how nicely put this rejection letter is! Her correspondence must have been really fun to read.

    I definitely see this as a request to glorify the royalty in the House of Saxe-Cobourg, but I’m guessing that there were plenty of unsavory and unredeeming characters in that bunch — it would certainly have taxed Jane Austen’s considerable writing talents to write a something that wouldn’t end up being just satirical. (I’m thinking of this like a request to make today’s politicians likable!)

  11. Jane may not have considered her books to be romances, but I certainly do! Lovely, lovely romances. Sigh.

    April is going to be a fun month! Thanks to all the generous authors for the great giveaways.


  12. I love anything Jane Austen writes and am so proud of her energy, way with words and strength to write them when ladies weren’t allowed to do so in that period.
    Thank you for the great honor to win a prize and look forward to follow, “All things Austen.”

  13. As I recall, this letter was written to the head of the Regent’s library, who wanted her to write a romance and dedicate it to the Regent. He was smarmy and I love her diplomatic yet tongue in cheek reply. He had no clue, I am sure, that she was poking fun at him. She was probably comically gagging as she wrote the letter.

  14. I just love reading JR’S letters…I can imagine having a conversation with her. But a previous question remains. Did Miss Austen consider herself a writer of comedy or satire?

  15. I am delighted to spend April with Austen. Of course, I’m delighted to spend all the time with Austen. Have become a bit of an addict, and I love it! Thank you all for your generosity – and not just this month.

  16. I think Jane had her tongue very firmly in her cheek when she wrote that letter. Politely saying “No way in hell!” without giving offence.

    Thanks to all of you for such a generous giveaway but please don’t enter me in the first week’s giveaway as I already have all the books on offer. As I live in the UK, I’m not eligible for the rest.

  17. Since discovering Austenesque authors recently I’ve also learned a great many things about Jane Austen and her life and times. This week’s prizes look delicious and I would be delighted to take one home! Thank you!

  18. Okay, I must be reading some other Jane Austen’s books, because I definitely consider them romances! Delightful letter–thanks for posting it.

  19. I wonder if Jane Austen was thinking about Ms. Radcliffe’s novels when she thought of romance. What a difference a viewpoint can make. At any rate, it was fun reading her words in this letter.

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